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Urdu Product Descriptions FAQs

What is a product description?

Product descriptions are short snippets of text that give potential buyers an overview of a product and its features. The ultimate goal of product descriptions is to inform buyers. Great product descriptions can also provide entertainment to prospective buyers.

What to include in your product description?

Product descriptions commonly include physical dimensions, such as length, width, and height. Other notable factors to include are weight, color options, and a short briefing on how the product would be used. Truly robust product descriptions may also include miscellaneous information such as certifications (e.g., Certified Vegan, Rainforest Alliance Certified, cruelty free). With this added information, sellers can often charge a premium for their offerings.

Regardless of any certifications, however, it’s vital to note that product descriptions in industries such as fashion tend to include a spec sheet for sizing, while consumers for other types of products, such as health and wellness items, often respond best when ingredients are clearly listed.

How much does a product description cost?

When seeking product descriptions, remember that you’re investing in your future ability to secure income. Prices for product copywriting, which often includes product descriptions, vary substantially based on industry, technical complexity, and the expertise of the writer(s) involved. Generally, expect to pay $30 -$200 per hour for entry-level and expert product copywriters respectively.

How do I incorporate SEO into a product description?

Product descriptions tend to bolster SEO efforts by using relevant keywords. In order to effectively weave SEO into your product descriptions, you should determine which audience you want to target and what your competitors look like, and then do some quick research to see what your customers tend to search for.

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