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Post your Ruby programming project on Upwork and find experienced Ruby developers and consultants who can download and install Ruby 2.0 on your server with RVM, create websites using the Ruby on Rails or Sinatra framework, or develop website crawlers and web scraping scripts for videos, news and images. These professionals can also convert your PHP or Python application to Ruby, create a back-end for iOS with RubyMotion, debug or maintain libraries of selenium-webdriver scripts, or create data automation scripts to import into custom APIs.

Ruby is an open-source dynamic and general-purpose programming language that is similar to languages like Perl, Lisp, Python and Smalltalk. On Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace, companies hire Ruby freelancers for various Ruby development projects, from web applications and threaded database servers to chart libraries, desktop GUI applications and image recognition engines.

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Last updated: July 1, 2015
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  1. Beau Bergquist

    Beau Bergquist

    Data Specialist: mining, formating, storage and visualization

    United States - Last active: 01/21/2013 - Tests: 1

    I maintain thorough proficiency with several data storage architectures including: MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL server. Additionally, I remain up-to-date in Oracle and DB2 frameworks. I possess a strong understanding of several programming languages including: PHP, Python and JavaScript, and I maintain working knowledge of the Ruby, Java and Fortran languages. Preference for data formats constantly change, so, I stay up-to-date with a variety of formats including: XML, HTML5, ePub, PDF and SGML. Additionally, I keep current on popular structured data exchange protocols including SOAP and REST. I possess a strong grasp of cloud data storage and computing services including Amazon AWS and Google Drive; including in-depth knowledge of each frameworks API's and command line scripts. I have excellent knowledge of the LAMP; including extensive experience with Linux server development on the Amazon EC2 platform. I derive most of my experience, with data visualization, during the development of scientific applications; which primarily involve climate and particle modeling. I've utilized rendering packages such as Qt4 and OpenGL.

    $25.00 /hr
    46 hours
  2. Anton Ivanov

    Anton Ivanov

    JS/RoR Developer

    Moldova - Last active: 03/02/2014 - Tests: 3

    Over the last 3 years, I have working as front-end and server-side developer in several projects. I have working both in old school(over 10 years online) projects and startups. Stack of technologies that I have used is pretty huge but its base is JavaScript. I am fairly familiar entire development process. From the stage of formulation difficult task to production.

    $11.11 /hr
    14 hours
  3. Cristian D.

    Cristian D.

    Full Stack Web Development and 3D Graphics

    Romania - Last active: 02/17/2014 - Portfolio: 18

    Professional full stack developer. Experienced creating SAAS (Software as a Service) Applications. Front-End / Back-End Website-development, SPA(Single Page Applications), APIs. TDD and BDD: fully tested code from unit tests to complete end to end tests 3D Graphic renderings and 3D real-time web applications using webgl Familiar technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails(+ Devise, ActiveAdmin, Nokogiri, Stripe, RSpec, etc), Rake, Javascript, AngularJs, Grunt, JQuery(+plugins), NodeJS, TDD/BDD(RSpec, Jasmine, Cucumber, Capybara), HTML5 (+ ERB, HAML), CSS (+ SASS), WebGL (+ ThreeJS), SQL/NoSQL, XML, JSON, REST, GIT, GitHub, CI 3Ds MAX, Photoshop Fluent in English and always reachable through skype. My public development work: Feel free to contact me with any requests.

    $16.67 /hr
    26 hours
  4. Brion O.

    Brion O.

    Web/Apps Designer and Developer

    United Kingdom - Last active: 10/19/2011 - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 5

    My main objective is to complete a goal, thoroughly and neatly whilst enjoying it. I'm confortable with statically-typed (e.g. C#, Java, C / C++) and dynamic (PHP, Ruby) languages. I have good knowledge of web services (SOAP, REST), relational databases and query languages, web application servers and APIs, combined with cross-platform development skills and experience with a variety of open-source / LAMP technologies. Apart from web development my other qualities include: flexibility, good at solving problems, confident, i take any project as my baby, great and agile worker.

    $22.22 /hr
    350 hours
  5. Carmine Moleti

    Carmine Moleti

    Analyst programmer

    Italy - Last active: 10/21/2014 - Tests: 4

    Hello, I'm a software developer with more than 15 years of experience under my belt. I started back in the mid '80es with basic on Commodore64 and, since then, my studies and career have always been computer science oriented. I graduated back in 1992 with 52/60 as a IT technician. I started working in 1998 after a few years spent at the university (Electronic engineering course) which I quit due to personal reasons. During my career, I've been developing software for various needs, ranging from business to simulation and niche software. Had my hands dirty with: - Pascal - Borland Delphi (3,4,5) - C# on .Net 3 (winforms and mobile) - ruby and Rails - A little of Js, HTML and CSS (AngularJs, jQuery) - Linux (various distro, my favourites being: gentoo, arch, scientific linux) - A little SQL (MySQL, MS SQL Server 2003) needed in various projects A year ago I discovered functional programming and, since then, I've fallen in love with Haskell which I'm still learning and experimenting. My favourite hobby is home brewing beers, I'm also fond of woodcarving, I like traveling and music in general.

    $13.33 /hr
    69 hours
  6. Wil Alvarez

    Wil Alvarez

    Software Developer (Freelance)

    Chile - Last active: 12/11/2014 - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 3

    Over the last 6 years I have developed a wide range of Ruby On Rails and Python applications. I'm working with HTML5 games using Javascript and I have been working on Turpial too (my Twitter client for GNU/Linux), written in Python, PyGTK and Webkit. In the past I have developed a wide range of games in PyGame and actually I'm working with Phaser. I also can offer: Advanced knowledge of GNU/Linux ∙ Strong knowledge in Python (PyGTK, PyQt, PyGame, PyCairo, PyWebkit), Ruby (Ruby On Rails), HTML, Javascript, CSS ∙ Wide Sysadmin knowledge ∙ Basic C/C++, Bash, PHP knowledge ∙ Basic MySQL, PostgreSQL management ∙ Basic Android and Java development

    $25.00 /hr
    15 hours
  7. Oyaji Homanof

    Oyaji Homanof

    Japanese Translator and Graphic Designer

    United States - Last active: 04/01/2013 - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 6

    As a skilled, results-driven Japanese Translation and Graphics Design professional of 10+ years, I am now ready to seek new opportunities and challenges. I have a proven track record of success in providing excellence in Illustration and Design and developing customer loyalty and retention strategies. In previous roles, I’ve been directly involved in Project Management duties, and have consistently received praise for my professional and friendly demeanor towards clients. My core strengths include clear and concise communication, positive and energetic delivery of service, high aptitude for learning, coaching, mentoring, training, and motivation for implementing opportunity for change to improve business processes. In addition, I possess a strong ability to quickly build rapport with customers and am adept at building positive, cohesive relationships with co-workers and management. As a trusted “go-to” resource whom colleagues approach to tackle and solve complex problems, I am an excellent mediator and am comfortable negotiating solutions to ensure overall customer satisfaction. With my skills, abilities and extensive experience in customer service, I believe that I’m a strong fit for the position. I would welcome the opportunity to secure a personal interview with you. Please contact me so we may further discover ways in which I can make a positive impact and find out more about your objectives and goals. My Cliants: Nintendo, Pokemon USA, Microsoft, Wizards of the Coast, Genie Machine, Almond Roca, Eddie Bauer, REI, MerillInch, Bowing, etc.

    $22.22 /hr
    11 hours
  8. Vicsante T Aseniero

    Vicsante T Aseniero

    Senior Web Developer .Net

    Philippines - Last active: 03/24/2014 - Portfolio: 12

    I have developed web sites and desktop applications for the past 10+ years. Using variety for tools and languages such as Visual Studio, Delphi IDE, C#, VB.Net, Visual Basic, Delphi, NetBeans IDE, Php, Ruby on Rails, JRuby. I've used technologies such as ASP.NET, MVC, SOAP, XML, REST, ADO, JDBC, ODBC & so on. Well verse in MySQL, SQLServer, Linux platform & Windows Platform. The application(s) developed range from In-house desktop application(s) (i.e. Accounting, Sales, POS, Inventory & etc) to Web application(s) (i.e. E-Commerce, CMS, SocioNetworking & etc). I'm seeking opportunities on building web site(s) providing web infrastructure design/implementation.

    $16.67 /hr
    54 hours
  9. Christopher To

    Christopher To

    Software Developer

    Canada - Last active: 2 months ago - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 1

    Hi, my name is Chris. I have 7 years of development experience and am looking to share my skills. My web experience involves production-level Ruby-on-Rails applications. I have experience in mobile Android development and system operations. My strength lies in helping clients by looking at where technology can fit in and implementing solutions to help grow their business. In a span of 3 weeks, I have previously launched a startup called OnCompare. I designed server infrastructure and deployment methodologies and was responsible for sysops. We used AWS, nginx, Rails and mySQL. In Android, I have created several applications for clients with varying needs. My latest project's requirements have included: - Bluetooth device interaction - REST API usage - User authentication and management.

    $50.00 /hr
    24 hours
  10. Daniel Gomez Sierra

    Daniel Gomez Sierra


    Canada - Last active: 01/23/2014 - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 2

    Software developer interested in research for new technologies and looking for new challenges in computers science area. Passionate for programming and software development in many programming languages. My core competency is based on web application using Ruby on Rails.I have been working in Ruby On Rails for 8 months, and I have developed several web sites in this technology adding features in Javascript, Coffee Script, Less and some public gems. In addition, I have worked on data bases like Postgres and I have done deploys in Heroku. Furthermore, I have experience working in Unix systems and technologies like Ruby, Django, Python, Haskell, SQL, AJAX, Backbone, Java, Struts, HTML, C, C++, C#, Prolog, Git and so on.

    $25.00 /hr
    72 hours