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Marketing Consultation with Joshua B.

5.0 · 28 reviews

Marketing Consultation with Joshua B.

5.0 · 28 reviews

I work specifically with technology startups for marketing consultation and GTM strategy. With a one-hour consultation, we can discuss industry trends, previous campaigns that have worked successfully, assessment of current marketing efforts, marketing operational structure, and budgeting. This type of insight will allow your team to make educated decisions on budgeting. This consultation also helps when understanding budget requirements for successful marketing efforts.
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Joshua B.

About Joshua

Joshua B.
Tech Startup Chief Revenue/Marketing Officer Strategist
97% Job Success
5.0 (28 reviews)
San Diego, United States - 5:42 pm local time
Consultant to Fortune 500 clients
Campaigns reaching over 100 million views lifetime
Over 500 clients consulted
Specialty in technology and finance

Selling has always been exciting for me, ever since I was tasked with selling chocolate bars for Little League when I was 10 years old. It was like a game, and the rush of getting a YES after so many rejections was fuel to knock on the next door. As I moved into adulthood, I started my first official sales job selling cell phones in a mall kiosk. Having potential customers walking past was a much easier endeavor than knocking on doors.

I eventually graduated to selling more advanced products, such as wind turbines, education services, and marketing data. Sales was always enjoyable, and I consistently performed at the #1 position on my teams. However, I saw the limiting nature of sales, as you could only try to sell to a restricted number of people in a day (between 10-100, depending on the type of sale and quality of conversation). The obvious evolution of any salespersons career is marketing, and I knew the transition needed to happen.

When transitioning to marketing, I knew the learning curve was going to be much higher than in sales. With 6 years of sales experience under my belt, understanding buyer psychology and buyer experience was a huge advantage. However, learning technical distribution and marketing funnels were more complicated than I had expected. As with everything in life, the more complicated it is, the more I want to master it, and dedicated myself to learning as much as possible, as quickly as possible. Within the first year of transitioning to marketing, I had serviced all of 2 clients, but had spent over 4,000 hours learning the tools of the trade.

Going into year 2, I already had an intermediate understanding of marketing. I was able to land my first major client, which was in the cryptocurrency space in the summer of 2017. I was able to help this company raise $14 million USD in extra funds during my tenure and allowed me to grow my knowledge and skills as a marketer. I continued to work with blockchain companies for several years, although my desire shifted towards emerging technology companies.

In year 3, I opened a marketing firm to service blockchain specific companies with an emphasis on digital marketing services and PR. At this point, I had reached well over 10,000 hours of experience, making me an expert in marketing. I was able to work with many great companies across multiple industries, giving me insight into the diversity of technology companies, the missions of CEOs from different countries, and the desire to gain users and spread messages across the web.

In year 4, I decided to partner with two others to start a fintech company dedicated to the development of fractional ownership of high value assets. While starting out with good intentions, issues with the lead investor lead to the eventual failure and closure of this company. This pushed back my advancement with my marketing firm, which I had shut down to focus solely on this venture.

In year 5, it made sense to learn from past mistakes to develop a marketing firm that works well for clients, allows for scalability and focuses on a combination of excellent creatives distributed with advanced marketing technology. I focused on servicing clients in a consulting capacity only while I work out all issues with deployment of my new marketing firm.

We are now in year 6, and I will be launching my full service technology marketing firm soon. In the meantime, I am open to working with technology and finance clients only that have excellent products and good business models to bring in new clients, sell more products, and have a growing user base.

My services focus on go-to-market strategies and investor focused marketing plans. These are high level plans and I do not provide partial plans, even on client request. Depending on the company, I am available to deploy campaigns as well.

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    Lionel S.
    Dec 8, 2022
    Joshua gave great advices regarding my project. Unfortunately we didn't reach a deal for further collaboration ATM but I hope we can collaborate further later on.
    Mark H.
    Dec 1, 2022
    Functions at the highest level of excellence. Very practical, intelligent, and efficient when it comes to determining steps required to accomplish marketing objectives.
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