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Ruby is an open-source dynamic and general-purpose programming language that is similar to languages like Perl, Lisp, Python and Smalltalk. On Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace, companies hire Ruby freelancers for various Ruby development projects, from web applications and threaded database servers to chart libraries, desktop GUI applications and image recognition engines.

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On average, 209 Ruby projects are completed every quarter on Upwork.


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Last updated: July 1, 2015
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  1. Sergey Moutsynov

    Skilled programmers - web, databases, applications

    Ukraine - Last active: 4 months ago - Portfolio: 10

    Having gained prolific knowledge and experience while working as a lead developer and head of the IT department at some of Ukraines top companies (Desktop Software Company, Trading House Gas of Ukraine, to name just some), I will be glad to render you the best quality services in such areas as web programming, website design, software applications and databases development.

    $22.00 /hr
    28 hours
  2. Eli Riekeberg

    Eli Riekeberg

    Virtual Assistant and Customer Service Manager

    United States - Last active: 1 month ago - Tests: 1

    I have worked in a variety of customer service roles for over 6 years in a number of diverse fields including healthcare, IT Technical support and educational settings. I like to stay flexible by constantly finding new ways to serve my clients better. I am just as comfortable assisting over the phone and over email as I am in person, and take pride in helping a customer resolve an issue. I have a scientific and technical background, so I would be an asset to any organization that prides itself on knowledgeable workers at every level.

    $20.00 /hr
    0 hours
  3. Eric Adem

    Eric Adem

    Software Developer

    United States - Last active: 3 days ago - Portfolio: 1

    I have been doing software development for over 25 years and during that time, I have worked on many projects in different industries for a wide range of clients. I have worked on computer games, business software, e-commerce, database apps, mobile phone apps, websites and more. I have built up a core list of clients who continually call me for repeat work. I feel that my greatest strength lies in the process of creating a software solution from start to finish. I enjoy being a part of the requirements analysis process, discussing needs with a client and determining how software technology can be suited to fit those needs. I also enjoy the technical design and implementation phases, seeing a project come together and delivering it to the client in milestones. I maintain clear communication throughout a project, making sure that I am on the same page with the client at all times. I am very honest about my skills and ability to complete a project. I'm not one of those cut-and-paste bidders who tries to bid on as many jobs as possible. I spend a great deal of time weeding through job listings to make sure I'm absolutely qualified for a job before I submit a bid on it. I don't want to waste my time or yours. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working with you. Please message me if you have any further questions.

    $80.00 /hr
    0 hours
  4. Jaycen Horton

    Jaycen Horton

    Lead Software Developer

    United States - Last active: 2 months ago - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 4

    With a strong personal background in computer sciences and technologies, I play an instrumental role in a number of organizations, institutions, corporations and companies in the fields of computational automation, software/web development, predictive and autonomous data mining, data processing, natural user interfacing, geographic information systems, systems analysis/engineering, product design/management and computer-human interaction. Additionally, I have been key in the creation, design and implementation of innovative technologies for decision-making environments, including remotely operated telepresence robots, large-scale touchscreens, high-capacity/performance storage pods, web frameworks, microprocessors and controllers, web-based autonomous smart technologies and more.

    $27.78 /hr
    4 hours
  5. Anton Batiaev

    Anton Batiaev

    Java & C++/Qt Developer

    Russia - Last active: 2 days ago - Tests: 14 - Portfolio: 3

    Since 2010 I'm a C++/Qt Developer and last 2 years Java Developer with experience of working on high-performance distributed cross-platform applications. I also worked with the embedded system based on ARM architecture. My last C++/Qt experience in the company of Atol, where we developing software for business automation. It's was an application type of "Middle Office" on C++ using the framework Qt, with MSSQL & Firebird db. On my current job in Haulmont company we create taxi automatisation app named Sherlock based on our Cuba Platform wich using following technologies: Spring, OpenJPA, Vaadin, jBPM, Lucene, Gradle, Postgres\MSSQL db, etc. I prefer server side development but have experience in client size too. My key skills: - Java SE/EE , Vaadin, Spring, JDBC, JSON-RPC, groovy scripts, REST api, Java clustering on tomcat, etc --- More information about me on my website:

    $24.00 /hr
    0 hours
  6. Harris Swindell

    Harris Swindell

    Web Developer

    United States - Last active: 1 day ago - Tests: 10

    I am currently focused on front end web development and design. My skill set in HTML/CSS and Javacript has allowed me to further my outreach to enterprise application programming in addition to the startups and freelance work I've come to love. Coupling these languages with design control has allowed me to bring web applications from a simple idea and bring them to life on the web. 15+ years worth of coding never has its dull moments and so I have had tens of thousands of hours of experience in server side programming and mobile application development as well.

    $8.89 /hr
    0 hours
  7. Dejan Zivanovic

    Dejan Zivanovic

    Senior QA Engineer

    Serbia - Last active: 1 day ago - Tests: 1

    Summary: -Senior test automation expert with significant experience in web and mobile testing. -14 years in IT Industry -Worked extensively on Android development and some Python/Django Web projects. -Strong combination of development and QA skills. -Experienced in leading distributed QA Team, up to 4 QA.Experience in client 2/3 Level support Systems: Windows 2000 2003 & 2008 Server, IIS7,Windows 8/8.1/7/Vista/XP, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, Linux (Ubuntu, Mint), Sales Force CRM Cloud platform, Microsoft Dynamic CRM , Amazon Cloud EC2 Skills: TSQL , ERP, Maintenance and integration, Business processes, System Administration, System process development, SharePoint administration, Sales Force administration, , System Integration, Adobe Light Room Other skills: English: Berlitz language level 5 | CEF Level B 1.1 Conversation language skills Digital photography Manual Testing Skills: - Acceptance Testing - Functional Testing - Smoke Test - Sanity Checks - Usability Testing - Regression Testing - Integration Testing - Exploratory Testing - Compatibility Testing - UAT - Alpha/Beta Testing Mobile Testing: - Android 4.+,5+ - iOS Automation Testing Skills: -Languages: Java, Python, Jython, Ruby, C#, .NET -Functional: Selenium, Cucumber,PhantomJS, WebDriver, RSPEC, Capybara, Sikuli -Mobile Automation: Robotium -Load Testing: jMeter, SoapUI -Security Testing: Fiddler proxy, Wireshark -Test Management Tools: JIRA , Assembla, Teambox, Trello -Development Tools: Eclipse, Android Studio, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, Aptana Testing Frameworks: -NUnit -JUnit Databases: -MS SQL Server 2005/2008 MCITP: Database Administrator -MySQL -Amazon SimpleDB Cloud: -Sales Force CRM Cloud platform -Microsoft Dynamic CRM IFD -Amazon Cloud EC2 Operating Systems: -Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 -Windows 98/2000/Xp/Vista/Win7/8/8.1 -Linux Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint Methodologies: -Waterfall -Scrum -Kanban Devices available for testing: -Intel i3, 3gb Windows 7 (32bit) - Browser IE ,Firefox Chrome -Intel i5, 8gb Windows 8 (64 bit) - Browser IE, Firefox Chrome -Intel i7, 16gb Windows 8.1 (64 bit) - Browser IE ,Firefox Chrome Mobile and Tablet: - Acer Aspire 10" Tablet - LG Nexus 4 Phone - Samsung Galaxy S3 mini Internet connection: - 40/2.5 Mbps

    $13.33 /hr
    0 hours
  8. Evgeniy Obraztsov

    Evgeniy Obraztsov

    Experienced Web Developer, Web Application Developer

    Ukraine - Last active: 3 days ago - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 2

    Web Development, Web Application Development. Love Ruby on Rails, WordPress, client-side JavaScript. In order for your business to succeed, your online needs need to be developed properly. I have over 5 years of web development experience to make sure your site has the best chance to succeed online. And it will be responsive. Whether you have 10 products or 100,000, I can help you with a complete solution. Whether you have a single short-term task or complex project, I can accomplish it successfully. Whether you want to create your site from scratch or renew your current site, I will be happy to work with you. Custom Web Development - custom web development and programming services based on the latest technologies and industry trends. Web Application Development - web application development services for complex business logics dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. Content Management System (CMS) - full range of CMS services that can enable you manage your content and business data in an organized manner.

    $15.00 /hr
    0 hours
  9. Gustavo Henrique Mascarenhas Machado

    Gustavo Henrique Mascarenhas Machado

    Software Engineer

    Brazil - Last active: 3 days ago - Tests: 12

    I'm a Software Engineer with 6 years of experience. I'm focused on building scalable and efficient web applications and on maintaining and modernizing legacy systems (specially in PHP). My website: My experience: - 6 years of PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript experience - 3 years of Ruby and Ruby on Rails experience - 5 years of MySQL experience - 3 years of PostgreSQL experience - 4 years of Linux experience (including server management) - Knowledge in E-commerce Systems, Payment Gateways, Python, C++, Haskell, bash, Interaction Design, Usability and Statistics - Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences and soon to be Bachelor of Computer Information Systems - Practical software experience on the fields of online payments, e-commerce, civil construction, ERPs and agricultural commodities trading

    $30.00 /hr
    0 hours