Ilya Kulakov

C++/Obj-C, iOS/Mac OS X, Cappuccino, Python, CUDA/OpenCL developer

Omsk, Russia



What's the difference?

I can:
- Develop browser plugins using Netscape API (NPAPI)
- Develop browser plugins for Safari and Chrome using native API
- Develop web front-ends using Cappuccino
- Develop iOS and OSX apps in ObjC using native API and frameworks
- Develop launchd/inetd-compaitable agents and daemons
- Develop SIMBL-like plugins for Mac OS X
- GPU and heterogeneous computing using OpenCL
- Write apps/scripts using VMware VIX API
- Adopt you cross-platform application for distribution on Mac OS X and Mac App …

Tests Taken
Name Percentile Score

iPhone Programming OS 2.1 Test