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Ghostwriting is the art of writing books, stories, lyrics or other information that is then credited to another author. Ghostwriters may be hired to clean up and edit rough drafts or to write entire manuscripts. Skilled ghostwriters can adopt the writing style of the author and help a prolific author meet quotas and deadlines. On Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace, ghostwriters can provide written content for businesses and professionals around the world.

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Last updated: August 1, 2015
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  1. Shahroze Naeem

    Shahroze Naeem

    Digital, Social and Offline Marketing Copies

    Pakistan - Last active: 9 days ago - Portfolio: 57

    5 mega-projects, more than 100 clients worldwide, 5+ years of copywriting experience. I don't find the words, the words usually find me. Don't let the simple profile picture trick you; I love to be expressive (even though I don't look like I do). I started my freelancing career on Elance, and in just a matter of six months, I scored some of the biggest copywriting projects there [shown in portfolio]. 7 years of writing experience+ 3 years of active participation in corporate communication = a writer with just the right instinct for the mot juste. I'm experienced with to-the-point articles and other professional write-ups. Please take the time to go through my portfolio as you will find several relevant work samples that do not only meet but exceed all your expectations. It's not just about writing a few sentences - for a writer, each and every word should connect with each other. Please look into my portfolio and I'm confident you won't find me a "non-native" writer. Thanks for your time!

    $20.00 /hr
    30 hours
  2. Cheryl R.

    Cheryl R.

    Expert financial writer and editor

    United States - Last active: 3 days ago - Portfolio: 5

    Institutional Investor editor, former managing editor of the Journal of Accountancy will be part of your team to make your business stand out and your words glow. Winner of national awards for writing and editing high-level (and low-level too!) copy for national financial and travel-industry publications and Wall Street firms, plus freelance customers including Google and Metlife.

    $33.00 /hr
    378 hours
  3. John Adams Jr.

    John Adams Jr.

    One Hundred Percent Original Work--One Hundred Percent Of-The-Time.

    United States - Last active: 1 month ago - Portfolio: 6

    Hello Everyone! I have decided to add a new "agent" website to my current, which I have found quite trustworthy and dependable. I have been working with, with great success, since 2013—having made $3,439.00, part-time, before my medical leave early in 2014. My overall rating was 4.99 out of 5 stars, with 13 out of 20 clients leaving feedback—all of it positive. In fact, 15% of my clients returned for more work. . .But enough numbers! We all know that numbers and statistics can generally be "spun" to make anyone seem great. The simple truth is this: I am lucky enough to have a few of the necessary requirements to make a well-rounded freelance writer. First, I have amassed a rather large store of knowledge, on a wide variety of subjects. I am not just talking about book-knowledge, but real "working" knowledge (you know. . .experience). For instance, when I write about carpentry, plumbing, or electrical wiring; it's accurate, because at age 14 I began working with my Father doing just those things. Or, my knowledge on theater, lighting-scenery-makeup design, production, acting, stage management, etc. not only comes from a Masters degree from NYU—but also from working "summer-stock" theater in Buffalo to Off-Off Broadway in New York City. Listen—I could also go on about my experience in Music, Computer Programming, Emergency Medicine, Private Investigation and Security, even Paranormal Investigation & Demonology—but it all just ends up sounding like bragging. . .and that is definitely not my intent. The real point is, along with knowledge one must also be able to "create." Anybody can "blah-blah-blah" about this subject or that subject, but to really create or "compose" a piece in which your reader develops a genuine interest, is a definite art—or at the very least a skill that requires specific talent. Aside from accumulating a bunch of knowledge, I have—through blessing or random gift (rather than developed through hard work and study)—a knack for storytelling and teaching. This is of course, what most types of writing are all about, and—depending on what I am asked to write, or more likely, what I have to say—I can usually find a nice fit with one client or another. I love learning, I am a complete sponge for knowledge. The only thing I like more than learning, is teaching. There is something so rewarding about passing one's knowledge on to another. That, and plain old storytelling, are two of my favorite pastimes. Through the art of writing, I have found not only found an outlet for these passions—but I've found a way to make a living at the same time. Life is Good, isn't it?

    $22.50 /hr
    5 hours
  4. Christina Vukova

    Christina Vukova

    Article Writer

    Bulgaria - Last active: 25 days ago - Portfolio: 3

    All my life I've been fascinated by reading and writing. And while I believe dedication and hard work are crucial for a good writer, my secret is the passion I've always felt for my job. My enthusiasm has helped me get published in Bulgarian magazines and win essay competitions. I'd love to further improve my skills, while assisting you in finding clients and readers or making your business grow.

    $10.00 /hr
    5 hours
  5. Nicholas W.

    Nicholas W.

    I am a recent college graduate adept at writing.

    United States - Last active: 4 days ago - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 2

    I am a recent college graduate of the University of South Carolina Honors College and will be attending graduate school at Yale University. I have a strong background in writing of all sorts, but especially in philosophy, literature, and religious studies. I am excellent at research as well, and have assisted in projects in the past.

    $9.00 /hr
    0 hours
  6. Lauri Swann

    Lauri Swann

    I love God. I love to share God's story.

    United States - Last active: 5 days ago

    I love God. I love to write about God. I love to help bring the biblical story to life so that all may know and comprehend, regardless of background, that God is real. I am a creative Christian writer. I have four articles that will be published in the 2016 Common English Womens Bible, published by Abingdon Press. If you need help sharing your story as part of the greater story of God's plan and purpose, then I am here to journey with you.

    $13.00 /hr
    0 hours
  7. Mark Weis

    Mark Weis

    Experienced, multiply published physician writer

    United States - Last active: 23 days ago - Portfolio: 6

    Mark Weis, MD is an experienced primary care physician who has published numerous articles in scientific journals, ghost-written numerous articles for the pharmaceutical and continuing medical education industries, been published in both fiction and non-fiction arenas, and performed consulting services for the pharmaceutical, continuing medical education, and electronic medical record industries. His areas of expertise include the diagnosis and treatment of depression, anxiety and other psychiatric disorders in the primary care setting, the appropriate use of antibiotics in the primary care setting, management of weight concerns, electronic medical/health records, and military medicine. Dr. Weis looks forward to the opportunity of providing you the superior results you deserve on your project. Rates: $50/hour Writing samples available upon request.

    $55.00 /hr
    0 hours
  8. Jeremy C.

    Jeremy C.

    Writer, Researcher, Editor

    United States - Last active: 2 days ago - Portfolio: 1

    I am a writer and editor with a master's degree from a respected United States university, a Cambridge CELTA certification, and three years of teaching experience in private schools. I've been an avid reader and writer for longer than I can remember, and I find nothing more rewarding than finishing a good piece of writing. While working as an English instructor in Asia, I corrected hundreds of pieces of writing, from student essays to think tank research reports. While completing my master's degree, I wrote in both APA and MLA styles, and I also have three years of experience writing and producing video for the web and television. Given a clear set of needs, I will be able to create written content in whatever form, mood, or tone you desire. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need professional level editing or writing.

    $16.00 /hr
    0 hours
  9. S Khan

    S Khan

    Cambridge-educated writer/editor

    United Kingdom - Last active: 1 month ago

    I have over 12 years of experience in writing and editing non-fiction for children, on projects as varied as introductions to science, natural history guides and cookery books, and have created a popular series of puzzle books. I provide puzzles for The Telegraph newspaper on a weekly basis. Whilst completing an MA in English Literature at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, I worked for various literary agencies, helping both fiction and non-fiction authors to edit their manuscripts in order to make them as appealing as possible to editors at publishing houses. This included working with Man Booker Prize shortlisted author, Emma Donoghue.

    $22.00 /hr
    0 hours
  10. Daria McNamara

    Daria McNamara

    I am the affordable writer you seek

    United States - Last active: 2 days ago - Portfolio: 4

    Affordable and overflowing with creativity! I have been writing for most of my life and find it to be exhilerating and challenging all in the same breath. I can adapt my writing style to fit most any topic and/or audience. I am not overconfident in my craft to where I over charge, and I accept direction well.

    $55.00 /hr
    0 hours