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Freestyle Illustration FAQs

How do I start an illustration project?

An illustration project usually begins when the illustrator or client identifies a purpose for an illustration. The purpose for an illustration can be for anything from artwork to display in a residence to an illustration to be used in an advertising campaign. When the objective is identified, setting a budget and a timeline and finding an illustrator are next steps. If an illustrator meets the needs of the client in terms of talent, capabilities, cost, and turnaround time, then that illustrator can be hired with confidence.

What will a client receive when ordering an illustration?

The type of illustration a client orders will determine what the client receives. Quality illustrators will provide their clients with finished work that aligns with the original request. To ensure this occurs, it’s important that clients select illustrators who are capable of delivering the type of art required, can communicate effectively, and want to provide the best service the client requires.

How do I choose the right illustrator for my needs?

Choosing the right illustrator for your needs begins with having a clear set of objectives. These objectives can include the type of illustration needed as well as the budget, the required turnaround time, and the particular style. Making sure prospective illustrators meet these requirements will increase the chance that the finished work will meet your needs.

How do I choose the right style of illustration for my business?

Choosing the right style of illustration for your project will depend on your overall objectives. A simple pencil drawing might be best for certain objectives, while a highly detailed color illustration might be best for others. To best determine which style works best for your objectives, consider what your competitors are doing as well as which best represents your overall brand. Reviewing portfolios and asking detailed questions of prospective illustrators can help you find the right illustrator for your particular project style.