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Darya Lymar

Darya Lymar Agency Contractor

PHP, Zend 2, iOS, Android, CSS/HTML, JavaScript, QA, BA

Ukraine - Portfolio: 23

I'm a Project/Sales Manager at CodeIT Llc. For years our company brings top notch services to our customers. Web and mobile development from scratch is our main expertise. If you have an idea for new project and you are looking for longterm win-win relationship, then you need to contact us ;) Because we know how to bring your Idea into live Product! Pls visit our company's profile to get more info about our services.

$27.00 /hr
7,894 hours

Ryan Q.

Ryan Q. Agency Contractor

Project Manager | Customer Support Manager I Web Research Specialist

Philippines - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 2

I worked as a contact center agent for 6 years and I also have 3 year experience in back office works which include web research, data entry, resolving customers escalations and direct contact with the clients. In every work I do, I embellish it with passion and substance. Currently, I am responsible for the operation of multiple web research teams. My job involves developing Team Leaders, monitoring team's performance through coaching mentoring and giving feedback, monitoring real time issue affecting performance, creating action plans for the whole teams, evaluating Team Leader's developments and performance, creating reports of performance and other financial impacting issues, and identifying team members for Performance Improvement Plan.

$10.00 /hr
5,375 hours

Andrii Liashkevych

Andrii Liashkevych Agency Contractor

Excel VBA developer and business consultant

Poland - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 35

I'm an experienced Excel VBA developer and business consultant. I create advanced Excel VBA based tools (reports, dashboards) to improve your business. I have a master's degree in project management and a bachelor's degree in finance. I worked as an IT project manager and CIO in various manufacturing, retail, real estate development and marketing companies, with anything from 15 to 20,000 employees, before I started my own business. I’ve been working on Elance as Excel VBA developer since October 2011, and I have many satisfied clients (SMEs and large corporations) from all over the world, including the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Australia, South Korea, Singapore and more. My profile was at the top of the list of 300,000-plus Excel VBA professionals on Elance. Since Upwork Global Inc. merged Elance and Odesk into Upwork I moved from Elance to Upwork to be on the top of Excel VBA developers list on Upwork. I work by myself as Excel VBA developer and business consultant and I own/manage Excel Business Intelligence LLC (registered in Wyoming, USA) with a team for data management (data entry, data verification) jobs. Excel VBA is a great tool to help your business. And the main advantage of hiring me is that I don't just write Excel VBA macros, but I help you to improve your business first of all. I created a lot of simple Excel macros and many advanced Excel Add-Ins. My clients increased their profit and reached their goals using my help. Be excellent with Excel Business Intelligence! === Service Description === First of all, I can answer any question you have if you want to know how you can use Excel VBA to improve your business. I understand what businesses need, whether it's a small private business or a large corporation. My list of satisfied clients includes small stores and large retailers, local manufacturers and global manufacturing corporations, airlines with two aircraft and those with 100 aircraft, insurance companies, marketing and financial reporting companies, and many, many more. To help you improve your business, I can create complex Excel-based applications, with advanced formulas, named tables, pivot tables, charts, dashboards, customized ribbons, user forms and so on. In my VBA code, I never use unnecessary and slow operations (which are usually created by Excel Macro Recorder). I never use For...Next and other loops where it's possible to use just one operation instead, such as one SQL query. I use SQL queries to work with Excel data as well as to work with Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Access databases, CSV, text files and so on. That’s how my applications work so quickly, even with large amounts of data. I work with web services (REST, XML-RPC and so on). I can get any data from the web into Excel, send any data from Excel to the web, manage Internet Explorer from Excel (DOM), send SMSes and faxes from Excel-based applications, and much more. I use Office 2013 64-bit on Windows 7 64-bit to develop but I still have Office 2010 and Office 2007 32-bit to test my code. I also have Windows 8 and Windows 10 for testing purposes. I know PHP and JavaScript well enough to integrate my Excel-based tools on to web servers – I can use MySQL as centralized data storage for Excel files with multiple users (XML or JSON is used for data transfer). I have my own LAMP servers in Amazon Cloud and can provide you with a complete solution, including Excel-based tools and PHP scripts already installed on my web server. My team of highly educated data management professionals (almost everybody has a master's degree in mathematics or similar), together with my own management and VBA skills, can provide fast delivery and 100 percent accuracy for either automated or manual PDF to Excel or CSV conversion jobs. We use advanced mathematical algorithms in VBA procedures and in custom Excel formulas to provide fuzzy data processing – data matching, data cleaning, duplicate removing and so on. === Payment Terms === I can accept a fixed price if the job is simple (days of work, rather than weeks or months) and with a detailed and clear description. In other cases (include updating VBA code created by other developers), I would prefer an hourly rated job. If the fixed price work is completed to your original requirements but you want to change something that wasn't described in the original specification (for example, reformat sheets, add new functionality and so on), we will create another Upwork job with my hourly rate for the extra tasks. I have been working with Excel VBA for about 15 years – the last 4 years almost full-time – so I have in-depth knowledge and experience of the language. I also have a large VBA code library, so I can work really quickly. That’s why you will pay less overall with my hourly rate compared to other developers who have lower hourly rates – and you also get the best solution for your business.

$45.00 /hr
2,454 hours

Akash Srivastava

Akash Srivastava Agency Contractor

SEO, WordPress, Data Entry & Bulk Email Expert

India - Tests: 12 - Portfolio: 8

!!! Google AdWords & Bing Ads Certified Professional !!! I have many years of experience in Digital Marketing (SEO, SMM, PPC), WordPress Designing, Data Entry (Contacts Scraping, Website Scraping, Emails Scraping), Bulk Mail Servers and Bulk Emailing. "My main motive is to provide the best and affordable services to clients." I take GUARANTEE to provide high quality services with 100% satisfaction of clients. Let’s work together =) _________________________________ Few Clients Feedbacks: “Extremely helpful and flexible Elancer. Highly recommend.” — ridgeconsulting “Akash worked hard for us and completed the task we required. Thank you” — Annock “Excellent freelancer, did good job, would hire again” — telebeep1 “Very responsive, and displayed good communication. Will definitely use again!” — DataDorkz “Great work and communication! Will use again when I have more items requiting SEO and writing. Thanks! ” — mason9000 ___________________________________ *** Quality SEO Provider | Your Dedicated SEO Expert *** I provide top class Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Local SEO, Video Marketing & Content Marketing Services. I take Guarantee, do work & make you successful. My work is Google Panda & Penguin Safe. I don't spam - I believe in & provide only White Hat SEO Services. *** Responsive Web Design Expert | WordPress Developer *** I understand that your business is important for you and achieving its objectives is the first priority. So I make an effort to provide all sorts of services which are essential for it. Right from creating a website to its updating, maintenance etc I try to combine all the solutions and provide a complete package at an affordable price. *** Contacts & Email Scraping | Data Entry *** I provide email scraping, contacts scraping, websites scraping and data entry services. *** Business & Consumer Databases *** I provide Business & Consumer Databases for AUS, US, UK, Canada, NZ ,Dubai, Singapore and Many More for any city /state / location. My databases are good and generate better ROI. I can create a database from scratch for my clients also if they wish. *** Bulk Emailing | Mass Emailing | Emails Cleaning *** I provide Bulk Email Service. I have many years experience. I provide 24/7 support. I provide campaign real time stats, bounce and unsubscribes management perfectly. __________________________________ I provide following services: Digital Marketing - Search Engine Optimization - Social Media Marketing - Pay Per Click - Local SEO - Video Marketing - Content Marketing Website Design & Development - WordPress Development - Responsive Website DesignOnline payment gateways - Mobile apps development - E-commerce solutions - Graphic designing - Logo Designing - Website Redesign - Speed Up Website - Speed Up WordPress Data Entry & Support : - Emails Scraping - Contacts Scraping - Websites Scraping - Admin Support Other Services : Bulk / Mass Email Service SMTP Email Service Email List Cleaning Bulk Email Servers B2B Email Databases B2C Email Databases I provide support via Upwork Messages / Skype Chat / Phone Calls / Website Chat / Email / WhatsApp / Telegram. I am excellent at my work and ready to give you 100% satisfied services. By outsourcing work to me, you can save your lots of money and time as well. Because my work is transparent, quality based and affordable also. I always look forward to have a lasting relationship with my clients, that's why more than 50% old clients are still with me. Looking forward to work with you! Thanks & Best Regards, Akash Srivastava

$5.00 /hr
1,829 hours

Anne Rang

Anne Rang Agency Contractor

Process Consultant and Software Project Manager

United States - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 2

What I Do I specialize in streamlining operations, software project management & best processes consulting. Why I Do It My business is founded on the belief that, with a well-selected partner, properly leveraged outsourced professional services empowers small business owners to strategically maximize investment and growth potential by economically freeing time to focus on their highest areas of desired personal impact. Last, but not least, My Values Values drive my decisions and actions. I firmly believe in The Golden Rule, and I always put you and your company's best interests first. It's important that the projects I accept, and the clients I work for, operate with a high level of integrity, because I do, and I won't compromise that. Finally, I execute results with passion by putting forth both care and effort into my work because I am enthusiastic about my contributions to assist with my clients' success and accomplishments. Service Description Services: Business Process Consulting, Executive Virtual Assistance, Project Management, Recruiting, Research, Soft Skills Training, Systems Implementation, Technical Documentation (Editing, Proofreading, SOP Development, Training Curriculum), Vendor Analysis & Selection Software: Google Business Apps, MS Office Suite (Excel, One Note, Outlook, Powerpoint, Word), Web (hosted setup, basic HTML), Database (relational design, basic Erwin, basic SQL), File Sharing Social Media: Facebook, Hootsuite, LinkedIn, Twitter, Word Press (hosted) Sectors: Call Center, Customer Service, Information Technology, Small Business, Insurance

$34.00 /hr
1,709 hours

Ivan Barashov

Ivan Barashov Agency Contractor

Experienced Android / Web Developer / Java / Google app engine / JS

Ukraine - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 4

Hi, My name is Ivan. Since 2010, I'm programming on Java. Developing native android applications and server side. For server side I like google app engine it works great as backend for android and iOs apps and scales fast when number of users increase. In my portfolio there are a few of the applications that I've developed. Based on odesk NDA I can't talk about projects that I still on support so there are just old projects. My #1 goal is to meet your needs and to understand what your users need. When working on a new project, I like to write small specification so that I can have a clear understanding of your needs and vision of the project. Most time work as individual but on large projects can use a team of 2 - 5 people. Please take a look at my work history for comments from other clients. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to working with you soon. Has experience in Android : android wear, maps api, in-app billing, ionic framework Frontend (Google App Engine) : objectify, google cloud endpoints, jsp, objectify, blobstore, memcache, mail, task queue, endpoints, OAuth Backend : AngularJS, jQuery, GWT, bootstrap Java : Junit, TestNG, Selenium, Thucydides, Jenkins and much more...

$40.00 /hr
2,133 hours

Paul-Iulian Matei

Paul-Iulian Matei

Advanced Microsoft Navision user plus moderate skills in Web


I am looking forward to work and evolve in the ever changing online community, putting the skills that I've earned in my University years and life experience to use. I am a proficient English user, I've traveled to the US and experienced life there for half a year. The University that i follow is the IT domain therefore i have gained basic skills in C#, ERP (Microsoft Navision especially), Database management, Networking and Web design and development. I am looking forward to enriching those skills.

$5.56 /hr
2,958 hours

Catherina B.

Catherina B.

Full Time Teacher, Part Time IT Professional

Philippines - Tests: 9

I've worked as an IT professional for a large multinational IT Consulting / Outsourcing firm for around 13 years until I resigned to pursue my heart's desire to teach in an educational institution. In my previous career, I started as a software developer and in 6 years had already reached the manager level. When I resigned, I was at the senior manager level. After I resigned, my firm still retained my services as an Independent Consultant providing part-time project management and quality management services. I've acquired a range of skills and experience from programming, to testing, to managing projects, to implementing software development standards and processes, and even up to auditing those standards and processes. When I shifted careers from the IT industry to the academe, I started as a high school adviser, teaching English to 1st year up to 4th year students. After 2 years of teaching in High School, I moved on to teaching some English units and Office Skills units in a small college. At the same time, I joined the administrative office staff of the same college. Given the current work load that I already have at the college, the main skill that I would like to offer and utilize here at oDesk is my skill in organizing, formatting, transferring, presenting, and setting up data especially in MS Excel. As a senior manager, I was assigned to handle a global metrics program for our firm and I've built a lot of experience in managing data and organizing and presenting data to make metrics analysis easier. I know a lot of tricks in Excel from using basic formulas, to array formulas, and up to using pivot tables. Given my programming background, I can also create macros and am pretty well versed in Visual Basic. My objectives in joining oDesk are simple: - to retain my core skills and knowledge from my "previous life" - to give myself a breather from the day to day pressures that come with being a teacher - and of course, to supplement the basic salary that I am getting as a teacher and administrative office staff.

$10.00 /hr
1,895 hours

Oleksandr Pavlik

Oleksandr Pavlik

Web developer, AS3/Angroid game developer

Ukraine - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 4

8+ years of web development experience. Deep knowledge in main front-end technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Also widely using of other technologies: JQuery, AngularJS, AJAX. Have a lot of expirience in back-end technologies: PHP. Using framoworks are Drupal, Blade, Smarty, Slim, Laravel. Expirience with relation database: MySQL. Also have a deep skills in creating, editing and extending web design. I have experience in creating both simple websites and complex projects. Flash development (banners, games, sites). I am a responsible person and I like to work with responsible people.

$27.78 /hr
3,727 hours

Jesilin Ballon

Jesilin Ballon

Efficient &amp Effective Customer Service/Sales Representative

Philippines - Tests: 2

My commitment is to ensure both clients & customer expectations will be met or even surpassed by providing proper resolutions in a timely manner. And, My ability to prioritize which is what Im doing for the last 7 years that makes me last in the BPO industry. I have experienced with Sales, lead generation & customer service with collection background; data entry, Microsoft Words & Microsoft Excel.

$3.33 /hr
1,346 hours