Wang Chen


liaoning, China



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Wang Chen


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Work History & Feedback

Android multiplayer casino game

“Amazing software engineer. We will be doing a lot more work with Him.”
134 hrs @ $40.00/hr
Earned $4,140

Clock timer

“Wang Chen did a great job for my timer app. He allowed me to pay him half of his work at the start and the other half upon completion. This contract is for the first half. Most importantly, he is very industrious and hard working even though our contract was flat rate not hourly. For example, when I was sick and didn't send him the image files he needed for a couple of days, he took that time to make me a custom professional app icon himself!! And then and tried making his own image files based on my project specs. I didn't use the image files he made because I happen to have a special look (which he couldn't have known since I was sick and out of reach), but for me I just appreciated the fact that he had the work ethic to try to move my project forward when I was non-responsive a couple of days!!My advice, to not waste your time or his, is to be detailed in your project specs. When someone has that type of drive and work ethic they are not going to be bothering you every five minutes, they are going to create your vision and fill in your blanks. So be fair to him :) This was my first app so I was not very specific where I should have been, but he did not get upset or annoyed at me. I probably wasted a little of his time that way--my apologies Chen! (Thanks for your help Chen. Maybe one day I can visit Dandung!)He is fluent in English. He was very available on Skype. I can't imagine the effort it takes him to be awake from 7pm until 11am HIS time so that he can be available 7am to 11pm MY time. So don't be worried about the time difference!!!”
Fixed Price $223

Unity Racing Game 3D

No feedback given
37 hrs @ $33.00/hr
Earned $1,232
Tests Taken
Name Percentile Score

JavaScript 1.8 Test


MySQL 5.0 Test


Objective C Test


iPhone Programming OS 4.0 Test