Marketing Consultation with Jack G.

4.9 · 14 reviews

Marketing Consultation with Jack G.

4.9 · 14 reviews

Brand Story Power Hour

// Don't let your brand die.

Together, we'll give it the adrenaline shot it deserves.

Starting with its story.

We'll brainstorm creative ways of bringing your brand's story to life, develop unique marketing strategies, and ensure the story aligns with your brand's values and tone of voice.

I will then follow up with a Meeting Summary with the key points we discussed, along with my recommendations for next steps.
Get personalized advice on:
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Jack G.

About Jack

Jack G.
Brand World Builder & Creative Communications Consultant
100% Job Success
4.9 (14 reviews)
Saffron Walden, United Kingdom - 2:23 am local time
// I'm Jack (or Jackie, as my daughter calls me). I'm a Brand World Builder, Creative Communications Consultant, Personal Brand Adviser, and CEO of The Goodson Group. For 12+ years, I have partnered with brands, organizations, and individuals to build dynamic, distinctive, and immersive worlds that go far beyond just selling products or services. Using philosophy, mythology, pop culture, and your unique story as my blueprint, I transform your brand into a force of culture, change, and inspiration.

// My Services —

-- Brand World Building: I use my unique understanding of pop culture, mythology, and storytelling to construct intricate brand worlds, each a distinctive universe that encapsulates your brand's ethos, personality, and mission. Together, we go beyond basic, boring branding and unleash your disruptive vision.

-- Creative Communications Consultation: I offer strategic guidance on how to communicate your brand's essence effectively and creatively, both internally and externally. This could range from developing engaging content for your website to crafting press releases that capture the media's attention.

-- Personal Brand Adviser: I help elevate your or your executives' industry presence through personal branding and thought leadership advice that goes far beyond the expected. This involves creating compelling, philosophical, and purpose-driven content that resonates with your target audience and positions you as a highly recognisable authority in your field.

-- Copywriting: Words are powerful, and I wield them well. Whether it's ad copy, emails, press releases, scripts, or speeches, I create copy that captures your or your brand's voice and engages your audience.

// My Clients —
I serve as a guide for any and all forward-thinking brands, organizations, or individuals who yearn to do more than just sell a product or service and that recognize the potential of their brand beyond the mere aesthetics of a logo.

My clientele, including illustrious names like the NHS, Alibaba, Amazon, Maker Lab, PBG Consulting, The Honey Partnership, and TheSoul Publishing, share a common thread of ambition - they want to be catalysts for change, influencers of culture, and architects of the future.

I help these brands unleash their world-shaping power, transform their market position, and eclipse their competition. Together, we don't just build brands; we create meaningful change.

// My Philosophy
I view branding as a grand stage where your brand performs its unique narrative. I shape your brand's stage, set the lights, and craft the script. I see brands not just as businesses, but as catalysts of cultural and societal change, and I am driven to make your brand's performance one for the ages.

I disrupt, I challenge, I innovate. In a world saturated with tried-and-tested formulas, I dare to be different.

// My, Myself, and I —
Find out more about me via:



Or discover my thinking via my innovative content creation over on my LinkedIn profile: jbgoodson

// What’s Next For You and Me?
Are you ready to unlock your or your brand's world-shaping potential? Get in touch with me on Upwork, and together, let's build a world for your brand that leaves a lasting legacy.

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    Here’s what Jack will need to know before you meet

    1. Please tell me about your brand, its aims, values, and its current story. Any materials you can provide related to your brand, such as brand books, manifestos, or links to your website will make the process much more effective for you.
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