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Herchel Niño Baliwas

Herchel Niño Baliwas Agency Contractor

Herchel Nino I Baliwas

Philippines - Tests: 4

To utilize the knowledge I have of the chosen field. To offer my skills and enthusiasm in the company of choice in any position that I will fit in. Over the years of my existence, I am developed to be a professional person. My experiences are mostly related to Customer Service and Problem solving for Aviation. I am very much willing to expand my skills and to learn more than what I know now and also to enhance what I know as well.

Associated with: Smart Global Outsourcing

100% Job Success
$3.33 /hr
822 hours

Stephen L.

Stephen L.

Specializing in Aviation-Related Content

United States - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 7

If your project requires a fresh perspective from someone with an intimate knowledge of the aviation world, you've definitely come to the right place. In addition to holding a pair of aviation degrees (B.S. in Aviation Management; A.A.S. in Aviation Flight), I have firsthand experience working in both the general aviation and airline arenas. Although anyone can research a given topic, only someone with actual in-the-trenches experience with the subject matter can truly communicate to your target audience. While my background as a flight instructor (FAA Parts 61 and 141) and regional airline captain (FAA Part 121) have equipped me with a profound level of aviation knowledge, such expertise is worth little without the ability to effectively convey the requisite information. Fortunately, over the past three years I've crafted a variety of high-caliber, aviation-specific content for clients on three continents. My industry experience and proven ability to consistently compose razor-sharp, engaging content allow me to bring a degree of authenticity to my work that few generalized copywriters can replicate. Top-notch education, hands-on work experience, consistently exceptional results. The trifecta of talent that will take your project by storm.

100% Job Success
$25.00 /hr
1,055 hours

Nathan Breitenbach

Nathan Breitenbach

Aviation expert. Prior military. Quality writer.

United States - Tests: 3

Over fifteen years of aviation experience. Air traffic controller in the FAA as well as the US Air Force. Avionics technician with the US Coast Guard. Quality writer.

$13.00 /hr
0 hours

Joaquin Vergara

Joaquin Vergara

Customer Service Representative

Uruguay - Tests: 5

I'm a Trainer with more than 1 year Customer Service experience. I currently work at Expert Global Solutions providing services to the Top Customer Service company worldwide, Beginning in August 2014 our Peak Season preparation began by the initiation of the Trainings. My role as a Trainer is to organize and promote the course by planning, preparing and researching every lesson that is supposed to be given. Success required to have the necessary to be in charge of team composed by around 25-28 people from training until two weeks after they started operating. Monitoring and analyzing performance patterns was a must in order to develop an action plan to improve the quality of service of the agents. Colleagues know me as a person who learned by approaching and that is the exact same way that I teach. My way of training is a very practical one, I go straight to the topic and give real scenarios of what could happen, having always the theorical and generic training material as a reference. I try to provide as much knowledge and tips that I can to make their job easier and for the transition to operate to be smoother. I'm currently going through the first stage of becoming an Airline Pilot with my theorical examination approved and coursing only the practical classes. Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History.

$6.00 /hr
0 hours

Michael Pittman

Michael Pittman

Airline Pilot

United States - Tests: 4

I am currently an airline pilot based in Gulfport, MS. As part of my job, I have quite a bit of time off that I would love to utilize my skills in writing and presentation development. I thoroughly enjoy and have a lot of experience writing training program scripts and storyboards for various flight training companies. Even if the aircraft or subject is not the most familiar to me, I have no problem conducting high quality research to help produce the requested training material. I have extensive experience in data entry with Microsoft Excel, making corporate presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint, and technical writing experience in Microsoft Word. I have some very basic web design experience in Microsoft Frontpage and Adobe Dreamweaver. I have been in airline management and established positive rapport with Federal Agencies such as the TSA and FAA.

100% Job Success
$20.00 /hr
48 hours

Samuele S.

Samuele S.

Creative Design - Will, Imagination, Power

United Kingdom - Tests: 7

Hi there! I'm Samuele, founder of Creative Design. I dedicate myself to a wide array of creative and technical activities: WEB AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT ▪ Website Development and Design (Html, Asp) ▪ Web 2.0 (Php, MySQL - Forms, Forums) ▪ Website Content ▪ User Interface and Application Design (Visual Studio) ▪ 3D Interactive Simulations and Videogames (DarkBasic) WRITING (English, Spanish, French, Italian) ▪ Creative Writing ▪ Marketing Writing / Copywriting ▪ Technical Writing ▪ Translation DESIGN AND MULTIMEDIA ▪ 3D Modeling & CAD / Analysis / Simulation (Catia V5, SolidWorks) ▪ Engineering & Technical Design / Product Development (Die Casting / Injection Molding, Sheet Metal, Stereolithography) ▪ Graphic Design / Logo Design (Photoshop, Illustrator) ▪ Music Mixing, Composition and Production (FL Studio, Reason, Audition) About me: Skilled and versatile Senior Design and Project Engineer, with a Degree in Aerospace Engineering and over 7 years of experience within Aerospace and Automotive sectors in Europe, America, and Asia-Pacific. Over the course of my career I accrued more than 7500 cumulative hours of work with Dassault Systemes’ 3D Product Lifecycle Management software suites Catia V5, Catia V6 and SolidWorks, and many other Modelling, Fluid Dynamics and Stress Analysis applications. I have accomplished full command of the most modern and sophisticated tools of Computer Aided Design and Drafting, as well as the ability to follow every phase of a project, from Product Definition, Styling and Concept to Modelling, Engineering and Simulation, all the way to Prototyping, Testing and Final Release. My recent employment history features important responsibilities such as Aircraft Structures and Systems Engineer, in addition to Interiors Leader, for a major American Airline – which greatly increased my leadership and decision making skills; as well as Aviation Lecturer for a leading Singaporean Training Organization – which contributed to make me an effective and accomplished communicator. During all of this time Design has remained my true passion, and founding my own Engineering Consulting Limited Company and providing my talent and experience to leading multinational car manufacturers and promising freelance ventures has allowed me to further enhance my career and remain up to date with the state-of-the-art of Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial Design. Feel free to contact me to put my talent to the test! Creative Design: Will ➜ Imagination ➜ Power

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$25.00 /hr
31 hours

john clarke

john clarke

Humor Writing For The Hell Of It

France - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 18

Don't let the French flag put you off! I'm as English as they come, yet live in the south of France because the food, wine and weather can't be beat. As an airline pilot, I use my time off around the world to write mainly travel or humorous articles. I have had several magazine and web articles published, along with my first novel, Bad Altitude. I am a regular contributor to the SWAGGER and Mantality websites, as well as The SugarLoad, a superb satirical news site. In 2009 and 2011, my entries for the Boyne Writers Swift Satire competition were shortlisted. I enjoy edgy writing, often sailing very close to the wind, and bring a unique sense of humor to any subject.

100% Job Success
$25.00 /hr
23 hours

Greg B.

Greg B. Agency Contractor

Entrepreneur | Marketer | Consultant | Investor | Income Streams

United States - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 2

Want to get something done to obtain results? Give it to someone who is actively doing and sees the big picture. As a business consultant, online marketing consulting strategist, and 13 year owner of multiple businesses we can equip the entrepreneur in a variety of ways. This includes, but not limited to, general business subjects, several key internal business workflows/systems, selections for business start-ups, and supplemental multiple income streams for both businesses and individual people. I have over a decade of business experience with running and operating successful real estate and online/offline internet ventures. I have bought and sold over 200 houses and have joint ventured on multi-million dollar development projects (single family, commercial, apartments, land, multi family, land development, etc). Additionally, I am a entrepreneur at heart and have had success with the many components of online internet marketing, advertising, and promotion for different products and services (i.e. local mobile internet marketing, SEO, PPC, Articles Submissions, Back linking, Wordpress, and many other strategies/tactics necessary to drive new leads and new business). There are literally hundreds of components that could be listed...way to many to mention. I also, directly, know what is involved from A-Z in running small business behind the scenes & utilizing internet marketing and technology to leverage to ultimately achieve new customers for a wide variety of businesses and individuals. Here is a quick blueprint (it can be applied to business and individual endeavors): ---------- The bottom line blueprint for successful endeavors is this: Of course, you (or what's being promoted) must have a product or service that solves customer desires extremely well along with great support. Being acutely aware and in touch with the customer's desires beforehand, as well as during, your endeavor is a vital component! That is the foundation so that you never really have to do any hard selling (it will sell itself if the marketing is done well). At that point, mastering the marketing of the product or service is where the real magic begins in any industry (that is 90%). Once you begin to get in front the the right segment of people for your product or service then it will be easy to sell. Lastly, add a hint of modern cutting-edge technology and you have yourself a real business! In most cases, when producing products or services, I am a proponent of "less is more". It is my contention that the customer does not actually WANT your product or service at all. They do not WANT all the information, features, and stuff you are selling at all.! This is counter-intuitive for most to understand. When we buy things our brains, may times, signal to us the more STUFF and bonuses we get the better the deal. Most marketers who aren't able (either intentionally or not) to deliver a good product or service know this truth. However, after the point of purchase the customer is usually overwhelmed with information and it paralyzes them to take action or use the product most effectively. This is information overload. So, the very thing that drives us to make the purchase in the first place (in many instances) is the very thing that continues to sabotages success for the customer. Not all products and services fall into this quandary (but many do). Ok, so what is the solution? The solution is to simply solve the customer's desire or want sufficiently well enough so as to satisfactorily deliver the sought after outcome /result WITH the least amount of hassle and information overload as possible. That's it! That is the mark of delivering true and sustainable value to the customer year in and year out...the indicator you have a real business that can thrive. Selah (look it up)! Let's explore today! ---------- I am passionate about life and love to help people to significantly reduce learning curves and accelerate successful endeavors (in many aspects of business and personal lives) as I am able! ***Serial Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing SEO, Local Mobile Online Search Expert, Business & Personal Consultant, Commercial Pilot, Real Estate Investor, Missionary Simply send me a message through ODesk/Open A Ticket (or schedule a Appointment for a call). Select the Topic or Service as “General”! Mention in the message or notes: 1. Your top 3 business and/or personal needs and concerns! 2. Your interested in exploring our available private products or services! 3. Any other details that will give us insight into those needs and concerns! We will then determine if we can help and if we might be a good fit and then customize a solution(s) for you! If not we could potentially refer you to someone who can. It is as simple as that! NOTE: Or, I will bid on your current job if you do not need to explore your needs and concerns. It is up to you.

Associated with: Group Work Flow Consulting Agency

93% Job Success
$33.33 /hr
1,830 hours

Aleksandra Zaitceva

Aleksandra Zaitceva Agency Contractor

Translator: English, Russian,Italian

Russia - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 2

I've been studying languages for 6 -7 years. I like it very much, and spend all my free time for improving them. I graduated The University of civil aviation on the speciality of Aviation Security. Have a lot of experience in the aviation area. Continue to study and improve languages until nowadays, communicate with my foreign friends. My skills, which help me to work, have being received at off-line work : 1. The ability of regulation of different difficult situations. Working with dissatisfied clients. The skill to find a way from conflict situations. The skill to express myself politely and correctly with foreign passengers in conflict situations. The skill to solve difficult tasks. The skill to listen. The organisation of my working place and time. The correct statement of priorities. Realisation of the project on time. The total concentration at work. Fast work during the periods of high capacity at the airport. High typing on the computer. Total order with documents. Making decisions fast and correctly. The knowledge of aviation terminology. The experience of translations on this subject.

Associated with: ERC

$20.00 /hr
0 hours

Tom R.

Tom R.

Presentation & Spreadsheet Design Specialist

United States - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 11

DON’T JUST HIRE A FREELANCER! Instead, Engage a New Teammate with a proven track record for delivering succinct, on-time, effective, and modern PowerPoint Presentations, Lessons and Templates, and Excel Spreadsheets. I'm ready to start helping you achieve your goals - NOW!

94% Job Success
$24.99 /hr
419 hours