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  1. Yury Gavrilov

    Yury Gavrilov


    Thailand - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 1

    My skills: Translation – English Russian. I use WordFast Anywhere and OmegaT. Programming and Web sites development. Teaching Computer - Office, programming, Web design, graphics. Voice over – Russian. Teaching Russian. Teaching English. English Language Teaching Certificate and TESOL. Teaching music production software to LEARN AND CREATE MUSIC WITH A COMPUTER. Teaching guitar, bass. Master in Guitar Skills. Composing, playing and arranging music, music production. Experienced sound engineer. Experienced electronic engineer.

    $16.67 /hr
    146 hours
  2. Tom B.

    Tom B.

    Audio Engineer and Voice Artist

    United States - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 3

    I have spent the past several years completing voice work, audio editing, and audio post projects for numerous clients both locally and worldwide. I have experience recording, editing, mixing, restoring, and mastering audio for radio, television, and internet uses, using primarily Pro-Tools HD and Logic Pro software. It's my goal to provide professional sounding audio for your project in a fast and efficient manner!

    $22.22 /hr
    23 hours
  3. Ronaldo D.

    Ronaldo D.

    Music Arranger & Engraver, Audio Editor, Data Encoder, Contact Finder

    Philippines - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 5

    Since 2005, I've been involved in many choral and musical production, like live concerts and audio-video productions. And I also doing some office works. Skills: 1. Can Create PDF Fillable form using a. Microsoft Word b. Adobe Acrobat Pro X c. PDF Primo 2. Editing Audio/Video Using; a. Audacity (Noise Removal) b. Sony Vegas- Professional Audio/Video Mixing c. Celemony-Melodyne- Pitch Correction d. Sonar- Arranging Music and Midi Patching. 3. Editing Photo using Adobe Photo Shop 4. Music engraving, Creating Choral Works using a. Musing Finale Make Music b. Sibelius c. Note Worthy 5. Creating Chordal Song Books using Major7th 6. Data Encoding Using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel

    $3.50 /hr
    202 hours
  4. Yaroslav Bredikhin

    Yaroslav Bredikhin

    Audio Engineer

    Russia - Portfolio: 4

    Hi. I'm an young audio engineer. I've been in audio for a few last years. So there is a things that I can do for you: 1. Instrument tracks editing/timing. 2. Vocal editing/timing/tuning. 3. Mixing and mastering. (for beginner musician and bands) 3. Audio editing for your podcasts/audio books/audio for video games or whatever you need (noise removing/equalization/compression and everything that I can do to make it sound good. There is a lot of methods)

    $5.56 /hr
    0 hours
  5. Thiago Silvagomes

    Thiago Silvagomes

    Audio Editor, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Music Producer and arranger

    Brazil - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 7

    Audio Editor, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Music Producer and arranger since 1999. Pro Tools user since 2000 (Pro Tools 101 & 110 certificated) Berklee Online Certificated (Master Certificate - Music Production using Pro Tools) Audio editing expert (vocal and band editing, audio restoration) 15000+ Studio hours. 40+ albums credited as engineer and/or musician. Music notation using Sibelius. Keyboard and Bass player. Games soundtrack composer & performer.

    $22.22 /hr
    0 hours
  6. Lance Montgomery

    Lance Montgomery

    Composer, Orchestrator, Sound Designer

    United States - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 1 My creative vision is to achieve high quality and versatility in everything I touch—to never turn down a challenge, to attain the most perfect results possible, and to be one-of-a-kind. I aspire to be a leading figure in film scoring as well as concert music. I enjoy all parts of music production, from composition to sound design, to mastering. My skill and meticulous use of various software solutions adds to the quality of my final products, and is the essence of my signature "sound". Skills: Music Composition, Film Scoring, Orchestration, Music Recording and Production, Audio Restoration, Sound Design, Sound Mixing Other: Photoshop (17+ years of experience) Awards: Lance is the national winner of the 2011 College Television Award (aka. Student EMMY) in Music—Best Composition for his score in DreamGiver. His feature-length score in Diantha's Crossing also received Honorable Mention in 2009 for the same award. He is the recipient of the national 2010 SEAMUS/ASCAP Student Commission Award.

    $111.11 /hr
    0 hours
  7. Zachary Duane

    Zachary Duane

    Audio Engineer

    United States - Tests: 1

    Objective: My goal is to take what I’ve learned through school and training and bring those skills to your facility. I am excited to put my education to practical use in the audio industry and continue to learn. Education: I studied and completed the Master Recording Program II at The Conservatory Of Recording Arts and Sciences in March-October of 2012 located in Gilbert, AZ. • I ran and assisted recording sessions using large format consoles including the Neotek, API, and SSL, recording to 2-inch tape as well as ADAT machines and Pro Tools/DAW Software. • I also studied and practiced Post Production, Timecode Operations, Synchronization, Timebased Processors and Outboard Gear, Pro Tools 10 Native and HD. Audio Accomplishments: • Pro Tools through Tier 4, Melodyne, and Waves Plug-ins Certifications with knowledge of Reason software, M3000 time-based Processor, TC Electronic S6000, and more. • Experience running Guitar, Vocal, Full Band, Overdubbing, Mixing, and Front of House Clinics/ Sessions. • I also assisted with post production synchronization, mic placement, and running pro tools during our foley, dialog, and scoring Clinics at CRAS. Audio Experience: • I completed my internship requirements and continue to intern at Omnisound Studios in Nashville. • DJ for Dominion DJ’s - I started as an assistant and advanced to solo gigs. Not only did this job teach me basic signal flow and P.A. set-up, but it greatly improved my public speaking and people skills. • I was part of the live sound team for Angela Knight’s Televised Christmas Extravaganza, 2012. Non-Related Employment: -Target Electronics Sales Team, Gainesville VA. (2011-2012) -Ours & Silek, PC. , facility maintenance and office computer work, Manassas VA. (2008-2011) Skills: • I’ve been in multiple bands, including church band and rock bands, since I was 13, giving me a good knowledge of musical composition and music theory. • I can demagnify and calibrate tape machines. References: Upon Request

    $7.78 /hr
    0 hours