Mary jean P.
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Mary jean P.

Marketing Specialist


Mandaluyong city, Philippines


I am a hardworking woman and i obtain a position in your Company where I can maximize my leadership and management skills, quality assurance, program development in your organization. utilizing writing, leadership skills. research, and training experience. You should offer me this job because this role correlates well with my skills, experience and current knowledge. I believe that my past experience and skills, combined with my passion and commitment for, are a great asset to offer on your company. Honesty...integrity...a decent human being. Good fit with corporate culture, someone to feel comfortable with, a team player that meshes well with interviewer's ... moreteam. Like-ability, positive attitude and sense of humor. Good communication skills. Dedication - willingness to walk the extra mile to achieve excellence. Definiteness of purpose, and clear goals. Enthusiasm with high level of motivation. Confident and healthy leadership. less