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Milorad R. Milorad R.
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You will get an experienced physician to be your medical web researcher. I'll search for medical details you're interested in through available databases of biomedical literature. The combination of my medical knowledge and advanced searching methodology will bring you desired medical details or data. I can help busy medical professionals, scientific workers, writers, students, or lay persons interested in more details than offered by simple googling.  
Service Type Research
Language English

Project steps


Searching through available databases of biomedical literature using key words, operators, and filters


Reading relevant articles

Making a document with results

Presenting results (references, quotations, summaries) in the form of Excel, Word, or other documents


What medical information do you want that I search for?
What kind of final document do you want to get?
Would you be so kind to describe me your expectations in more details?

Frequently asked questions

What are primary databases you search through?

I make medical web research through PubMed, Google Scholar, Cochrane Library, Lilacs

Do you search through Google?

Yes, of course. Medical information could be found in popular medical articles, blogs, online newspapers

About Milorad

Milorad R.
Medical web researcher, medical annotator, and medical reviewer
Novi Sad, Serbia - 3:13 pm local time
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Top Rated
Novi Sad, Serbia - 3:13 pm local time
I am working as a physician since January 2008. I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Novi Sad, Serbia. My workplace is in one small city in northern Serbia.

Being a GP understands wide medical knowledge, and I have worked very hard to achieve that goal. The main source of my professional knowledge is the medical literature written in the English language.

Twelve years of work with different groups of patients allows me to say that I have significant clinical experience. I am working with patients of all age groups and I am treating a wide span of pathological states.

As a freelancer, I can offer various assistance associated with medical information. Medical data entry, data checking, extraction of selected medical data, medical annotation, and medical literature research are things that I can do successfully. Medical transcription of written records is something that I can also offer to work on.