You will get 10,000 words translated from English to Spanish

Eduardo V.
Eduardo V. Eduardo V.
This project $400
  • Delivery Time 10 days
  • Number of Revisions 1
  • Number of Words 10000
    • Proofreading
    • Document Formatting
    • Language Style Guide
    • Transcription
    • Subtitling
Upwork Payment Protection

Fund the project upfront. Eduardo gets paid once you are satisfied with the work.

Project details

Using this English-to-Spanish translation service, you will get:

* integrity and accuracy of your original message
* a human-readable, ready-to-use content
* a clear, concise, appropriate style for your audience

Use this for translating your professional documents, blog posts, lead magnets, user manuals, handbooks, fiction and essay works, and other editorial contents you want to share with the Spanish-speaking audience in the following areas:

* relationships, success, and personal development
* biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and other biosciences
* psychology, medicine, and health care
* technology, programming, and computer sciences
* general studies and academic content in general

Please contact me first to discussing the details of your project.
Have a nice day!
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Document Type Books/Literature

Project steps

  • 1
    1. Gather requirements

    I need your original document in editable format (for example, DOCX or plain text), and the writing and corporate identity guides, glossaries and terminology bases and other stylistic indications you want to include.

  • 2
    2. Perform the translation

    Once accepted your text, I will do the translation into Spanish, up to 10 days for every 10000 words. First the document will be translated, then it will go through a series of editing and proofreading stages.

  • 3
    3. Deliver the translation

    The Spanish version of your document will be delivered to you for your consideration and acceptance.


  • 1
    Your document in editable format (e.g. DOCX, PPTX, TXT, PO...). Please note that PDF isn't an editable format and I don't even try to convert these files due to layout issues.
  • 2
    Writing and corporate identity guides, glossaries and terminology bases and other stylistic indications you want me to consider

Frequently asked questions

About Eduardo

Eduardo V.
Get your book translated into Spanish, ready-to-sell
Rising Talent
Ica, Peru - 2:33 pm local time
I help authors and experts to deliver their message among the Spanish-speaking world through content translation (books, brochures, presentations, name it). My fields of interest are: general studies, computer science, medicine and health care, photography, travels, biology, psychology, pharmacology, research, law and economics.

I write in Peruvian, Latin American, or Standard Spanish. I can work with Microsoft Office and Adobe common file formats. I can also deal with SDL Trados project files, PO/POT files (for WordPress themes and plugins), and other editable formats.

I believe in a free, open, democratic, secular society. My core values are: happiness, passion, truth, peace and freedom. If we share the same worldview, I'll be glad to work with you!

Just let me know what do you need, who is your translation for and what values are you looking to convey.