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  1. Mohamed L.

    Mohamed L.

    Translator.Teacher.DBA.IT Support

    Japan - Tests: 11 - Portfolio: 2

    I've been translating during 5 years,I'm native in English,French and Arabic. I have a Medium level in Japanese and Deutch. I like to do translation and teach languages, I have also experience in Computers and Hardware including operation systems (Mac os,Linux,Windows). I can deal with M.Office,Libre Office and Server sharing and TV programs. Willing to do your job (right time and best quality). Thanks

    Groups: BigCommerce, BoonEx

    $5.56 /hr
    5 hours
  2. Federica M.

    Federica M.

    Italian - IT - Database - Technical translations

    Italy - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 1

    Hi. I'm Italian native. I live in Tuscany. I have a perfect command of the Italian language and excellent computer skills. I graduated in Computer Science in Pisa. My high school was the classic college (a school subject that involves the study of ancient Greek and Latin literature, philosophy, and history). I deal with the management of information and text for 25 years I am specializing in information searches, data selection, integration database, translation of techniocal text, SEO search; I can find any information that a company needs and I can organize informations in reports, statistics, data analysis. I have dozens of references in Italian companies that are and have been my only customers for this type of activity and the distribution of information in the web I manage my work independently, I'm freelance sinc 15year. I have three son and I have a lot of "free time" to work. I deliver my work always in time, have a very serious and reliable. I have a good quality of life. I hope the same for you Federica

    $14.90 /hr
    90 hours
  3. Andre Malet

    Andre Malet

    webmaster tools

    France - Portfolio: 1

    FRANCAIS opérateur de saisie informatique : - Je tape environ 15-20 mots à la minute. - Français/Anglais/Espagnol à l'écrit. - Je tape , met en forme et corrige les fautes d'orthographes les mémoires. les lettres de motivation et les CV. - Je formate des dossiers numériques sur supports informatiques. - Je fait vos publicités sur toutes plateformes en ligne internet. - Je fait vos bannières avec vos liens de vos sites internet. - Je formate des squeeze pages et des pages de payements. à vos produits et votre compte : interface de payements. paypal/payoneer/compte bancaire. Contrôleur de failles de tout sites internet : - Contrôle manuel databases sites internet. - Contrôles failles sites internet (accès databases : emails,cartes. bancaire,profils des membres des sites internet,données confidentielles des sites internet. - Je contacte les webmasters pour prévenir des failles. - Je propose les solutions de sécurités. Sécurités ordinateur particuliers et entreprises - Diagnostiques disque dur. - Je supprime les logiciels malveillants. - Je supprime les virus. - Je fait le ménage du disque dur. - Je supprime les cookies. - J'installe des bloqueurs de publicités. ENGLISH IT keyboard operator: - I bang approximately 15-20 words in the minute. - French / English/Spanish to the paper. - I bang, shapes and corrects the spelling mistakes reports(memoirs) letters in support of application and CV - I format digital files(cases) on computing supports(media). - I makes your advertisements on any internet on-line platforms. - I makes your banners with your links of your web sites. - I format squeeze pages and pages of payments. In your products and your account: interface of payments paypal / payoneer / counts banking. Controller of weaknesses of quite web sites: - Manual control databases web sites. - Check weaknesses web sites (databases access: emails, cards(maps) banking, profiles of the members of web sites, confidential data of web sites. - I contact the webmasters to warn weaknesses. - I propose the solutions of safeties. Safeties computer private individuals and companies - Diagnose hard disk. - I delete malware. - I delete the viruses. - I done the cleaning the hard disk. - I delete cookies. - I install blockers of advertisements. SPAIN Operador de embargo informático: - Pego cerca de 15-20 palabras al minuto. - Francés / inglés/español al escrito. - Golpeo, pone en forma y corrige las faltas de ortografías las memorias. Las cartas de motivación y el CV. - Formateo expedientes numéricos sobre soportes informáticos. - Yo hace sus publicidade sobre toda plataforma en línea internet. - Yo hace sus banderas con sus lazos de sus páginas internet. - Formateo squeeze páginas y páginas de pagos. A sus productos y su cuenta: interfaz de pagos. Paypal / payoneer / cuenta bancaria. Inspector de fallas totalmente de páginas internet: - Control manual databases páginas internet. - Controla fallas páginas internet (accesos databases: correos electrónicos, tarjetas. Bancario, perfiles de los miembros de las páginas internet, los datos confidenciales de las páginas internet. - Me pongo en contacto con los webmasters para prevenir fallas. - Propongo las soluciones de seguridades. Seguridades ordenador individuos y empresas - Diagnostica disco duro. - Suprimo los softwares malévolos. - Suprimo los virus. - Yo llevado la casa el disco duro. - Suprimo el cookies. - Instalo bloqueurs de publicidades.

    $33.33 /hr
    0 hours
  4. Toufik F.

    Toufik F.

    The best writer English-French-Arabic

    Algeria - Tests: 26 - Portfolio: 7

    Hi, My name is Toufik, and I specialize in writing articles and translating from English to French and Arabic and vice versa. I have over 13 years of experience in this area. I am the best arabic writer If you are looking for a professional writer (in Arabic) contact me. If you want to improve your site's ranking contact me. I know the secrets of the SEO and the keyword (wordpress) If you are looking for distinctive and exclusive articles in different areas contact me The first page in Google is guaranteed In my work, I can guarantee accuracy and a work free of errors. I do respect contractors and contracts deadlines with a high performance. Best regards,

    $11.11 /hr
    4 hours
  5. Andriamihaja J.

    Andriamihaja J.

    Programmer Analyst - Designer


    A dynamic, serious man ; passionate about the internet. After , graduating from analyst programmer graduate, I work in the field of IT as a developer - designer of the database and information processing since 2003. With its strong experience ; I am a versatile computer , controlling the relational database management system , SQL query language and the necessary programming tools. I practice php, vb6 , Access , Excel, and Mysql .

    $10.00 /hr
    0 hours
  6. Djamel eddine DADCI

    Djamel eddine DADCI

    Geophysicist Engineer

    Algeria - Tests: 4

    Dear Sir I have an engineering degree in geophysics (science of physics applied to geology ) since 2006. Diploma obtained after 17 years of study ( from primary school to university first cycle) I have also worked with different profile company in Algeria, Like national enterprise of geophysics affiliated of national oil company, i have also participated in several onshore 2D and 3D seismic processing projects essentially with international compagnie. And in Algerian Ministry of Energy / National Agency for Hydrocarbons Resources Valorization / National Hydrocarbon Data Banque Division as Geophysicist Engineer.

    $34.00 /hr
    0 hours