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Perl is a family of powerful dynamic programming languages (Perl 5 and Perl 6) that are ideal for text processing, web data extraction, graphics programming and more. On Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace, you will find Perl freelancers who can integrate social media messages with MySQL databases; create custom contact, registration or file upload forms; retrieve HTML pages; write social network profile scraping scripts; or create custom email marketing software (e.g. phone/email appending).

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Last updated: October 1, 2015
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Alexander U.

Alexander U.

Web Developer PHP/MySQL/Ruby on Rails Programmer

Russia - Tests: 11 - Portfolio: 14

PHP/MySQL/Ruby on Rails Web Developer/MS Windows Software Programmer.OBJECTIVE:A challenging position in web software design and development where 12 years programming experience. Of particular note as you consider my placement is the fact that I am very well rounded in several areas required for a complete web development. As I am the person responsible for handling all projects involving the internet at my current position, I am required to understand what is needed to see a project all the way through. I have substantial experience in both standard web design and HTML/CSS coding, as well as PHP/Ruby and MySQL/NoSQL database design and normalization.I am familiar with designing and building e-commerce sites, content management systems, form's engines, statistic and other custom web driven applications.KEYWORDS :PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Joomla, Drupal, jQuery, Ruby on Rails,Laravel, YII, CodeIgniter, C/C++ ,VC++, VC#,MFC, JavaScript ,DHTML,CSS,CGI-BIN, Java , Perl ,Python, Apache, XML , XML-RPC, VBScript ,Adobe Flex, Smarty,

$8.89 /hr
1,658 hours

Plamen Ivanov

Plamen Ivanov

Front/Back end developer with experience in data scraping

Bulgaria - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 1

I am a Web developer that is comfortable with both front and back end work. I have big experience with PHP (codeIgniter), Javascript (Jquery, Bootstrap), CSS and HTML. I have some experience with java desktop applications development, but I prefer to focus on Web development for now. My daily job consists in writing Perl scripts and modules for process automation and data scraping, so I am open for those kinds of jobs as well.

$20.00 /hr
489 hours

Aleksey Zhbanov

Aleksey Zhbanov

System administrator, programmer

Russia - Tests: 4

I am a system administrator and programmer with about 20 years of experience. Have good skills both in Unix-like and Windows operating systems; DOS and OS/2 are well known to me, too. :) I worked with a quite large variety of servers and services: LAMP, database, mail, storage and backup servers, routers etc. As a programmer I have main experience in small projects written in VB/VBA, Perl, Gambas. My web programming skills are limited with CGI scripts.

$16.67 /hr
0 hours

Amarin Boonkirt

Amarin Boonkirt

Back-end developer have expert in algorithm and unix system.

Thailand - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 1

I have experience in Software Development around 9 years. I also have more experience in the following areas: cPanel System, cPanel Plugins Development, DirectAdmin Plugins Development, CentOS, Ubuntu, Server Script, Perl, PHP, Python, C, Web scraper, Understand Hardening System Other skill: Migrate data from system A to B. Fix issue for each code. Enhancement-Improvement to current program Custom server script for help server admin. Recovery hacked website and tune it for more secure ex: WordPress Research and Find Solution to Resolve Hard Trouble.

$10.00 /hr
0 hours

Rommel L.

Rommel L.

Software Engineer

Philippines - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 2

An experienced Software Engineer with over 8 years of solid experience in the I.T. industry and 9 years in the academe. Highly involved in research, planning, designing, development, testing and maintenance of web-based projects and secure network appliances. Have advance working skills in PHP, C, Perl, Unix/Linux Shell scripting, Visual Basic, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Web technologies and an in-depth knowledge in networking concepts, IPv6, DHCPv4/v6, DNS server administration, PF firewall and IP tables.

$14.00 /hr
0 hours

Harikrishnan B Kurup

Harikrishnan B Kurup

Technology Head at a start up


8+ years of extensive experience in IT industry across domains like IP cameras, CRM and storage & programming languages like C, C++, VB, VB .NET, PERL, PHP and frameworks like Joomla. I have experience in market research and analysis as well (with a Japanese semi-conductors client). I can provide end to end marketing solutions that may involve some or all of: - Market research and analysis (product/services) - Rival comparison - Market segmentation - Go to market strategy - Roadmap - Advertising (marketing names, slogans) I am also Technology Head at a startup that is into web and mobile apps. Should you have projects that need longer span, you may get in touch with me to execute it through my startup. Linked in (find my credibility here, see recommendations):

$35.56 /hr
0 hours

Judd D.

Judd D.

Full Stack Dev

United States - Tests: 5

Accomplished at writing efficient Perl code to do pretty much whatever needs done. It can be as unreadable and compressed or commented and sustainable as you want/need, just let me know if it's one off or an ongoing, I have other skills that are under my Perl ones, SQL, Java, JavaScript are the ones I consider sell able right now, I can handle C and C# as well as web development but would only take money to test those languages right now. I worked for a very large software company in Redmond for many years in both of their largest divisions creating, managing and maintaining the infrastructure the development orgs use to build the software and the test org use to make sure it (mostly;)) works. I've been involved in numerous ship cycle for extremely large software projects and can work under pressure and timeline producing bug free code.

$44.44 /hr
0 hours