Sergey A.

Sergey A.

$27.78  /hr

System Administrator/DevOps Engineer (Linux/Unix)

Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Linux System Administration Amazon Web Services Puppet Administration OpenVPN Bash shell scripting


System administrator/DevOps engineer. 8+ years of experience. RHCE certified. Area of expertise: web-servers, mail-servers, VPN-servers, databases, Internet-gateways, virtualization, application deployment, etc. OS: Linux: RHEL/Fedora/CentOS, Debian/Ubuntu FreeBSD Web: Apache, Nginx, Squid Network: DHCPd, OpenVPN DNS: Unbound, Bind, Dnsmasq Directory: OpenLDAP Firewall: PF, IPtables Mail: Postfix, Dovecot Fileserver: Samba, Pure-fptd, Vsftpd Configuration management: Puppet, Salt, Ansible Clustering: Heartbeat, Pacemaker/Cor

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