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Media & Entertainment Ecommerce Management FAQs

How do you start product research?

A good ecommerce business begins product research by identifying a market need and attempting to deliver a unique value proposition based on a customer's pain points. This is a vital step in proving that there is a market for a product that you intend to launch on ecommerce platforms, as it helps you target the right audience.

What is an example of product research?

One example of product research is a focus group where your product will be demonstrated to members of your potential customer base, who are then asked for feedback in real time.

What is included in product research?

Product research can include researching items in high demand, looking at new markets, reading reviews or case studies of similar products, hiring product engineers, and hosting a focus group.

How do ecommerce stores manage inventory?

Ecommerce stores tend to manage inventory with the help of order management software. This can help them with data management including knowing which products are running low and when it's necessary to reorder. A good ecommerce store will pair the software with manual inventory audits.

What are the three types of ecommerce?

There are three main types of ecommerce websites. The first is business-to-business, where businesses sell to each other. The second is business-to-consumer, where a business sells products to customers. Examples of this type of ecommerce include Amazon and Shopify. The last is customer-to-customer, which typically involves reselling items; eBay is the most common example.

How do I manage my ecommerce business?

Your management needs will vary depending on the product you’re selling and what you’re launching. If you’re a new business trying to build a sales funnel, then you’ll want to make yourself findable. You’ll want to look up digital marketing techniques such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads. You will also want to reach your target customers via search engine optimization (SEO), especially on your product listings, and think about ways you can build your community through social media.

However, you’ll also need to manage your online store with ecommerce management services, especially if it involves keeping products on hand.

What does an ecommerce product manager do?

An ecommerce product manager is responsible for making sure that your online store runs smoothly. Ecommerce product managers are typically ecommerce experts with online marketing experience and are knowledgeable in the functionalities of web design and user experience. They should have knowledge of shopping cart, ordering, and payment system applications.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA—Fulfillment by Amazon—works on a “you sell, we ship” principle. Businesses can scale by setting up an account, creating product listings, and then preparing items for shipment by Amazon. Amazon then ships the items as they are ordered and handles customer service.