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Post your Perl development project and hire expert Perl developers to help you with a variety of Perl-related projects, including installing Perl 5 ActiveState (Active Perl) for Windows, Unix or Mac; recommending the best Perl IDE and Compiler for you; and managing your Perl scripting, GUI development, CGI script conversion, or CSV, XLS and XML parsing project. These professionals can convert Perl applications to PHP or Python, migrate your Perl website to WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, and integrate Perl scripts with your current web CMS.

Perl is a family of powerful dynamic programming languages (Perl 5 and Perl 6) that are ideal for text processing, web data extraction, graphics programming and more. On Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace, you will find Perl freelancers who can integrate social media messages with MySQL databases; create custom contact, registration or file upload forms; retrieve HTML pages; write social network profile scraping scripts; or create custom email marketing software (e.g. phone/email appending).

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Last updated: October 1, 2015
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Janar Senthur

Janar Senthur Agency Contractor

End to end software solutions and services.

United States - Portfolio: 26

Since its founding in Nevada in 2012, Elevation Direct firmly established as a leading specialist in providing a high quality software applications. With the market showing rapid growth in both size and diversity, Elevation Direct continue to consolidate its position with products that integrate excellence in technology with new, cutting-edge software applications. Such integration inevitably transcends the traditional boundaries of development, design and production, and is taking Elevation Direct forward into exciting and challenging new areas of business. Supported by a talented pool of experienced software engineers from the top notch Technical and Research Institutes in the country, Elevation Direct quality is increasingly recognized for offering the best available combinations of performance, reliability, comfort and service.

Associated with: Elevation Direct

$22.00 /hr
0 hours

Doug Paull

Doug Paull

Senior Software Developer

United States

Highly creative, analytical, and resourceful Senior Software Developer with extensive experience developing Web Content Management solutions and Image/Workflow solutions. Strong communicator with solid logic skills and troubleshooting abilities. Works well with end users to determine their needs and deliver systems that help them work more efficiently and effectively. Self-motivator who can work independently with little instruction or as part of a team. Currently working on independent Android app development projects.

$44.44 /hr
0 hours

Abhinav Bipnesh

Abhinav Bipnesh

System Programmer with C/C++ Linux

India - Tests: 2

A competent professional with more than 9 years of experience in Software Design, Development and maintenance. Small learning curve for product knowledge and application development. Strong experience in Telecom domain with hand on experience in Messaging Product. Good hands on over Analysis, Design, Development, Testing & Implementation of various protocols like SMTP, IMAP, POP, SIP. Technical expertise with thorough understanding of programming in C, C++,Solaris, Linux and core Java Hands on experience over manual and automated Testing Comfortable with Object Oriented Analysis and Design techniques Experience in building team from scratch within project. Experience in Project Monitoring, Coordination and Quality Assurance Experience in build and release management. Effective Client Communication Skill Exceptional analytical skill in root cause analysis. Team player with strong leadership, analytical, logical and relationship management skills Programming Languages : C, C++, Core Java, Perl, Shell Scripting, PL/SQL. Network/Telecom : SNMP, TCP/IP, Network Programming. Operating Systems : Dos, Windows, UNIX, Solaris, Linux Database : MS Access, Oracle 7, SQL Server Tools : Dbx, GDB, MDB, Perforce, Rational Purify, Valgrind,

$10.00 /hr
0 hours

Andres M.

Andres M.

I'm a software developer with experience in many programming languages

Chile - Tests: 1

I'm a software developer looking for new challenges. I am an excellent learner, a skill that I have proven both during my education and during my professional career. I have experience creating custom software, applications and web sites using the following programming languages: Java, C, perl, Matlab, scheme, PHP, Unix shell and Ruby. I usually can learn new programming languages really quickly. I also have experience with machine learning algorithms, including: SOM maps, Support Vector Machine, neural networks, image analysis, statistic and probability, genetic algorithms, clustering and dimensionality reduction. I've familiarized myself with with related technologies like: VMWare ESXi, Red Rat Linux, SQL, Apache Tomcat, Apache httpd, Cassandra, git and Maven. I am very committed and responsible, and will deliver in time a software that is both robust and efficient.

$20.00 /hr
0 hours

Saurabh Goyal

Saurabh Goyal

Devops Engineer

India - Portfolio: 2

* I am part of Devops team which is maintaining the Server/Architecture of the application and maintaining releases. * We are regulating build/release and configuration management for various client. * I have created many shell scripts and modified them. * I am working on cloud platform and with chef and ruby programming through which we are regulating the tools on different environments. * Installation & Configuration of Rational tools, Apache server, Proxy Servers, Sonar & Jenkins * Worked on Maven, Ant Scripts * Worked on Build & deploy issues

$20.00 /hr
0 hours

Nguyen Tran Nhan

Nguyen Tran Nhan Agency Contractor

senior developer c/c++, android embeded, linux kernel.

Vietnam - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 1

With more than 5 years working experience in Software Development and most of the time working with C,C++ technologies, I have gained a certain professionalism level as a Senior C,C++ Developer: • Intensive programming experience using STL: container, algorithm, iterator, smartpointer. BOOST: regex, filesystem, boost::bind, boost::datetime, QT, GTK, … • Strong skill set and experience using open sources frameworks: STLport, Xerces, Santuario, CryptoPP, Xalan, CURL, Pjsip, OpenMGCP, Quagga, OPENSNMP, • Good skills and experience in protocol and reading RFC like, SIP, MGCP, RTP, RTCP, XMPP, SNMP, … • Good skills and experience in programming with posix, multithreading, mutex, condition variable, thread barrier, … • Good skills with programming in linux kernel. Development linux module, netfilter, … • Good skills and experience in system analysis, system designing and performance tuning • Strong skill set and experience using development tools: VIM, ctags, cscope, VISUAL STUDIO, Eclipse, Makefile • Strong skill in VOIP, SIP, XMPP, MGCP, jabberd2, MEGACO, • Good experience with native SDK Blackberry, Native SDK Android. • Good experience in working and managing application and web servers: Apache, Tomcat. Experience in developing Apache module. • Good experience in working with databases: Oracle, MS SQL, My SQL, SQLITE

Associated with: nccsoft

$16.67 /hr
574 hours