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Local Photography FAQs

How do I find a local photographer?

Whether you need to book a family photo shoot or you’re due for a new headshot, finding a local photographer is a key step in the process. Typically, professional photographers will specialize in one of several categories, such as wedding photography or commercial photo shoots.

Once you know what type of photographer you need, you can begin your search for a local photographer. Review each potential photographer’s portfolio on Upwork or their social media accounts to find high-quality examples of the type of photography you’re looking for, and be sure to check that their pricing lines up with your budget.

What are five types of photography?

While photography is somewhat of a blanket term, there are several categories within the field of photography.

  • Wedding photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Commercial photography
  • Vacation photography
  • Headshot photography

To determine the right photographer for your event, be sure to review their online gallery to ensure their style matches yours. While a portrait photographer might be qualified to take headshots, it’s important to see examples of their work to make sure it’s the right style for your professional profile.

Can I call myself a photographer?

While it’s easy enough to take a selfie on a smartphone, a true photographer has a strong sense of composition and lighting. Professional photographers understand the importance of getting these details right while on location. Being able to take a beautiful photo is one thing, but connecting with clients and helping subjects feel at ease is another vital skill for photographers.

How can I find a vacation photographer?

Finding a photography service while on vacation is easier than you think: You can check out local photographers in your destination city on websites such as Upwork. Whether you’re off to New York City to visit Times Square or to Los Angeles for a beach vacation, you’re likely to find someone with the skills to capture your time away from home.