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  1. Flynn Meaney

    Flynn Meaney

    Published author seeks writing, editing, and translation jobs

    United States - Last active: 6 days ago - Tests: 2

    Hello! I'm an author who has had two young adult novels published with Little, Brown and Company and translated into five languages for worldwide distribution. I have an MFA in Creative Writing from Hunter College. I have also published poems, short stories, novellas, and online news articles. I have professional experience proofreading and editing. I also speak French. Although I am not a native speaker, I would be open to basic translation projects. Please get in touch to learn more!

    $40.00 /hr
    0 hours
  2. Tiffany A.

    Tiffany A.


    United States - Last active: 26 days ago - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 3

    I have several poems published by different publishing agencies and I've interned at a newsletter company that I had to write short articles about businesses. I've taken over eleven English courses; creative writing, poetry, and even folklore to expand my knowledge and creativity. I'm looking to increase my ability of my love for writing by bringing it to you. I'm very honest and reliable and will not disappoint. :)

    $11.11 /hr
    0 hours
  3. Daniel Sheils

    Daniel Sheils

    Music Producer, Mix Engineer, Creative Writer, Sound Designer

    United States - Last active: 5 days ago - Tests: 2

    I originally studied recording arts at Full Sail (Orlando, FL) from '06-'08. Now I do this for a living, producing/engineering not only locally, but also for national & international clientele. This is what I do all day, every day. International EDM icon Henry Smola wrote this testimonial in 2013: "With the release of my debut solo EP "The Bleeding Edge" on the horizon, it’s important for me to take the time to give credit where credit is due. And I don’t think anyone is more deserving of it than Dan Sheils. You might know him as Danny Saturn from our collaborative work as Soon Might Be Too Late. You might have heard him and the incomparably talented Liz Anaya working side-by-side as Sidestep Complex (do yourself a favor and listen to both of their albums; brilliant, brilliant stuff). Or with Alex Miller as Disco Nebula. Or with Kyle Young as Soggy Rotten (formerly Shades of Grey). Do you see where I’m going with this? The man is a machine. If there WAS an off switch on him, it was broken a long, long time ago. He literally can’t be stopped. Our paths crossed back in 2005 through a mutual friend and that’s when Soon Might Be Too Late was born. Over the past seven years, we’ve put out seven incredible records, totaling 70+ tracks (with even more that’s unreleased or in-the-works). Our personalities and the way that we approach music click perfectly and when an idea that one of us has is brought to the table, the other is almost always down for it. I come from an instrumental background. I started playing piano around the age of nine and I taught myself guitar at 12. Bass was a natural off-shoot of guitar and I dabble with drums (my brother, Chuck, is the drummer of the family; an absolute demon behind a kit). I started singing around the time I picked up guitar because that’s when I started showing an interest in songwriting. But when Dan & I started working together, he showed me a side of writing I’d never, ever attempted before: production. Before the Summer of 2005, I couldn’t tell you where to start or where to begin with production. I knew nothing about the software, how it worked, or anything. The thing that I think was in my favor, however, was that I had come from a very strong musical background with a lot of theory involved, as well as a strong background in computers. The combination of those two elements, I think, made learning my way around the software easier than it would have been otherwise. So I start fumbling my way through this program and trying to get what I heard in my head out of my brain and into the computer. I still have the original files that I started out with and, as you can only imagine, they’re laughably bad. But you have to start somewhere. You gotta crawl before you can stand, stand before you walk, and walk before you run. Well, Dan was the one who got me to stand, to walk, and to run. That’s really an understatement though. Dan got me to run marathons. Everything I know about production I learned from him. From the very basic fundamentals to the most advanced techniques I’ve been experimenting with. Every song and beat I’ve done is a direct testament to his tutelage of me. This EP (and everything else, for that matter) would never have been possible without him. When he offered to mix and master "The Bleeding Edge" for me, my gratitude was infinite. Like I’ve said before, he’s a machine. There’s nothing the guy can’t do. He’s the all-in-one: writer, producer, lyricist, rapper, engineer, etc. Name anybody in the equation from start to finish of making a song and he can fill that role perfectly. As good as I felt the record sounded before I gave my tracks to him to work on, when I heard what he did to them, it was a night and day difference. His ear for music is a gift. I was blown away. Seven+ years of working with him and he still continues to impress me. Constantly. I remember jamming out to the songs as I was making them but that was nothing compared to how hard I was rocking out to them after I heard his handywork on them. He’s got a lot on his plate, between solo work and side projects, but he’s always ready to take on more and work with new people. He’s all about it. I do what I can to spread the word and get his name out there because he deserves it and more people need to know it. If you’re an artist or a band or a producer or whatever, it honestly doesn’t matter, if you need ANYTHING at all with your music, this is the guy you need to talk to. And I promise you that no matter what you ask him to do for you, it’s gonna come out about 1000 times better than you thought it was going to after he gets his hands on it. So when my record comes out and you’re listening to it, are you listening to an Astroboy record? Yeah, absolutely. But would that record ever existed or sounded the way it does without Dan Sheils? Absolutely not." ---Henry Smola For his more recent testimonial, check out: http://henrysmola.tumblr.com/post/112068172630/mr-saturns-opus

    $30.00 /hr
    2 hours
  4. Nathaniel Oliver

    Nathaniel Oliver

    Freelance writer/editor, MA English

    United States - Last active: 6 days ago - Tests: 2

    Writing is a craft, and it is one that I have been practicing all my life. When most kids were learning how to walk, I was learning how to read; even then, I knew that books would carry me farther than my legs ever could. Eventually, I would go on to win numerous awards and scholarships for academic writing and poetry while pursuing my undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, culminating with the drafting of my first novel, written as a graduate thesis in Creative Writing. I enjoy working with new clients, but what I enjoy even more is continuing my working relationship with returning clients, who know that they can call on me without hesitation if they need good work done quickly. No matter what the needs of my clients, I find that one thing is always true: There's an ocean of white noise out there, and you don't want your message to get lost in it. Every client is a snowflake, and my job is to ensure that you don't melt into the background.

    $38.00 /hr
    3 hours
  5. Tracy Campbell

    Tracy Campbell

    Professional Tattoo Artist, Freelance Writer/Art

    United States - Last active: 1 month ago - Tests: 2

    Hi! I'm a professional tattoo artist based in Denver, Colorado that also loves to do freelance writing, graphic design, and illustration. I've been a tattoo artist for over four years, and I'm also currently pursuing an associate's degree in graphic design. And I just happen to be pretty good with the whole English language thing. =D I came here to put my other hobbies to use and perhaps create some business with them along the way! My website is www.wix.com/atomikcupcake/Tattoos

    $11.00 /hr
    4 hours
  6. Liubov Kuznetsova

    Liubov Kuznetsova Agency Contractor

    Native Russian speaker, English - Russian translator, proofreader

    Russia - Last active: 5 days ago - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 10

    Thank you for visiting my profile! I'm a native Russian speaker, experienced English-Russian translator with Master's degree in Russian philology and additional qualification Interpreter/Translator in Business Communications. My area of expertise is business, marketing, advertising, e-commerce, finance and investments, etc. My qualification in Russian philology allows me to work as a proofreader of Russian texts as well. You can use my service in: - translation (English-Russian and vice versa) in financial, marketing, historical, advertising topics as well as in tourism and general medicine. Also I have great experience in translating websites, games and apps. - proofreading (I have strong literacy skills), - writing and translating poetry. I am reliable, intelligent, professional, detail-oriented and undoubtedly will deliver the work on time. Though I have several ongoing projects, they are kind of on-demand jobs, and I'm always open to new job offers.

    Associated with: Intelligent Service Studio, Russian to English (E - R) translators

    $16.67 /hr
    118 hours
  7. Lisa Pannaparayil

    Lisa Pannaparayil

    Article/Poetry/Creative Writer

    United States - Last active: 10/07/2014 - Tests: 8

    Lisa has been writing poetry since she was a child. She has been trying to expand her writings through blogging and article writing. She blogs and writes articles on Bubblews.com. On Weebly.com and Wordpress.com, Lisa has done some blogging here and there on those two websites. She has a way of expressing herself through poetic writing that people can relate to. You can feel the emotions in her writing. In trying to expand on her writing, she has been currently blogging on Bubblews and writing articles reviewing products from brands like Olay and Simple. She used to work on Odesk for a couple months until she had a part time while being a full time student. One of the jobs she did was writing messages for birthday cards. It helped her broaden her writing and use her imagination. Recently, she has started drawing a little. Although drawing is not her strongest, she loves it because it keeps her creative juice flowing and leaves a smile on her face. Websites containing some of Lisa's writings (listed from current to past sites): http://www.bubblews.com/account/81030-saudadeheart http://tb4ms.weebly.com/ http://lmtpblog.wordpress.com/ http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/506517/lisa_pannaparayil.html

    $10.00 /hr
    28 hours
  8. Charlotte H.

    Charlotte H.

    Professional Story-Writer, Journalist, Researcher and Editor

    United Kingdom - Last active: 10/12/2014 - Tests: 7

    If you are looking for a passionate perfectionist, come to me with your writing needs. My writing skills and talents are varied and include academic, proofreading, instructional, creative, non-fiction, dramatic, comedic, and review writing. I have some experience with blog writing - for example: http://adventuresofdaveandchar.blogspot.com.es/2012_01_01_archive.html At school I graduated with the highest grade for English literature in my year. I also achieved a 2:1 university degree from Leeds, and my qualification from Cambridge University to teach English as a foreign language shows my fluency in and passion for English. So if you need help with grammar and punctuation, a poem, script, review or simply a couple of lines - you can rely on me to follow what you want with impeccable flair.

    $44.44 /hr
    23 hours
  9. Gillian H.

    Gillian H.

    Articles, Ebooks, Content, Creative, Tech Writing.

    United Kingdom - Last active: 08/07/2013 - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 31

    To be honest I love to write and to be creative too, its in my blood and my nature and I am flexible and adaptable too. I am an abstract painter, drawer and photographer. Moreover, I have a lot of recent experience of content writing, article and creative writing, copy writing, press releases, essay and research and re-writing. I can write on a wide range of topics and niches. I am familiar with SEO and sales copy writing. I have recent experience of writing and rewriting eBooks. IMy background is health, research, mental health, complimentary health, social care and special needs, English teaching and child care.

    $13.33 /hr
    86 hours
  10. Cindi J.

    Cindi J.

    Freelance Writer

    United States - Last active: 2 months ago - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 5

    Let me complete your writing and research tasks! I am a research guru who digs until I find what I need. My writing experience ranges from academic to human interest stories and everything in between! I am a contributing writer with Women's Edition magazine in addition to being a small business owner. I have contributed blogs for Pets in Omaha and for a local realtor, in addition to creating newsletters for both private and public entities. Recent experience includes functioning as the assistant editor while writing and contributing to N2Publishing in Omaha, Nebraska. I also contract through oDesk and The Write Stuff. I have my MSW and two decades of professional experience in the social work field. I have a long history of contributing to agency newsletters and creating trainings for co-workers and community members. I am comfortable with Facebook and Twitter and am not afraid of new technology!

    $27.78 /hr
    19 hours