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oDesk Users Tweet Sweet Online Work Opportunities

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oDesk Users Tweet Sweet Online Work Opportunities

oDesk, the leading marketplace for online workteams, today announced the availability of Share on Twitter for oDesk users. By integrating with Twitter, oDesk enables its users worldwide to tap into their network of Twitter followers for important work connections.

“The ability to leverage popular social media tools allows your established online network to contribute to your work life in new and meaningful ways,” said Gary Swart, oDesk CEO. “With Share on Twitter, in addition to our existing Facebook Connect integration, oDesk users can rely on the expanded networks of their Web-based friends and colleagues to connect them with relevant opportunities and potential job candidates.”

With Share on Twitter, oDesk users can choose to share important online work events with their followers on Twitter:

  • Job Openings – Share on Twitter allows oDesk buyers to identify possible candidates within their network for the $65 million worth of oDesk jobs posted every month by tweeting job opportunities that are searchable throughout Twitter – expanding the potential reach of job postings well beyond the buyer’s immediate network.
  • oDesk Profiles – By tweeting a link to your oDesk profile, Share on Twitter lets oDesk users share a dynamic, verifiable online presence to promote themselves.
  • Test Results – By sharing successful results from any one of over 260 free skills tests, oDesk’s more than 320,000 providers can build their online reputations and establish credibility in their qualifications.
  • About oDesk Corporation

    oDesk (www.oDesk.com) is the leading marketplace for online workteams with the best model for both buyers and providers:

    For buyers: Guaranteed work — every hour billed is an hour worked. Screen captures of each provider’s desktop taken at random intervals enable buyers to audit the hours and work completed so they have confidence every hour billed by a remote team member is an hour worked. This capability also enables the buyer to collaborate more closely and re-direct the provider if necessary, much like you do when you manage by walking around your office.

    For providers: Guaranteed payment — every hour worked is an hour paid, without the hassle of invoicing or slow-paying clients, making oDesk the preferred marketplace for 320,000+ professional contractors including software engineers, web developers, graphic designers, writers, researchers, administrators, and customer service agents.

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    oDesk Contact: Erica Fenik