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Last updated: May 1, 2015
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  1. Stefan Knoch

    Stefan Knoch

    Expert Web Developer and Software Architect from Germany

    Thailand - Last active: 1 day ago - Tests: 7

    I am a creative and enthusiastic oop web developer from Germany with extensive experience in cms, ecommerce and website developing by working more then 6 years full-time for advertising agencies around Austria and Liechtenstein. I am capable of designing and developing database systems, frontend/backend architectures and programming professional web 2.0 w3c conform, cross browser compatible and seo optimized websites. I am also very fast at getting into new systems and fixing even the hardest bugs. I have much experience in several web developing areas: - website programming: html, css, js (jquery), seo, cross browser, w3c - cms developing: php, oop, mysql - database designing - architectur designing and planning - ui concepting - performance optimizing (mysql database, sql, php, js, http) - linux server administration (apache, nginx, debian, ubuntu) Frameworks - Jquery - Smarty - Zend - CakePHP - Yaf - my own performance focused lightweight oop framework I love to produce beautifully oop code and optimize performance even in the smallest corners. Im a perfectionist and i want to make me and my client satisfied and happy.

    $33.33 /hr
    50 hours
  2. Oktay Radzhabov

    Oktay Radzhabov

    Senior Software Engineer

    Ukraine - Last active: 28 days ago - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 9

    Do not hire me if you do not sure that your project should be done perfectly. I have 10+ years experience of software development. Products in development which I have participated are used in more than 20 major global companies, leaders of various business areas, such as the aviation industry, underwater acoustics, the book production, light industry, etc. Success is ensured not only by an extensive list of knowledge and experience in a wide range of different business areas, but most importantly - Liability for the assumed engagements. If I think that in a some matter will not be done completely successfully I will decide to not join in the debate about its feasibility. But if I believe that able to solve a problem, than I can confidently guarantee to the solution quality (by the cost of my reputation). Key areas of expertise: · Client-Server Applications Development · Multi-threading Programming · Software Recoding · 3d modeling Conceptual knowledge: · Object-Oriented Programming · Software Engineering Concepts And Methodologies · Design Patterns · Database Design Concepts · Usibility Of Graphical User Interface Platforms: · All Windows · Linux Languages, Tools and Technologies: ASM, C/C++, PHP, Python, JavaScript, MFC, COM/ATL/WTL, STL, Qt, Loki, KDevelop, HTTP, XML, HTML, CGI, DirectX(HLSL), OpenGL(GLSL)

    $33.33 /hr
    0 hours
  3. Barnabas Tanko

    Barnabas Tanko

    C, C++, Java, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, Pascal, assembly, OOP, Design Patterns

    Hungary - Last active: 13 hours ago - Tests: 5

    If you have a development project like as desktop or web application or a simple homework and if you need fast help for a specific problem I can - write software, individual components or modules for you - investigate and fix your implementation bugs - help to make a good and clear implementation or design - review your existing sources codes If you want to improve your knowledge also you can get complete courses about: - programming languages: C, C++, Java, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, Pascal or x86 assembly - multi threading, socket programming and inter process communication on Windows and UNIX/Linux platforms - data structures, elementary and advanced algorithms - object oriented design methodology - design patterns as creational, structural, behavioral and concurrency patterns - data modelling in relational database systems: Oracle, MySQL

    $33.33 /hr
    0 hours
  4. Jamie Stewart

    Jamie Stewart

    Highly experienced Mobile Applications Developer (iOS, Android, Nokia)

    Australia - Last active: 11/24/2014 - Tests: 3

    Having over 10 years experience in software and games development across a wide range of platforms from mobile (Android,iOS, Nokia(Symbian/QT)) to home console (Xbox360, PS3, PSVita, DS, Wii) to PC and Mac development I have worked on a wide spectrum of applications and games covering many software disciplines. Specialties: • C/C++/Objective C/C# Programming languages • Java, Lua, Python, ActionScript • High level of experience with OpenGL and OpenGL ES • Familiarity with OpenCL and CUDA development • Use of QR Codes to disseminate digital game content. • Quick to learn new areas of code • Skills with a variety of version control systems (SVN, Perforce, Mercurial) • Great at communicating with other members of development team Published Games/Applications (Sample): • "Don King Presents: Prizefighter" - Xbox 360 (2008) • "Ride to Hell" - PS3, Xbox 360, PC ( 2009 - in Development Hell ) • "Kamicrazy" - iOS (2009) • "Cleopatra" - iOS (2010 - developed for IGT) • "Fun Felt" - iOS ( 2010 ) • "Pocket Tours" - iOS (2010) • "Revolve" - iOS/Nokia/Android (2010) • "Cupple" - iOS (2010/11) • "Thorn Lighting Mobile Application Proto-type" - Mobile application for controlling office light settings using DMX wireless protocols (2011)

    $33.33 /hr
    89 hours
  5. Joao Braganca

    Joao Braganca

    Software Engineer

    United States - Last active: 02/28/2014 - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 1

    I've done everything from building custom e-commerce solutions to social media networks. I've integrated legacy enterprise applications with each other when communication seemed impossible. I've instituted best practices including test driven development, continuous integration and iterative releases. I can work with the business, analyze a business problem and come up with the most cost effective solution. I also have many technical skills and am always adding more: Mastery of C# (1.0 – 4.5) Competent in many other languages, including JavaScript / CoffeeScript, Ruby, Python, PHP Proficient in functional databases (EventStore), document databases (RavenDB) and relational databases (MSSQL and MySQL) Message Queuing (RabbitMQ, MSMQ, Rhino Queues) Cloud infrastructure: Amazon stack, Rightscale, AppHarbor Adept at Test / Behavior Driven Development

    $125.00 /hr
    0 hours
  6. Lucas Neves Martins

    Lucas Neves Martins

    Senior Software Architect & Engineer

    Brazil - Last active: 09/19/2014

    I've been coding for fun and profit for about 8 years now, loving to learn new things and innovative ways of doing old boring stuff have helped me reach my status quo and I believe it will always help me change it. Through these years on the run, I've mastered Software Architecture, Software Engineering and Product Management.

    $90.00 /hr
    0 hours
  7. Gustavo Wolfmann

    Gustavo Wolfmann

    Software developer, parallel programming specialist

    Argentina - Last active: 12/31/2014 - Tests: 3

    Senior in design and developing of software. Skills: *Parallel programmer: 8 years in parallel programming research and programming. Expertise in OpenMP, MPI and CUDA. Phd candidate on optimizing parallel software. *Master in Software Engineering. Object oriented programming and design. Functional programming and relational DB based systems. *Senior programmer in smalltalk, perl, c/c++, fortran, haskell. Same expertise in java, python, pascal. *More than 20 years developing and teaching programming.

    $50.00 /hr
    0 hours
  8. Mark H.

    Mark H.

    Expert Developer specialising in iOS

    United Kingdom - Last active: 12/02/2014 - Tests: 1

    With over 25 years of experience in object oriented software design & development across a broad range of domains I have an enviable breadth and depth of skills which I’m always happy to share with the right teams. My current focus is mobile platforms and with 17 years of Objective-C experience behind me, iOS is a particular strong point; in part because it is derived from NeXTStep which I developed for long before iOS became popular. Core Data is a particular strong point and one area I see a huge amount of confusion surrounding - often resulting in bad design, poor performance and difficult to track crashes. Android is of course the other big mobile platform and with a strong history of Java based projects behind me, there is nothing to trouble me in this arena either. I’ve recently ported one of my AppStore iOS projects (“Yes Coach!”) to Android primarily because Clients do of course like to see concrete evidence of advertised skills and the App Store / Play Store both provide a great “shop front” for this. iOS is undoubtedly my primary platform but many of the underlying design paradigms, UI guidelines and general philosophy are the same of course and Android (and the associated tools) have improved so much in recent times that I find myself increasingly drawn to Android in equal measure. The beauty is that for a typical RESTful services based mobile app there is a great deal of commonality between the platforms and good design and planning can mean efficient cross platform development is an attainable goal without resorting to sub optimal cross platform solutions like Titanium for example (of which I have some experience too). Specific skills like “Java” are usually the headlines on job specifications but personally I think the most important skill is understanding the fundamentals of design and the software lifecycle. Too often I’ve seen hugely talented (and not so talented!) teams diving deep into the details of an implementation before they’ve properly addressed the requirements (implicit and explicit), the design, the testing, the tools and processes and the overall lifecycle of projects. Time spent establishing these up front is an investment that almost always pays back handsomely over the lifetime of a product / project and can reduce costs significantly. I was hugely impressed once when a Google head-hunter called me and his primary interest was in recruiting me not for any specific skill but for my general problem solving abilities coupled with my broad experience of “software” and the related eco-systems. It's a great philosophy and I concur. Anyone can say all of this of course so it is worth establishing my credentials. In the past I have held permanent roles with Microsoft Research (Search Engines, Machine Learning, Xbox Games), BT Research (Intelligent Networks) and Baxter Healthcare (Pharmaceutical). As a freelancer I have worked for many clients including GlaxoSmithKline, Microsoft and numerous "digital media agencies". I could go on, but there’s only so much you can read - so get in touch if you’ve got projects you think I can help with. I’m very flexible with respect to work with the single exception that I’m not prepared to spend my time commuting. Remote working is successful, efficient and rewarding when done correctly with the appropriate attitude, tools and mutual trust and I’m more than happy to discuss the benefits if you have concerns. Lastly, don't be put off by the headline rate, get in touch if you're interested - I'm always happy to negotiate for the right project. Thanks for taking the time to read this summary.

    $45.00 /hr
    0 hours
  9. Anton S.

    Anton S.

    R&D Software Consultant & Engineer

    Ukraine - Last active: 05/20/2014 - Tests: 1

    So, you have a problem, which you believe should be solved with some software system. If you DO HAVE a solution to your problem (or at least an understanding) and need an implementer – most likely, I am not the one you need (though there is always some place for exceptions!) But if (check one or more): 1. You DON’T HAVE even an idea what to do with your problem 2. Your problem requires a COMPLEX approach 3. Your problem has TOO MANY points of solving at once. then I am the right person to ask for help! Because that is what I am seeking here: problems that need unique approach. I am seeking people who need a uniquely complex service: some blend of consulting, analytics, planning, research, solution design, coordination, development, and support. Well, this is not a marketing trick! I really can deliver this kind of service. For many years, from my early days at the university I’ve been carefully collecting knowledge, building a holistic vision of the industry. I’ve been developing universal skills and training my mind. And then I empowered all that with a diverse experience! I have also built a really great network of professional connections. So I can always find a great implementer for your solution (in case I cannot implement something myself). And I can always assure the best imaginable control over that implementation! Curious analytical mindset and moderate perfectionism are the core of my approach to problem solving. My background in general: I am a Ukrainian computer science and information technology professional with over 6 years of intensive commercial and academic experience. My primary expertise covers enterprise software platforms and software engineering. My research interests cover component-based software engineering, information retrieval, and multi-agent systems. I am accustomed well to working both in large distributed organizations within multicultural environments and small autonomous teams. For several years I am successfully combining engineering, communicative, research, and teaching activities. Broad experience gained during these years enables me for both general IT advisory as well as ad-hoc R&D challenges. All my experience was tightly accompanied by intensive communications with partners and customers all over the world, including Fortune 500 enterprises. I have been dealing with problems at industry giants, supporting high-load business environments.

    $44.44 /hr
    0 hours
  10. Jure Žvikart

    Jure Žvikart

    IT Solution Architect, Consultant and Optimizer

    Slovenia - Last active: 04/14/2014

    I have over 30 years of expertise ranging from software development, solution design and architecture in several different languages and platforms. I can guide you through some of the most important and critical technological decisions to make sure your project will meet your expectations. It's all about intrinsic quality, and it is my passion to design systems that have a simple, powerful, robust and scalable core. No matter if you are working on a new or existing project, I can help you define a bigger picture, translate requirements into plans, explain them to stakeholders, choose the right tools and technologies, design APIs, models and frameworks and guide development teams to implement them.

    $44.44 /hr
    0 hours