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Last updated: October 1, 2015
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Nemanja Petković

Nemanja Petković

Data entrist, writer, editor and translator

Serbia - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 1

I have a lot of experience as a ghostwriter in many different fields and I am especially good as a content writer and creative writer. I also do translation work, from English to Serbian and vice versa. Besides that, I am good at doing data entry work, and similar jobs, due to being highly attentive to details.

90% Job Success
$5.00 /hr
12 hours

Ephantus M.

Ephantus M.

Professional Freelance Writer

Kenya - Tests: 13 - Portfolio: 4

I posses a good command of the English language. I am able to research and generate quality content. I am committed to meeting deadlines as required without compromising on the quality of the work delivered. I have all tools in place to ensure that my work is authentic and passes any plagiarism and duplicate checks, while meeting the desired objective of the client. My objective is to deliver excellent quality work with quick turnarounds and total accuracy. I will make sense out of your keywords and deliver articles as required. Specialized in article writing, blog writing, product reviews, data entry as well as other administrative tasks.

94% Job Success
$13.89 /hr
1,162 hours

Paschal C.

Paschal C.

Amazing Non-fiction Writer - top ten percent on UpWork

Nigeria - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 4

A super efficient content writer! Highly creative. (Top 10% in UpWork Online Article Writing and Blogging Skill Test, U.S version). Wrote several Bestsellers for some big-time Kindle Publishers. Works as Virtual English Researcher and Content Writer for a top Digital Marketing Agency. Paschal loves writing nonfiction! He's always online, and he's pure pleasure to work with. If you want someone to write well-researched (and 100% unique) contents that will: - deeply satisfy your quest, - speak the language of your target audience, - educate them properly, and - inspire many of them to respond exactly the way you want; - (all done VERY FAST with integrity, and without digging a hole in your pocket), ... then, you need to hire Paschal for the job right now. He's talented. This guy is: Skilled | Fast | Professional | Knowledgeable. His Writing Tools Proficiency Levels Include: - Ms Word - Very Hgh - Google Docs/Sheets - Very High - Markdown - Very High - Wordpress - High - Joomla - High The best part is ... - Paschal doesn't want to grab the "carrots" as much as he wants to move the "cart". - You can even get a 100% custom sample project today - and pay only if you like it. P.S: If you make the request now, he may still be able to do a quick sample for you!

100% Job Success
$28.00 /hr
174 hours

Virginia G.

Virginia G.

Writing Enthusiast

United States - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 4

I am a native English speaker and a lover of words and the more unique my writing, the happier I am. I write so that the reader can visualize; I have a talent for writing analogies. I believe in excellence in grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. After earning my Bachelor of Arts degree with magna cum laude honors, I earned 6 semester credits in writing from The Institute of Children's Literature in Connecticut. An appreciation for other world cultures was a gift I developed after traveling in Mexico and completing two graduate courses in the Spanish language. I have studied and taught literature, sciences, language and grammar, social sciences, business, and art. I am proud of my five years of experience as lead librarian in my elementary school's 10,000 book library. I enjoy feeding the craving of children K-8 with excellent literature.

98% Job Success
$20.00 /hr
922 hours

Conrad Ekeke

Conrad Ekeke

Creative romance, Adventure, erotic, horror writter, short stories

Cameroon - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 2

I am a well and a factory of creativity, the Shakespeare of our time with over 25years in the writing of every genre and style, in ways ever so visual to all reader audiences. To lovers of excellent and page turning stories, I am that one man of expertise and confidence to give top notch non stop. Every word counts in creativity. Conrad Ekeke The word mine The word factory.

82% Job Success
$25.50 /hr
17 hours

Taslima akter L.

Taslima akter L.

Business Analyst and Professional Writer.

Bangladesh - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 5

An experienced entrepreneur and venture capitalist, who enjoys helping fellow entrepreneurs, build their companies. Primarily interested in helping early stage start-ups build their business plan, raise funding, and recruit a team. Specializing in Open Source strategy and business models that leverage Open Source. My strengths are in navigating the spaces between technical concepts and business value to help with both customer and internal needs. I began my career with the chemical product development job that was exactly what I wanted out of college. As I began interacting with other departments I discovered, to my surprise, that business was actually interesting and was intrigued by the web of interconnections. To make what I designed in the lab actually useful (and profitable) instead of just cool it had to be something that the customers could use. The marketing and sales team needed to communicate those benefits in a way that resonated. The manufacturing side needed to be able to make it with consistent quality. And it all had to fit within the overall strategy of the company. I earned my MBA as a step into this larger world and began to build on some of what I learned by studying copy-writing and taking on freelance writing jobs. I was excited to get my first sales job to put into practice what I had been studying and work directly with customers. Currently I am helping manufacturers and scientific laboratories with which grades of filter paper and other media will work for their processes or product development. Specialties: Business plan development, Financing pitch development, Fundraising, senior executive recruiting, Open Source Licensing, Marketing and advertising, Social network development, Brand recognition

83% Job Success
$10.00 /hr
275 hours

Jacqui P.

Jacqui P.

Seasoned transcriptionist/editor and creative writer; goal-driven

Philippines - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 3

I am a goal-directed professional with a strong medical and general transcription background and education. Major strengths include: Comprehensive medical/PT knowledge, broad transcription experience, client/personal relations, flexible/adaptable/assertive, documentation/writing. I have acquired a training certificate as a transcriptionist and eventually promoted to editor in the first transcription company that i worked in. Afterwhich, I became QA/manager to a local transcription company. I have also been transcribing quite a lot of webinars, meetings, and call conferences lately. With a speed of generally 60 wpm and with more than a hundred odesk work hours, I believe I have evolved into an efficient and credible provider.As I am a transcriptionist, I believe that also makes a good writer, because these two require the same skills of having the capacity to efficiently produce work that shows an excellent comprehension of the english language, including spelling and sentence building. To become better, if not the best, at what I do, I am currently taking a few units to complete a master's degree in creative writing.

68% Job Success
$7.78 /hr
1,101 hours

Traci Talbot

Traci Talbot

Creative Travel and Adult Content Writer

South Africa - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 1

I have 3 great loves in my life - Travel, Writing and Reading. I have an insatiable hunger for all 3 and feel incredibly blessed that I am able to skillfully incorporate them into my life and to make them the basis of my creative career choice. I am very fortunate to have traveled rather extensively around the world and as such I am well acquainted with the concept of luxury and lifestyle travel. I have lived in Germany, Switzerland and New York City and whilst these experiences have been wonderful I am nevertheless a true South African who considers myself extremely blessed to be able to call Cape Town my home. For the greater part of the last ten years I have worked within the South African travel industry and now, due to my love and passion for various vacation places across the Western Cape, I now run a small boutique travel company that specialises in the creation and building of personalised holiday travel itineraries. The aspect of my career choice that I love the most is my immense hunger to discover new, interesting and non-commercial 'gems' - those intimate and unusual South African destinations that once visited it would seem after leaving that you, as the visitor, have left a special part of your soul there. Magical places, romantic places and places that inspire. I gain such an enormous amount of pleasure when I have the privilege of knowing that I have introduced people to a location and/or destination that will leave a memory that lasts a lifetime. It is these secret spaces in special places that I'd like to write about to appeal to the vacationers that are searching for that little bit of something different, something extra, something unusual and more importantly, something special. The destinations and locations that I have found over the years are not limited to only accommodations - I have also discovered incredible restaurants, tours and other travel related wonders.

38% Job Success
$38.89 /hr
14 hours

Charles S.

Charles S.

Creative Consultant - Marketer - Business Consultant

United States - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 4

Although Strikingly Similar, No Relation to Tony Stark. Chuck is a creative consultant with a few years under his belt. He has experience in many different roles from creative copywriting, social media and even pitching fully developed marketing plans. Don’t let the Mathematics degree fool you! Chuck is a full blown creative that can’t contain the growing ideas inside his little head. His creativity is inspired by the world around him and his family of a wife and dog. Most of his ideas stem from random little thoughts that run across his mind on a daily basis. Some are downright disturbing but most are useful! He has experience in, Creative Writing Social Media Promotions Branding SEO/PPC Campaigns Video Scripting Voice-overs (Whaaaat?!) Saving the world Pizza Chuck works to teach himself something new everyday and strives to go beyond everyone's expectations. The "student" title does not define him. He takes his work seriously and strives toward optimizing his results. He’s ready to help you develop creative solutions that fit your business. Chuck is currently looking for projects of the following types, Creative Copywriting - Developing copy for websites from scratch or refreshing already existing content to fit the client's needs. Marketing Consulting - Analysis of client's current marketing situation via direct and digital. Offering solutions through a plan of action to drive traffic.

83% Job Success
$15.00 /hr
38 hours

Afaf Abdul Khaliq Janjua

Afaf Abdul Khaliq Janjua

English Language

Pakistan - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 4

Dedication - That is what I consider the basis on which my career is built upon. My willingness to wholly devote my skills and undistracted hard work has led me to become an established writer, blogger, and a social media activist. I consider myself a good communicator. I try to take things in my hand with a positive attitude and a firm belief that I can make something better out of what already is. I am an enthusiastic writer and and have a high level of motivation. I also believe in spirituality which has inspired me highly to become an honest human being and to practice integrity at all times. My expertise also include but is not limited to the following: - Social media management - MS Office tools - Product reviews - Google applications (forms, calender management, etc.) - Data entry - E-marketing - Proof reading - Internet research - Presentation making. - Keyword optimization - SEO - E-mail response handling As I understand, you need someone who can be trusted with a job that requires dedication and effort. I can give you that. I believe that as long as a team is cooperative and understanding enough to work for a project as of their own, wonders can be achieved. Above that, I have skills. I feel confident in myself to say that I am qualified to complete any task that is given to me. I am punctual and communicative. I never miss a deadline. I always deliver the work after a thorough re-check. I can ensure great quality and utmost satisfaction.

77% Job Success
$5.56 /hr
113 hours