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Maryanne Santos

Maryanne Santos

Customer Care Specialist

Philippines - Tests: 4

As a Customer Care Specialist, I am very concern with the quality of my job. I am very professional and punctual on schedules because I care and respect each others time. When I was a Billing Specialist on a satellite cable company I always make sure that they fully understand their concerns by educating them about their monthly bill and informing them more about what the product can do for them. I also give short and clear instructions on how to fix a computer issue when I worked with a computer manufacturer as a Technical Support Specialist. I also have experiences working as a Banking Specialist. They have a very strict company policy. I was able to help people about their bank transactions by explaining it to them in a cheerful but professional manner. I lot lots of other experiences as a Specialist that I love to share with you. I want to let you know that I will take the job seriously.

$5.00 /hr
0 hours

Eunice M.

Eunice M. Agency Contractor

| Trainer | Assessor | VA | Accounts | CSR | Email Specialist |

Philippines - Tests: 14 - Portfolio: 1

My motto is to give quality time-bounded result in the following skills: -data analyst -technical writer -researcher -online tutor -virtual assistant / PA / Tutor -SEO / SEM Link Builder

Associated with: The Freelancers Guild

$7.00 /hr
526 hours

Elizabeth Ocampo

Elizabeth Ocampo

Freelance Translator


Volunteer Religious Minister in Foreign Service:​​​ Buenos Aires, Argentina Carried out various duties such as: Translation of Documents from English to Spanish and vice versa ➢ Legal Documentation ➢ Medical Documents ➢ Letters regarding Administration and Management Office Administration and Receptionist Management of Cleaning and Maintenance of 14 Living quarters

$50.00 /hr
0 hours

Ramon Franco Ayson

Ramon Franco Ayson

Creative Writer/Technical Support Specialist /Health Care Associate

Philippines - Tests: 8

I worked in various BPO companies, as a Sales Representative, Collection Analyst, Technical Support Specialist and Health Care Associate. From those wide variety of experiences and niches, I've been able to grow and gain wide range of skills which which'll be useful for Online businesses. I aim to provide excellent services and seek for more opportunities to continue growing.

$3.33 /hr
0 hours

Paul kenneth B.

In-House Outbound/Inbound Center | Telemarketer | CSR/TSR

Philippines - Tests: 1

To be able to provide professional services above our client's satisfaction by applying our combined expertise to deliver great results

$16.00 /hr
177 hours

Christopher M.

Christopher M. Agency Contractor

CSR/TSR specialist

Philippines - Tests: 6

I worked as a TSR for one of the biggest internet provider (Verizon) in United States for 2years then i got promoted to be a language specialist and product trainer for another TSR account (HP Desktop). I have been very successful in this call center industry, because of the American culture that i inherit from growing up in Houston Texas USA for 12years. MY main goal in this industry is to manage my own team and mold them to be excellent agents.

Associated with: glitch_free_inc

$11.11 /hr
1,223 hours

David Whitehead

David Whitehead

Telemarketing,Telesales,CSR,TSR,Appointment Setting

Philippines - Tests: 6

I am new to online freelancing however have experience in home-based freelancing. I prefer to work at home because I have a lot of responsibilities to take care of here at home. Working at home makes me more comfortable as I can utilize my skills since I am using tools that I am accustomed to use, my own computers. I have experience in working as a Technical Support Representative for several ISP's namely, at&t Uverse, Verizon DSL, Comcast Cable Internet and Talk-Talk Broadband (UK-Based ISP). I also have experience working as a Technical Support Representative for a shipping company, of which we troubleshoot printers, software installation, hardware compatibility, etc.. I have also worked as a Customer Service Representative, Finance Representative and Basic Tech Support for Sprint Telecom. I've also worked for Tribune Publishing as a Billing, Retentions and Escalations Specialist for Los Angeles Times. My experience as a Telemarketer was for an Australian client, we sell different processed meat products to loyal customers and potential customers. I also have experience in Lead Generation, collating information for different universities and colleges in the United States. I was also an Inbound Sales Agent and Technical Support for at&t Southwest (HSIA). During my free time and rest days, I run a small home-based business wherein I accept repairs for computers and mobile phones. To summarize, I have acquired different skills in the past few years of schooling, training and working and I can say that I am well equipped to provide excellent service to all my clients. I have an attitude of not stopping until a job gets done and with this trait, I know my clients will be very satisfied with the results I will be providing. I learn fast and can work with minimal to less, to no supervision at all. I look forward and having projects from you and create the end results that you need!

$5.56 /hr
0 hours

Jane S.

Jane S.

2yrs Experience, Dependable Customer Support / Admin Assistant

Philippines - Tests: 5

I worked in BPO call center companies in the past 2 years. I've been exposed in the industry of technology and telecommunications. I also have experience working as a virtual assistant. I created websites, Powerpoint presentations, and a lot of spreadsheet work. I have also worked as a customer service/technical support rep for AOL (USA), DirecTV (USA), and Telecom (New Zealand). These experiences have gained me English proficiency, people handling skills, and various workflows that involve computer operations. I can type with above average speed and accuracy. I have a high command of English skills such as speaking, writing, listening and reading. I have experience in mobile and computer troubleshooting, credit investigation, disputes, online payments, HTML, and different workflow tools. I can multi-task. I want to have these expertise match your job requirements.

$10.00 /hr
0 hours