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Ruby is an open-source dynamic and general-purpose programming language that is similar to languages like Perl, Lisp, Python and Smalltalk. On Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace, companies hire Ruby freelancers for various Ruby development projects, from web applications and threaded database servers to chart libraries, desktop GUI applications and image recognition engines.

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Last updated: August 1, 2015
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  1. Aleksey Cibulnikov

    Aleksey Cibulnikov Agency Contractor

    Ruby on Rails / Javascript / PHP Developer

    Russia - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 3

    Hello. My name is Aleksey and I'm excellent web developer. For last 5 years I develope different web applications, using wide range of frameworks and languages. I have big experience of design patterns usage and solid object oriented programming knowledge. My main skills are: ✓ Ruby and Ruby on Rails ✓ Javascript & Coffescript (Client MVC frameworks) ✓ PHP / Zend / Lavarel / Phalcon ✓ HTML4 / HTML5 / CSS / SASS / HAML / LESS ✓ PostgreSQL / MySQL / MongoDB / CouchDB If you need a good and high quality web application, I am glad to help you. Best regards, Aleksey.

    Associated with: on5LAB

    $30.00 /hr
    3,622 hours
  2. Amir B.

    Amir B. Agency Contractor

    Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML developer

    Russia - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 4

    Hello! I'm a professional web and mobile developer. I have more than 5 years of the experience. I program on the next languages: Ruby, JavaScript and etc. My main skills are: ✓ Ruby / Rails 3.x / Rails 4.x ✓ Javascript & Coffescript (Node.JS / Client MVC frameworks) ✓ PHP / Zend / Codeigniter / Kohana / Yii ✓ HTML / DHTML / HTML5 / CSS / HAML / Less / Compass ✓ MySQL / PostgreSQL / nosql ✓ AWS Services (EC2, S3, SQS, etc..) / Heroku / VPS servers ✓ NGINX / Apache ✓ Full Text Engines: Solr / Sphinx / Elastic Search ( Kibana ) If you need a good and high quality web application, I will be glad to help you.

    Associated with: on5LAB

    $25.00 /hr
    673 hours
  3. Dipen B.

    Dipen B. Agency Contractor

    Highly Experienced Ruby on Rails Developer

    India - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 15

    I have only one goal when writing a code for software: Create quality application which satisfy software owner and users. I have more than 8+ years of experience in developing enterprise-level web applications in the medical, e-commerce, CMS, real estate and auction spaces. I have created 20 small applications for clients and well as for my personal use using Ruby on Rails. I have also worked on upgrading Rails 2 version web applications to Rails 3.x version I have developed 9 web applications using Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.x. With this application I have also used Javascript and Ajax. While developing web application I also follow TDD, BDD, and Agile. With these methods, I have provided high quality web applications to client before deadline. I also have expertise on managing various servers and deploying rails application on the servers. I have started working as Ruby on Rails developer and also had worked in teams from India, USA, Philippines, Serbia, Canada, UK and Ukraine working together and lead them as well. Technologies, I've worked with: Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, HAML, CSS, Compass, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongDB, Redis, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Javascript, jQuery, Google map API, Twitter API, Capistrano, Cruisecontrol.rb, Rspec, Cucumber, Rcov, Shoulds, Selenium, Linux, Mac OSx, Git, SVN, XML, RMagic, Sphinx, Omniaut/Devise/AuthLogic/restful-authentication, Httparty, Nokogiri and much more…

    Groups: Engine Yard Ruby on Rails Professionals Network

    Associated with: Grey Void

    $45.00 /hr
    120 hours
  4. Rehan J.

    Rehan J.

    Experienced Web Developer (Ruby on Rails/SaaS)

    United Kingdom - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 11

    My website is available at for some idea of what I do in my spare time, programming-wise. As a child I aspired to be an inventor. Lego blocks, circuits, anything I could get my hands on, I'd experiment with and learn what I could do with it. I dreamed of a day when I would be able to build a robot myself. Programming was been the first practical realisation of that aspiration, as it allowed innovation and creation, the ability to dream or envision a website or application and turn it into reality. With the right set of tools, an idea can be brought to life. As a result of what some might call 'obsessive traits' my knowledge is quite diverse and in many cases the interests merge. My own deeper studying of psychology aids in eCommerce development and design by understanding the need, where possible, for empirical testing, along with being able to apply standard human behaviour (i.e less clicks to purchase leading to a greater chance of buying). It has also lead me to understand my own blind-spots and where to compensate for them in programming. An example of this would be the confirmation bias experiment where participants were asked to identify the next number in a sequence and work out the rule. The sequence they were given was 2, 4, 6. Most correctly guessed the next number would be 8, but incorrectly guessed that the rule was "adding 2 to each new number", when in fact it was simply "any set of ascending numbers". The failure to test alternative hypotheses was confirmed in other similar experiments, and there are practical applications of this in unit testing. A simple example being testing the cases that should work, and not testing cases that shouldn't, something far too common. In development, this has resulted in me specialising in a few key areas (specifically Rails and Ruby) while also understanding the full stack from servers down to interpreter internals. I'm able to write code in most major languages, but to truly know a language requires learning the idioms, experiences with common issues and bottlenecks, and knowing the best practices.

    $42.22 /hr
    371 hours
  5. Hasan I.

    Hasan I.

    Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer

    Indonesia - Tests: 12 - Portfolio: 4

    Almost the last 5 years, I have developed a wide range of websites using Ruby on Rails including sites for startup companies and small businesses. I am very good with both front-end and back-end, deliver clean, efficient, and maintainable codes in a timely manner, good in team or alone. Seeking opportunities to build websites from the ground up for you or your business. Skills: - Ruby on Rails 2.x, 3.x, and 4.x - PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB - TDD, BDD, RSpec, FactoryGirl, Capybara, Cucumber, Selenium - Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation - Regular Expressions - JavaScript, jQuery, CoffeeScript, AJAX, Zepto, AngularJS, Handlebars.js, Underscore.js - HTML5, Slim, Haml - CSS3, SASS, SCSS, Less - Web crawler, data scraping - Web socket - Heroku - Amazon S3 - Redis, Resque - Git, Subversion - Linux server management via SSH - PHP - Adobe PhotoShop

    $30.00 /hr
    438 hours
  6. Robert Barisic

    Robert Barisic

    Junior Ruby on Rails Front End Developer

    Germany - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 1

    My name is Robert Barisic. I'm a Serbian living in Germany since my childhood. I speak English and German fluently and have a good understanding of Slavian Languages. I have more than 8 years experience with Adobe Photoshop, I have primarily worked on Interface Designs, but also on Covers for CD's, DVD's, etc. My various Multimedia Skills (Video Editing, Flash Animations, 3D) are on a good level and I have a broad understanding of all things technical and am currently catching up my baccalaureate in informatics. I'm working as a Ruby on Rails Software Developer ( Frontend & Backend ) since August 2014.

    $25.00 /hr
    0 hours
  7. Kaushik K.

    Kaushik K. Agency Contractor

    Senior Ruby on Rails & Symfony1.0-2.0 Developer

    India - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 3

    I love to work with ruby & Symfony1.0-2.0. Interested in working new technologies like Server Side javascript (NodeJS), Redis (key value hash store). As a manager i help you to materialize your Ruby on Rails/Symfony idea into reality, with great communications and leaderships skills, i'm capable to lead some RoR/Symfony developers, so in the end you no need to micro-manage them all, i will do that for you As a senior Ruby on Rails developer, i help you to create awesome web application using cutting-edge technologies like Ruby on Rails 3, Symfony1.0-2.0, Ajax (protototype, scriptaculous, jQuery), CouchDB - Lucene, TDD using unit test, BDD using rspec and cucumber, mongodb using mongoid, Redis, RMagick, REST, sphinx, Active Merchant, haml, google4r-checkout, complex web service integration through XML or JSON (Quickbooks, UPS, Fedex, Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp)

    Associated with: WebPlanex Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

    $22.00 /hr
    443 hours
  8. Darek M.

    Darek M. Agency Contractor

    Ruby on Rails Senior Developer (6+ years)

    Poland - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 3

    Over the last 6 years, I have developed a wide range of websites using HMTL, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and MySQL including sites for startup companies, small businesses and corporations. My core competency lies in complete end-end management of a new web apps development project, and I am seeking opportunities to build web applications from the ground up for you or your business. I also have strong experience in the following areas: SQL, Performance optimization, Scalable web applications, Search engines, Fuzzy search algorithms, API (able to create new and use existing to integrate 2 systems), Web Services, jQuery, Ajax, OOP, Math, and software design and testing. One of my tasks in the past was to modify core Ruby on Rails behavior.

    Associated with: Human Technology

    $40.00 /hr
    297 hours
  9. Martin Gonzalez

    Martin Gonzalez Agency Contractor

    Web Developer and Ruby On Rails Professional

    Argentina - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 1

    I'm an Argentinean Developer with more than 7 years of professional experience. I have worked with several companies as freelancer and salaried work too, and I have a lot of experience solving problems very quickly. I've been using Ruby On Rails as my main Framework for the past six years. I worked a lot of times doing TDD so i know functional, unit and integration testing in test unit and also in Selenium. I've a lot of experience working with AJAX and JSON technlogies, in VanillaJS and with JQuery too. I've been working with Git in all the jobs i did, using as server BitBucket and Github too. For the view template language i used HAML many times and also ERB and for styling generally CSS3 with bootstrap or foundation

    Associated with: CodingWays

    $25.00 /hr
    324 hours