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Live-Action Lyric & Music Videos FAQs

What is a lyric video?

One strong example of an animated lyric video comes from “The Man” by Taylor Swift. The lyrics are animated into a computer-generated (CG) world. As Swift sings, the animated landscape and CG figures around her move and take action. This type of lyric video serves well to convey a deeper level of meaning through the art than a song can alone.

Lyric videos at their most basic require three things:
  • Music (with lyrics)
  • Visuals
  • Text that displays the lyrics of the song as it plays in the background
Animated lyric videos not only make it easier for viewers to understand the words being spoken but also add context and build emotional charge. The ultimate goal of lyric videos is to enrich the user experience of viewers.

How can I make a lyric video?

Making lyric videos generally entails using an animation software such as Adobe Illustrator in conjunction with a video production software such as Adobe Premiere. Animated lyric videos will require you to generate or edit a video, synchronize the audio for the video, add text to the video, and then synchronize the text to your audio.

How do I promote a lyric video?

There are numerous ways to effectively promote a lyric video. Common best practices include:
  • Make the lyric video a collaboration with another lyricist, an artist, or even another company.
  • Share it on social media with a short, impactful message.
  • Use the video to address social, economic, environmental, or other issues.
  • Base share combines your fan base with that of another brand or artist.
  • Clip your favorite part of the song and put it up for use on viral networks such as TikTok.
These five practices will have your fan base growing in no time. If you’re looking to outsource a lyric video, freelancers on Upwork create some of the finest content around the world.