Andrey A.

Andrey A.

$18.00  /hr

System engineer

Petrozavodsk, Russia
Virtual Private Server (VPS) Mail Server Implementation Virtualization Bash shell scripting Web Hosting


Bachelor degree PetrSU. Master's degree PetrSU. System egineer in PJSC "Rostelecom". 10+ years experience in Linux/FreeBSD administration. System administration (this list is constantly growing): Linux, FreeBSD, Windows DNS (Bind, PowerDNS) Mail systems (Exim, Postfix, DSPAM, SpamAssasin, Dovecot, Courier) LDAP (OpenLDAP, AD) Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elastic) Web-hosting (web-servers, FTP-servers) Virtualization (Xen, KVM, QEMU, OpenVZ) Monitoring (Nagios, Cacti) Security (firewalls, IDS) I

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