Upwork's SVP of Marketing on How Traditional Staffing is Getting an Upgraded Alternative

Upwork's SVP of Marketing on How Traditional Staffing is Getting an Upgraded Alternative
Lars Asbjornsen
September 9, 2019
6 Min Read

Engaging talent and agencies through Upwork is not vastly different from traditional staffing vendors—but in many ways, it can be much easier and faster and with a better outcome.

Upwork has given the traditional staffing model an alternative upgrade—primarily when it comes to speed, ease, and the volume of employer-rated quality talent. It’s direct access to highly skilled professionals around the world—the talent you maybe haven’t considered before, but can now hire directly, sometimes within days. Because there’s no talent shortage once you remove geographic constraints.

When you’re looking for a fast and flexible way to scale your team, kick off a project or initiative quick, signing up with Upwork makes it seamless to find, work with, and pay thousands of trusted, specialized contractors and agencies. Here’s how.

It’s faster to engage talent and simple to pay once work gets done

Finding and contracting talent directly on Upwork takes on average 3 days vs. the more drawn-out, traditional contingent hiring process or agency RFP cycles. Hiring on Upwork empowers you to engage highly-rated talent directly instead of going through a middle man and waiting for cycles of candidate review and approval processes that can slow down decisions.

“Hiring managers that haven’t worked with us before often know they need external support, but the process for onboarding a new vendor can be so laborious that they aren’t willing to ‘take on a new project,’” notes Caitlin Bowes, a Senior Business Development Representative at Upwork. “Our clients get really excited when they realize that once we have a solution in place for their organization, there are millions of people available to support their team at the click of a button.”

Paying talent is super quick and uncomplicated through Upwork’s escrow service. And with convenient net-30 billing or by-team billing options, you can safely scale your flexible talent without typical constraints or complications.

Scale more with flexible talent—without adding administrative burden

Every time you contract a new agency or talent the traditional way, you’re starting from scratch, and that process can add more delays and administrative burden, especially the more you want to scale.

When you sign up with Upwork as a talent provider, you’ll only go through a set-up process once. From there on out, you’ll be able to create hybrid teams with top-rated talent around the world through one, easy-to-navigate portal.

And, you can easily share those benefits with your colleagues. Once you’re set up, any team can go on to access your company’s Upwork platform and get the same benefits as you.

You’ve got access to a pool of skilled, trusted professionals

Upwork gives you direct access to a global talent pool right at your fingertips, which means you can contract teams of in-demand professionals from anywhere in the world. Just set the criteria you need for the project at hand, then let Upwork match those needs to quality talent anywhere in the world.

Upwork makes it easier to spot those top professionals with in-depth profiles that go beyond your typical resume. You’ll get more transparency into what talent can do with interactive portfolios that let you browse prior work on projects like yours.

And this is talent you can trust. Many are independent business owners who rely on positive reviews from clients like you. These testimonials are front and center, and they’ll give you first-hand insight into what it’s like to work with them. Compared with traditional background tests and screening that can take upwards of 20+ days, engaging talent you can trust on Upwork is seamless—and at any time, you can rest easier with built-in Payment Protection.

Ready to get started building super-efficient hybrid teams with flexible talent? Don’t forget—you can enjoy all these benefits of using Upwork—like fast and easy payments and consolidated communication and reporting—with your existing contracts when you invite them to join Upwork.

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