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Python is a dynamic general-purpose, object-oriented programming language designed for code readability and used for web applications (e.g. Google, Yahoo and YouTube). On Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace, companies hire Python programmers to successfully complete jobs including loading datasets, creating widgets, and performing data transformations.

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Last updated: June 1, 2015
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  1. Kevin B.

    Kevin B.

    Network Engineer/Software Developer

    United States - Last active: 03/27/2014 - Tests: 3

    Hello, I am a professional software developer/network engineer working out of the Washington, D.C. area. I am experienced in several programming languages and frameworks, including C, C++, Java, Javascript, jQuery, Backbone.js, HTML5, CSS, Python, Perl, and others. I am also extremely proficient in network and system administration. I have installed, configured, and verified DHCP, DNS, and RADIUS servers. I am CCNP certified and have experience administering a small LAN complete with Cisco routers, switches, ASAs, and a Unified Communications server. I possess the ability to approach a problem from a variety of viewpoints and I am an expert troubleshooter as a result. Above all else, I am here to develop a technical solution that will exceed the client's highest expectations.

    $27.78 /hr
    1 hours
  2. James Rogers

    James Rogers

    Data Entry, Transcription and Research Specialist

    United States - Last active: 04/02/2012 - Tests: 11 - Portfolio: 4

    I have more than 3 years experience with data entry, spreadsheet creation and management, and general transcription in a professional office setting. Many of the data projects I've worked on have been large scale and long term, typically involving tens of thousands of records. I am also a hobbyist programmer, and develop Windows and Xbox 360 games in my free time. My skillset includes: - Superb typing speed: 90 - 100 WPM with 99% accuracy - Excellent English grammar and spelling - Innate ability to teach self new skills swiftly - Fluent in several programming languages: C++, C#, HLSL, Python and Basic - Familiarity with all major operating systems: Windows, OS X, Linux, Unix, BSD - Intricate knowledge of computer hardware I aim to use my vast knowledge of various subjects, well honed ability to quickly locate any data or information of interest, inherent tech-savviness and talent for learning new skills on my own to provide the fastest data entry, processing, transcription and research services available.

    $4.44 /hr
    8 hours
  3. Dmitry Vasilyanov

    Dmitry Vasilyanov

    Software Engineer

    Russia - Last active: 07/29/2014 - Tests: 8

    I am a software engineer with experience in wide area of IT domains from low-level things like bare-metal and RTOS-based firmware programming to higher-level things like database programming and web development. My experience includes (strongest skill at top, weakest at bottom): 1. Embedded systems: firmwares for devices based on various architectures: Intel (Atom), ARM (STM32) and PowerPC (PowerQUICC II). 2. System programming: device drivers for VxWorks and Linux, network programming (SNMP and HTTP servers), multithreading applications (VxWorks). 3. Web Development: front-ends for embedded applications (JavaScript) and some standalone applications as well (Python for back-end and JavaScript for front-end). 4. Linux System Administration: dozens of Debian-based servers with various applications: from Rails-based web apps to heavy PostgreSQL and Oracle databases. 5. Desktop applications: C# applications for windows and C for linux. Database programming: PL/SQL for Oracle and PL/pgSQL for PostgreSQL 6. Android applications development My personal objective is to become a full-stack developer with strong programming skills and knowledge on all levels of the software architecture. I’d like to study new things and explore new areas and technologies. Although my personal objective is learning, I always keep in mind customer requirements and don’t sacrifice them in favor of the learning process; when there is a dirty job, I upstage my personality and just do it. My LinkedIn profile:

    $18.00 /hr
    8 hours
  4. Maksim Fomkin

    Maksim Fomkin

    Linux system administrator

    Russia - Last active: 02/28/2014 - Tests: 10 - Portfolio: 1

    I have extensive experience in Linux-based web hosting systems administration, having worked in the field for over 4 years. I possess strong working knowledge of nginx (for highload webservers and http-flood DDoS protection), apache, mysql, postgresql, proftpd, pureftpd, vsftpd, openvpn, icecast, nagios, cacti (with custom graphs creation), postfix, exim, svn, iptables and related server technologies. I've often been hired to write complex configuration and management scripts in both shell and Python for automation and fine tuning of server processes. I enjoy what I do and skillfully dedicate myself to the projects I undertake. My feedback and stellar client satisfaction record speak for themselves. I look forward to discussing your requirements and applying my skills towards fulfillment of your objectives.

    $22.22 /hr
    7 hours
  5. Marc Wienhold

    Marc Wienhold

    Web Development, Network Administration, Translation

    Germany - Last active: 3 months ago - Tests: 5

    Hello! I'm a web developer from Berlin, Germany working mostly on Python and PHP projects in the recent past. Especially, Drupal was one of the frameworks I was getting familiar with very much. Currently, I am working my way through the insides of Django and it's commonly related projects. Unfortunately, I'm not a quite good designer, but when you have a concrete idea what your project should look like, this may not be a problem at all. Cheers!

    $20.00 /hr
    4 hours
  6. Mikhail Krutov

    Mikhail Krutov

    Java/Android Engineer

    Czech Republic - Last active: 12/31/2014 - Tests: 5

    Hello and welcome. My name is Mikhail. I'm an Android/Java developer with 5+ years of experience of working in the field. Right now I'm studying Czech language in Charles University in Podebrady, Cz, and I'm willing to take part in your startup as a developer for my profile improvement. Thanks for your attention, Hope to see a word from you. Mike.

    $16.67 /hr
    1 hours
  7. Igor P.

    Igor P.

    Certified web developer (PHP/Wordpress/Joomla/Shopify/Android & SEO)

    Russia - Last active: 07/14/2014 - Tests: 10 - Portfolio: 6

    I'm a certified PHP developer with a over 9 years experience in web-development. These years I have developing, optimization, administration many websites using the many CMS and custom PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other technologies. I have experience in the following areas: - web programming (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, SQL, XML) - web technologies (Amazon, AJAX, many API's, Git, etc.) - CMS's (Joomla, WordPress, etc.) - OS's (Linux, Windows, etc.) - E-Commerce (Shopify, etc.) - SEO optimization - Android development - administration for sites - fix issues on sites - repairing sites after hacking, malware, viruses, etc. - integration with affiliate programs - integration with payment system (PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin and more) - testing - etc. I look for a challenge to work on any interesting and unusual projects. I love my job, this reason why I can guarantee a fast, high-quality, professional performance. I will be glad cooperate with you. I guarantee the quality of my work!

    $16.67 /hr
    6 hours
  8. Arielle Cruz

    Arielle Cruz

    Independent Multimedia Artist

    Philippines - Last active: 4 months ago - Tests: 13 - Portfolio: 17

    Since the mid-90's, I have immersed myself in the graphic arts, working with the traditional pen-and-paper and eventually moving on to computer-aided methods. Some time around 2002, I was introduced to web design and from there, I've started on the web development/programming path that I am following now. My work experience has taught me to give equal importance to aesthetic value and technical soundness. I can work with creative people who happen to lack the proficiency in coding HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript. I can also work with people who are proficient in PHP, Python, and other server-side technologies, but who might not have the aptitude in putting the visual elements of a project together. I am also an advocate of Free Open Source Software.

    $18.00 /hr
    6 hours
  9. Den Ivanov

    Den Ivanov

    IT Universal Linux Professional

    Russia - Last active: 12/31/2014 - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 5

    I am an open-minded, ready to learn and to make things person, always looking at alternative solutions that helps to create innovative, eco-friendly and people-ish things. And I believe that knowledge belongs to each of us and to all of us, to whole humanity! I have experience in working with opensource/linux solutions: distributions, databases, web servers, built-in solutions etc. Also I am working with Electric Cars, electronics and electrics. Let's move together to greater, greener and creative tomorrow! I've got most of my experience in: Linux, Bash, PHP, HTML(5)/CSS, Perl, Python, automation scripts (crawlers/scrapers/mirroring/downloading), writing applications, C/C++, video (desktop sessions) creating, editing, working with multimedia (audio, images, video). Also I am network security specialist and can help in a variety of situations such as lost passwords, lost access, etc. I can perform a forensics/security test of your web/application to ensure that it hasn't serious security issues. Lastly, I am working with automation and ARM electronics such as Arduino in case for different projects such as 3D printing. For all of this tasks I use free and opensource software. I have many solutions in different situations that can be used as a templates - that is why I am working fast and efficient. Please contact me if you need any further details or information.

    $60.00 /hr
    6 hours
  10. Joseph Dickens

    Joseph Dickens

    Web Developer / Technical Writer

    United States - Last active: 06/02/2013 - Tests: 4

    Hello all, I'm a versatile developer and writer with experience in web and database programming. I also have experience programming in HTML/CSS, PHP, Java, JavaScript including JQuery, Python, C++, Ruby, Ajax, and naturally SQL. My database experience consists of MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. I have previously built statistical analysis software to pull reports from database tables, and have worked with website development using Wordpress as well as coding entirely from scratch. My writing experience includes creating end-user manuals for database interfaces, online portals, and hardware documentation. I can handle both the technical and human sides of a project, giving me a great deal of flexibility. As a side note, I'm also fluent in Japanese.

    $26.67 /hr
    5 hours