You will get 90 minutes of Facebook Ads consultation for coaches or consultants

This project $310
  • Delivery Time 24 days
  • Number of Competitors Researched 2
  • Number of Keywords/Hashtags Researched 0
  • Number of Influencers Identified 0
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Fund the project upfront. Dawn-Marie gets paid once you are satisfied with the work.

Project details

I work with coaches and consultants who are not yet making at least $10k in their business and help them, through coaching, create a profitable Facebook Ads strategy.

My services are for you if:

*You're tired watching countless videos and reading tons of blog posts, trying to figure out the mystery to running Facebook Ads
*You've attempted to run FB ads yourself but only saw money going out and you had absolutely nothing to show for it
*You know you need to run FB ads for your business but don't yet have the means to invest into hiring a marketing agency
*The FB ads platform intimidates you and you wish you had someone to hold your hand and talk you through what CTR or CPC is or which is the best objective to use

In the last two years, I've helped clients achieve amazing things like ...

*Grow their brand new email list to over 1500 at £0.39 per subscriber
*Go from $0 to over $56k in revenue with a 2x ROAS
*Generate over $20k in sales with only $6k ad spend
*Get over 280 Financial Coaching Leads in about 6 weeks and launch their program with an estimated revenue of $80k
Social Platform Instagram, Facebook

Project steps

  • 1
    Complete your objectives

    Once you have purchased this project, I will provide a Client Objective form where you will be able to let me know your goals for the coaching program.

  • 2
    Add me as a partner to your ad account

    So that I may review your ad account before we meet, I will send you instructions on how to add me as a partner to your Facebook ad account. I will review your ad account at least 24 hours before we meet.

  • 3
    Meet on Zoom

    Show up on Zoom at the designated time as I discuss your campaign with you.


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    I will send to you a client objective form which must be completed and returned before our meeting. I will also need you to add me as a partner. Instructions will be sent after your purchase.

Frequently asked questions

About Dawn-Marie

Dawn-Marie N.
Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant for Consultants or Coaches
Leeds, United Kingdom - 7:19 am local time
I help coaches and consultants design a digital marketing plan that helps them get more exposure, leads and clients into their business using different marketing strategies like funnels, email marketing or Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns.

Please look at my specialised profile to see the type of work I specifically do for coaches and consultants.

In summary:

I create your copy for your websites, landing pages or sales pages, so you can highlight the pain points and problems of your target audience and convert them into clients or customers because they feel that you understand their needs.

I analyse your marketing reports and analytics to help you make good business decisions and get a healthy return on investment.

I provide assistance with web visuals to always ensure that you have the best chance at capturing leads from your website traffic.

I help you create brand awareness campaigns and work with you to build a brand through nurture and engagement campaigns.

I manage e-communications on your social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Instagram ads.

I use content marketing strategies with paid media to assist with lead generation activities.


Some of the projects I have worked on and completed successfully include:

*Help one client grow their email list to over 1500 at £0.39 per subscriber
*Help one client go from $0 to over $20k in revenue with a 310% ROAS after spending $6913
*Help one client go from $0 to over $56k in revenue with a 2x ROAS after spending $29603
*Help one client generate over 230 coaching leads with an estimated revenue of $80k from launching her coaching program
*Help one client fill their mechanic learning membership site with new members in less than 7 days
*Help one client fill their website design workshop with attendees in less than 14 days