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English (North American) Audio Ads Production FAQs

What is an audio commercial?

Audio ads are more popular than ever. Commercial audio distribution opportunities are vast due to the increase of people using high-quality speaking devices, Bluetooth connectivity with audio/video technology, and video conferencing.

Audio commercials are made to be inserted within other content pieces such as radio shows and podcasts. A popular and long-standing form of advertising, audio commercials remain a versatile, low-cost method of marketing.

How do I make an audio ad?

If you have your script, content, and voice-over professional ready to go, your next challenge is recording and distributing your audio ad. While you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on professional audio loudspeakers, subwoofers, or power amplifiers, updating your home audio system can help. Audio products that can help create your audio ad include:
  • Condenser or paging microphone
  • Surface-mount speaker systems
  • Audio amplifiers
  • Equipment racks
  • Sound system with sound masking
  • Audio mixer

What is a professional audio system?

Pro audio is a category of studio-grade audio products that can be used for recording and listening to music. Built for more than conference rooms at work or the homeowner who wants to listen to background music, pro audio systems offer excellent sound coverage, control, and design. Typically used in multizone music systems at concert halls or recording studios, pro audio is, as the name suggests, for professionals.