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Record $10 Million Spent on Technology Projects Through oDesk’s Global Software Development Marketplace

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Thousands of Businesses Use
oDesk to Hire, Manage and Pay Remote Workers Around the World

oDesk (www.oDesk.com),
an online marketplace that allows companies to hire, manage and pay
remote technical workers around the world, announced that a record ten
million dollars has been spent on technology projects
through the company’s global job marketplace. Thousands of
companies across the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Saudi Arabia, Australia
and other countries have used oDesk to hire from more than 10,000
tested, rated technology professionals from all over the world.

“As advances in technology and communication take
place around the world, businesses are growing more comfortable looking
outside of their local areas for the best technology talent,”
said Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk. “oDesk achieving this
milestone demonstrates this increasing level of comfort, and proves
that both employers and technology professionals enjoy the
opportunities provided by oDesk’s trusted

More than 7,500 jobs have been completed through oDesk, where
the most in-demand programming skills are PHP/MySQL, C#/.Net, ASP,
Java/J2EE and C/C++/Win32SDK. The most popular countries for providers
include India, Russia, the Ukraine, the U.S. and the Philippines.
Through oDesk, providers set their own rates for fixed-price or hourly
jobs and employers can search for talent based on skills, feedback
ratings, work history and pay.

Unique to oDesk are a set of integrated management and
collaboration tools that allow employers to track project progress and
collaborate with team members as though all were working in the same
office. For example the oDesk WorkDiary, which captures screenshots of
a provider’s desktop at random intervals, used with
oDesk’s source code repository and bug tracking system,
removes the barriers many companies face when considering hiring remote

oDesk recently added fixed-price jobs to its online
marketplace, where the number of hours billed has grown an average of
14 percent per month since the company’s inception in 2004.
oDesk is venture-backed by Benchmark Capital, Globespan Capital
Partners and Sigma Partners, and was recently chosen from more than 200
companies as one of the Launchpad 13 at the Web 2.0 Summit.

For more interesting statistics on pay rates and skills per
country in the oDesk network, check out the oDesk/O’Reilly
Media Global Economy Mashup at http://coati.oreilly.com/odesk/

About oDesk

Everyday, oDesk helps people all over the world work together,
as if they were seated in the same office. Founded in 2004, oDesk (www.oDesk.com) is a
global marketplace for programmers and technology freelancers that
enables businesses to build and manage remote teams. Hiring managers
can search the oDesk network and choose from among thousands of tested,
top-rated technology professionals in over 50 countries around the
world. Using oDesk web-based collaboration tools, project managers can
visually track and verify all work performed, both historically and in
real-time. oDesk is venture-backed by Benchmark Capital, Globespan
Capital Partners and Sigma Partners.

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