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Vsevolod N.

Software developer


Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE Experienced in team and project management. Experienced in design and development of systems at different levels. Standarts: ODMG, OMG CORBA, ANSI C++. Environents: DOS, Windows, RSX-11, HP-UX, Linux, FreeBSD. Platforms: IBM PC, PDP-11, HP-9000. Languages: C++, C, Java, Perl, Pascal/Delphi, 80X86 assembly, Clipper, FoxBase/FoxPro, Fortran, Basic, Cobol, Visual Basic, Access Basic, Power Script DBMS-s: Sybase, Oracle, MySQL. Code management tools: CVS, Clear Case WWW: Apache, Zope (TCP/IP, HTML, XML, JavaScript, PHP, CGI) Networks: Novell Netware, Microsoft networks, TCP/IP networks. Applications: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland development tools, Norton system management tools, Sybase development tools, SUN Java development tools, KDE environment, GNOME environment, etc.


More than 30 hrs/week

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