Create Highly Effective Explainer Videos with Flexible Talent
Carey Wodehouse
August 22, 2019
7 Min Read

Create Highly Effective Explainer Videos with Flexible Talent

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As a marketer, your strategy often means answering the whats, whys, and the hows of your product or service. A solid video strategy can do a lot of the legwork—and short, effective explainer videos can help engage and educate customers at every phase of the buyer journey.

Creating an animated explainer video pipeline is fast and easy when you partner with a video production agency or build your own production team of flexible talent. You’ll be able to find and engage trusted video experts and start cranking out a library of videos at scale—all in a matter of days.

Here are a few ways flexible video talent and specialized agencies can help you enhance your marketing strategy with explainer videos.

Support Your Core Marketing Efforts

[MotionCue Studios’ own brand explainer video.]

Whether it’s to outline your brand’s core mission or show off what you can do, a well-placed, informative video can tip the scales in attracting an audience. Couple the ROI of video with the affordability of flexible video talent and watch your efforts go further, faster.

Start by identifying your primary goals and engage video production talent to help brainstorm winning explainer concepts, whether it’s to

  • Boost awareness with a video that explains the problem your product or service solves
  • Power acquisition efforts
  • Build brand loyalty with a video explaining your key differentiators
  • Drive engagement on social media

Tip: Make your “About” page pop with a video that explains who you are, rather than just a big block of text.

Educate And Inform With Content That Connects

If you’re creating educational content—whether it’s to teach a new skill, deliver knowledge, or tell a story—how you deliver that content is as important as the content itself. It’s why many marketers, content creators, and companies use animated explainer videos to get their message across.

Skilled animation agencies and motion designers can create videos to help you

  • Summarize (and visualize) a complex process, problem, or concept
  • Create helpful tutorials and how-to’s
  • Fill in where live video footage isn’t possible, such as explaining the complex inner workings of technology or how a piece of software works
  • Demo your product or service to show how it works, including its various parts, features, or benefits
  • Bring data, diagrams, or illustrations to life so stats and figures resonate with viewers

[A how-to explainer video created for Upwork by motion graphics artist Corey Petrini.]

Tip: Try an animated whiteboard video to boost engagement and learning retention rates.

Start Tackling Customer Pain Points In Days

If you’ve prioritized opportunities to answer key questions or reduce friction with explainer videos, you want to move fast. Get ahead of support tickets, comments, and questions with helpful, easy-to-digest onboarding videos and tutorials. Be proactive and drill into analytics and inquiries to identify topics that could use some clarity.

Customers will appreciate finding answers to their questions and concerns—and video is arguably the best way to deliver them in a way that’s quick and convenient.

  • Improve onboardingfor an app or program with an intro to your app, site, or software that gives steps to getting started or addresses any hurdles identified through user testing
  • Minimize friction, FAQs, or inquiries with tutorials or how-to’s

Tip: Add screencast elements to show real-life examples of how to use an app or software.

Create Your Explainer Video Production Dream Team With Flexible Talent Today

Want to create explainer videos to target your customers in a more effective, engaging way? You can partner with a video production agency on Upwork, or you can go hybrid with flexible talent you engage on your own. Your team may include a motion designer, video editor, scriptwriter, and voiceover artist—all of whom you can easily tap on Upwork.

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