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  • What projects can be done on Upwork?

    Anything you can do on a computer can be done through Upwork.

    Freelancers in our marketplace can tackle a wide range of projects — big or small, one-off or repeat, individual or team-based. Whether you need a content writer for an SEO-friendly blog post, or your own software development team to build a mobile app or create a web portal, you’ll find talent on Upwork ready to support your business.

  • How do I pay my freelancer and what does it cost?

    Upwork makes paying freelancers simple and secure. Choose to pay using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or PayPal. Any payments are subject to a 3% processing fee.

  • What if I’m not happy with the results?

    Most projects on Upwork get completed on time and as expected, but if needed, we’ll step in to offer help.

    If there’s a disagreement between you and your freelancer, we’ll provide dispute assistance and, if needed, connect you with arbitration.

  • Who owns the legal rights to work product developed by a freelancer engaged through Upwork?

    Once a freelancer receives payment for work completed on a project, our Terms of Service specify that ownership of that work transfers to the client.

    If desired, freelancers and clients may also agree on different or additional terms regarding work product ownership. For details, see Section 8.6 of our User Agreement.

  • How do I know my freelancer is accurately billing for my project?

    Built into Upwork are several methods of verifying work.

    On hourly contracts, you can review the Work Diary. It tracks billable time and records completed work. While the freelancer is billing you, it also counts keystrokes and takes screenshots of the freelancer’s screen (six times per hour), so you can verify billable hours. On fixed-price jobs, you and your freelancer agree on milestones for each project. When your freelancer reaches a milestone, you review the work and release funds when the work is approved.

    We also include Upwork Messages so you can chat and share files with your freelancer.

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