You will get 2 compelling tech or science related high-end blog posts/month for 3 months

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  • Delivery Time 70 days
  • Number of Revisions 2
  • Number of Words 1800
  • Number of Focus Words 5
    • Topic Research
    • References & Citations
    • Data Chart
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Project details

We will support your communication/content marketing activities around the latest research progress and technology developments. We will create two high-quality blog posts, based on scientific research or technical reports, per month for you.

You may choose between 300 words, 500 words and 600 words options, for each post.

You will receive a professionally written and fully quality-controlled magazine-style article, ready to publish, every two weeks for 3 months.

We will put together bespoke teams for your project from our global network of science, technology and medical writers, editors and proofreaders.

These experts have a unique combination of skills, as they are able to understand complex topics in a range of technical and scientific disciplines while having perfected their ability to communicate clearly and concisely.

Topic Internet & Technology, Health & Medical, Science, Environment
Language English, French, German
Tone Conversational, Professional/Formal
Article Type Long-Form Article, Instructional/How-To, News Story

Project steps

  • 1
    Background research

    Searching through the scientific and technical literature for the latest research relevant to the client's focus. Identifying one or two suitable studies to use as source material for the blog post.

  • 2
    Digesting complex information and turning it into simple language

    This steps requires reading complex background material and turning it into accessible sentences.

  • 3
    Writing clear, concise and compelling content

    This step involves writing the blog post in a language suited to the client's target audience and at the required length (300 words, 500 words or 600 words)

  • 4
    Editing the text to make it more compelling

    This step involved a professional editor which will check the structure and coherence of the blog post and ensure that it flows and it is engaging.

  • 5

    This step involves correcting any typoes or grammar errors that may have arisen during the previous steps.

  • 6

    The client will have an opportunity to provide two rounds of review and the team will adjust the piece according to the feedback received from the single point of content in the client organisation.


  • 1
    The client would need to have an idea about the kind of topics they wish to cover in their blog posts.

Frequently asked questions

About Sabine

Sabine L.
SciencePOD: clear, concise and compelling content
Dublin, Ireland - 2:58 pm local time
I have 20 years experience as a science, medical and technology
journalist and editor, including as news editor for Nature
My company, SciencePOD.net, is a content creation solution, which
provides clear, concise compelling content, related to science,
medicine, innovation and technology.
Our talented journalists, writers and editors can deliver any content
translating complex scientific and technological information into
accessible language, ready for distribution to a wide audience.