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  1. Maxim Akristiniy

    Maxim Akristiniy

    Lead Software Developer

    Russia - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 1

    Experienced system software developer (8 years). Have strong skills in embedded, C,C++, and desktop C++,C#. Also have a lot experience with network, sockets, Languages(C,С++,C#,Java) Mobile (Android, Windows Mobile) Desktop (Windows, Linux) Embedded (AVR,ARM, DSP) Network (TCP, SNMP,IPMI,POP/SMTP) Device stack implementation (USB,TCP,Bluetooth, IPMI) WEB (html,php,javascript) Database (MSSQL,Oracle) Assembler(ARM)

    $20.00 /hr
    0 hours
  2. Samiullah Khan

    Samiullah Khan

    IT Expert | Mobile | Web | Embedded | Avionics Developer

    Pakistan - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 4

    Sami has years of software development experience in C, C++, Qt, Java, C#, WPF, WCF, .Net remoting, Mono, VB, VB.Net, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.Net, SQL and SQL Server. Since 2007 he has developed wide range of high quality and revenue generating software including real time applications, embedded software, web services, n-tire distributed applications, data acquisition software, database development and management, audio broadcast applications, software integrated electronics products and security software.

    $35.00 /hr
    65 hours
  3. Temucin SOM

    Temucin SOM

    Senior Software Developer


    I have a M.Sc. degree in Electronics Engineering - Telecommunication. I have work experience of 2 years as Research Assistant and 5 years as a software developer in a defense company in Turkey. I have experience on real-time application development, OOP, C++, performance coding, intel C++ compiler, Visual Studio compiler, diab compiler and cuda programming. I also programmed GUI on Visual Studio. I have knowledge on software development life cycles and software configuration change management tools.

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  4. Abdelghafour H.

    Abdelghafour H. Agency Contractor

    Network and Software developer

    Morocco - Tests: 4

    I'm a network, software developer, I have consequent experience in LAN/WAN protocol's configuration (Cisco, OneAccess) and development, I worked also on setting up and configuring IPTV and VoIP platforms, I developed many WEB architecture using J2EE, Ruby On Rails and Python Django technologies. My goals through oDesk is to create a trust based network of clients with whom, I can have a long term relationship developing solutions that best suit their needs.

    Associated with: Teliteck

    $33.33 /hr
    1,226 hours
  5. Aldion Pueblos

    Aldion Pueblos

    Proficient C/C++/C# Software Developer


    For a combined 11 years, I have been involved in projects using C/C++ as the main programming language. 4 of those 11 years, I have developing embedded software for ECUs, and most of those years, I have been developing desktop applications, network management software applications, and micro-processor targetted software(ARMM, etc.). I also have some experience in developing websites using PHP, MySQL, and HTML. I also have had part-time programming projects using Java, VC++, and C#. And in my spare time, I write articles for my blogs

    $16.00 /hr
    148 hours
  6. Dmitry Vasilyanov

    Dmitry Vasilyanov

    Software Engineer

    Russia - Tests: 8

    I am a software engineer with experience in wide area of IT domains from low-level things like bare-metal and RTOS-based firmware programming to higher-level things like database programming and web development. My experience includes: 1. System programming: Linux kernel, device drivers (for VxWorks and Linux), network programming (SNMP and HTTP servers for Linux), multithreading applications (Linux, VxWorks). 2. Embedded systems: firmwares for devices based on various architectures: Intel (Atom), ARM (STM32) and PowerPC (PowerQUICC II); development of BSPs for PowerPC boards for VxWorks RTOS. 3. Web Development: standalone web applications (with Django and Web2py based backends), as well as front-end applications for embedded software (coded in JavaScript). 4. Linux System Administration: dozens of Debian-based servers with various applications: from Rails-based web apps to heavy PostgreSQL and Oracle databases. 5. Desktop applications: C# applications for windows and C for linux. 6. Database programming: PL/SQL for Oracle and PL/pgSQL for PostgreSQL 7. Android applications development My personal objective is to become a full-stack developer with strong programming skills and knowledge on all levels of the software architecture. I’d like to study new things and explore new areas and technologies. Although my personal objective is learning, I always keep in mind customer requirements and don’t sacrifice them in favor of the learning process; when there is a dirty job, I upstage my personality and just do it.

    $18.00 /hr
    14 hours
  7. Anantharam V

    Anantharam V

    Software Engineer


    I have 14 years experience in telecom embedded development and sustenance spanning across TDM networks - T1/E1, PBXs, routing and forwarding, QoS on routers. Each of these experience has been gained by working for industry leading equipment vendors. The major operating systems used were pSoS, VxWorks and embedded linux.

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    Embedded software engineer, VxWorks, linux kernel


    Project:Fix latency issue in PandaBoard ES. Platform:Linux Kernel, RT Preempt, arm/omap4 Language:C Project:Linux Kernel/Networking Platform:Linux Kernel Language:C Project:USB Driver For Freescale Board Platform:Linux Kernel, GCC, IAR Embedded Workbench Language:C Project:Cache-Forwarding - PPPoE PPPoE is network protocol that allows data communication between two network entities or points. The objective is to enhance the router capability to process PPPoE packets which lead to an enhancement in the WAN throughput. Platform:VxWorks Language:C Project:Cache-Forwarding - Layer 2 Cache-Forwarding - Layer 2 is a service in a router that enhances performance and capacity of bridging. Bridging is a forwarding technique used in network that is based on information located in the packet header . Among the tasks, I made C code optimization based on algorithm optimization and generated assembly code. Platform:VxWorks Language:C Project:Cache-Forwarding - Layer 3 Cache-Forwarding - Layer 3 is a service in a router that enhance performance and capacity in IP packet routing. With this service the throughput has been enhanced from 30 Mbps to 50 Mbps. Platform:VxWorks Language:C Project:Auto-Configuration service This is an embedded application in a router. It allows the router to upgrade the configuration and the operating system using a custom protocol that is based on tftp and ftp. Platform:VxWorks Language:C Project:VRF Implementation That consist of implementing the VRF to different embedded management applications. For server type application; it’s required to create a socket and listen on it for each configured VRF. For client type application, it’s required that the application create a socket and bind it for the configured VRF. Platform:VxWorks Language:C Project:Porting IPV4 applications to IPV6 This consists in porting several embedded management applications from IPV4 to IPV6. The embedded system has two different stacks for IPV4 and IPV6. And therefore the applications must handle sockets separately on each stack. The ported applications are telnet server, telnet client, ssh server, snmp server, http server, syslog server, tacacs client and radius client. Platform:VxWorks Language:C Project:Evolution in some SNMP MIB I added some SNMP MIB modules, with read and write access for different management object of a router device. Developed MIB modules are tacacs, radius, telnet, ssh, syslog, and few others. Platform:VxWorks, Wind River mib compiler Language:C Project:Evolution in network packet analyzer tool The software is embedded packet analyzer tool that can capture and display network IP packets. The evolution was a re-write of the BPF (Berkeley Packet Filter) bytecode compiler to support multiple filters at the same time. Platform:VxWorks Language:C Project:CLI Security Engine Development of a command line security engine that is used by an embedded http server of router equipment. Platform:VxWorks Language:C Project:Blacklist Library The project consists in developing a blacklist library to protect system from dictionary attack. Then the blacklist was implemented on the http-server, telnet and ssh. Platform:VxWorks Language:C Project:Maintenance of Embedded Management System Mainly this consists in fixing bugs and develops new features for a router’s operating system. The OS is based on VxWorks. My task consists in developing things related to embedded management applications and protocols, ex: FTP/TFTP HTTP Server, HTTP Proxy, Telnet Server, Telnet Client Authentication and accounting via TACAS and RADIUS Custom Protocol for auto configuration MIB/SNMP TR069, Data model Platform:VxWorks Language:C Project:Evolution of command line interface engine. The router command line interface (CLI) is based on the rapid control SDK of Wind River. The objective of the evolution is allowing a user to filter the output result of a command, allowing the user to filter lines with several options (include, exclude, begin …). For that a few sub-commands was introduced and they were made available to all routers commands after using the pipe character (Cisco like behavior). Platform:VxWorks Language:C Project:Router’s Web Configuration tool. This project is done for a French telecommunication operator. The project consists in developing a web interface to configure the router through an internet browser. Platform:VxWorks and Web Language:C, JavaScript/HTML Project:OneProvisio This tool helps network operators to manage and edit router configurations and Operating Systems in a fast and error free manner. Platform:Linux Language:PHP, C, shell Project:network equipments supervisor. This tool is used to monitor network equipments that support SNMP. Platform:Linux/Apache Language:PHP, shell

    $50.00 /hr
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  9. Ernest Tell

    Ernest Tell

    Tell Engineering: Always on Target

    United States

    Experienced developer of Embedded processor products and Firmware and PC software for Industrial Test and Measurement applications

    $75.00 /hr
    43 hours