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Jon Mandell

Passionate iPhone Developer

United States - Tests: 1

I have done a variety of iPhone Apps, but the more significant ones I've done have involved displaying content from websites and webservices. This includes authentication with server, storing passwords in the iPhone keychain, or just scraping websites. I can use SOAP or REST or other formats for HTML data communication, whichever your organization uses. I've also used JSON data structure. I convert all these formats to iPhone Objective-C Data (using plists to Core Data), for displaying your data in the wonderful iPhone user interface features that iPhone users come to expect. So far these have been for a few large companies that have their own app store for their employees. A little about me. After years of developing control systems programs for industries I decided to retire from my "day job" and really do something I'm passionate about ... which is programming applications for the amazing iPhone. Since I'm retired, my second career can be for the enjoyment more than the money. Therefore I can provide very cost effective iPhone applications for you to provide to your customers. http://www.mandellmobileapps.com

$55.56 /hr
683 hours

Rahul Patel

Rahul Patel

MSCS - Application Developer/ Iphone Developer/ Web Developer

United States - Tests: 1

Over the last 3 years, I have developed a wide range of websites including sites for college organizations. Last 6 months, I have been learning and working on mobile technologies. I have worked mainly in iPod/iPhone/iPad development. My core interest lies in end-to-end product development and I want my employers/clients to be happy and satisfied at the end of the day. I believe in perfection. I loved to help people and make their dreams come true. Here are some of the highlights of my profile: • Exposure to various programming languages: C/C++/Obj-C, Java, Tcl/tk, Perl, Python, Shell Scripting. • Familiarity with various web technologies: HTML, CSS, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, PHP, Ajax, ExtJS • Proficiency in various tools: XCode, NetBeans 6.5, Eclipse, Visual Studio 6.0, UML. • Good understanding of various protocols: TCP/IP, MPLS, L2 protocols, multicast protocols, routing protocols, networking standards, VPN.

$16.67 /hr
0 hours

Adrian C.

Adrian C.

iPhone Developer / RoR Developer

United States - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 4

Software developer with over 10 years of experience. I have been part of every stage of software development from idea to app store. My IOS experience spans across many built in iphone frameworks including maps, audio, video, photo processing, networking, you name it as well as other 3rd party libraries. I have apps in the app store. I can take a design and turn it into reality. Will do everything professionally. I also have experience building apis using rails, postgres, mysql.

$80.00 /hr
55 hours

Vatsal S.

Vatsal S. Agency Contractor

Android | iPhone App developer

United States - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 7

I am a Mobile Application Developer with over 5 Years of extensive development experience in iOS and Android applications. To be honest I don’t have a magic wand that makes me different from other freelancers. It just that with my experience of working with several clients in different geographies and on different technologies and engagement models, I have been constantly enhancing processes to make project execution as smooth as possible from both ends and to make remote working environment more comfortable. I may be new to oDesk but I am not new in development of mobile applications.During initial engagements we can try to work on smaller engagements – this will help both the teams to know each other’s work style. TECHNOLOGIES & SKILLS => iOS, Android Native Development => xcode, eclipse => HTML 5 => Swift => Parse IMPLEMENTATIONS => GPS => GEO Fencing => BLE => JSON/XML/REST Web-Service => Social Network Applications with the Facebook/Twitter API => QR code & Bar Code => In-App Purchase Experience => Push Notification Experience => Core Data,Mac OS Kernel Program Experience =>Threads

Associated with: Softweb Solutions Inc.

$27.78 /hr
25 hours

Philippe Furlan

iPad/iPhone Coder - Magazine App

United States - Tests: 2

Simple System works best. I like to be part of the creative process of a product. I specialize in News, Magazine, eBook, newsletter and brochure app. I develop a digital publishing solution I called: iZineApp One of my major iPad/iPhone project is the iBird App (Mitch Waite Group) Currently contractor for CBS Interactive (CNET, CBS News)

$94.44 /hr
0 hours

Ankit A.

Ankit A. Agency Contractor

IPhone | iOS |iPad App Developer

United States - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 30

I am Hardworking, Skilled, Focused, Self-Motivated iOS, Swift, Objective-C Developer with 5 years of experience. Who takes pride in solving complex technology problems and delivering user-friendly solutions. One who Plan/Execute/Implement your ideas from scratch to end user product. I have been developing iPhone apps from last 5 years including Social Networking, Games, Business, Lifestyle, Chat, photo/video sharing & Editing, Food Ordering, Restaurant, Magazine, Taxi booking, Ride sharing, Healthcare(Fitness),Telecommunication, Dating, Real Estate & Educational Apps. Specialized in Core Frameworks of iPhone and 3rd party SDKs, APIs, Push Notifications, Payment Gateways, Analytics, Ads, geo-location service, real-time messaging, Parse framework, Crashlystics, mobile games using cocos2D, cocos2dx, Unity3D. My Areas of Expertise - Web Integration (Json, XML) - Social networking with GPS, Maps, Chat, Event, Comment, Media Sharing - Сlient-server communication using RESTful, RSS, Caching - Github, Bitbucket and JIRA. - Google Map Service, Apple Map - Databases: CoreData, SQLite - Payment Gateway:- Paypal, Stripe, Authorised.NET, Net Banking, Credit/Debit Cards. - Data synchronization, iCloud - Working with images, image filters - Using Accelerometer, Motion effects - In-App Purchase.

Associated with: Techvalens Software Systems Pvt Ltd

93% Job Success
$13.33 /hr
523 hours

Bob Spencer

Bob Spencer

Mobile App Developer

United States - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 16

I offer the ability for Small Business & Organizations to develop native iPhone, iPad, & Android Apps. I also include a Free Mobile Website to compliment each app. These full feature apps include GPS Directions, One Touch Calling, Push Notifications, Calendar, Photo Galleries, Shopping Carts, Menus, Coupons, Social Media Integration, and much more. The HTML5 code can be embedded into your website so that anyone accessing your site from a mobile phone will be redirected to your Web App automatically. By Using our powerful Content Management System apps are able to be instantly updated without going through a lengthy process with Apple & Google. I guarantee your app will be approved by the iTunes App Store & the Google Marketplace or your money back. Why does your business/organization need an app? For the same reason you needed a phone, fax machine, website or social media pages. To enable communication with your customers/members in an even more engaging way than ever before.

89% Job Success
$24.44 /hr
0 hours

Patrick F.

Patrick F.

Experienced Senior Game Developer

United States - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 3

I've been a professional game developer for over 10 years now. I've worked on AAA games at large companies including Sony and Rockstar and smaller scale games with indie teams. I've done a wide range of projects from hardcore games to children's educational apps. I'm a regular jack of all trades with experience in senior and lead roles, comfortable working on any aspect of your game. I have a track record of successfully shipping products. I enjoy working on challenging problems and helping bring projects to life. LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickflanagan

$85.00 /hr
7 hours

David J.

David J. Agency Contractor

** Skilled professional software engineer (cs & s/w eng degrees +PhD)

United States - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 3

With 17 years experience in software engineering and development, I've worked on a diverse set of projects. I consider myself a life-long learner and have never hesitated to dive into becoming an expert in new domains. I've worked on projects in academia, for businesses, defense contractors, government laboratores in several countries and also many of my own varied projects. As of May 2013 - I'm available 20hrs/wk (possibly up-to 30). Some areas of expertise include: - Distributed systems & architecting for the Cloud - Web Applications (Ruby & Rails, LAMP - Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP); AJAX - jQuery/Javascript; web-service APIs (XMLRPC/JSONRPC/REST) - Relational & Object Database Design - Simulation: physics simulation, 3D graphics (OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph) - C++ desktop applications (UI, libraries, components) - Bioinformatics (Biolab Matlab-like bio environment - Java/C#/.NET/Python) - Networking (protocol design; wireless; TCP/IP; HTTP and related technologies) - Embedded systems (hardware system design, construction & programming) - Operating System design and implementation - Language design, interpreter and compiler construction - Human Computer Interaction (HCI) - user interface design & implementation (X11, Interviews/Fresco, Qt, Swing, AWT, Winforms, GTK+) - Robotics: AI, Vision, Path planning, Inverse Kinematics - Hardware: Sensors, VHDL, FPGAs Most of development has historically been in C++, but in recent times I've favoured C#, Java or Ruby. For web applications and services I prefer Ruby but also have experience in PHP. Over the years I've used many languages and can pick up new languages and their library frameworks quickly. I've also designed languages (upto the complexity of C++) and written interpreters and optimizing compilers (so I've not met a language feature I'm not well versed with). I'm a good communicator, proficient at technical writing and have published many papers in peer reviewed journals and other publications. I'm most interested in working on web sites/services, particularly where complex distributed systems involving interacting databases are concerned or in the area of virtual reality, 3D graphics and simulation systems (including cutting-edge 3D game platforms). However, in general I'll find anything challenging interesting to work on!

Associated with: EgoMachines Agency

$112.00 /hr
1,064 hours