You will get a backlog of requirements with projects broken into epics and stories

Roger S.
Roger S.
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Project details

Sometimes, as your organization scales, a product backlog can become an unwieldy mess of ideas and tech debt. And as is the case with many startups, grooming the backlog is just one of many product hats a product manager/owner must wear. Given all the competing priorities, this engagement is intended to focus strictly on scanning your product backlog, pulling out consistent themes and narratives, and consolidating the items into workable projects.  

Project steps

  • 1
    Overview of Backlog

  • 2
    Address Any Already-Known Themes and Develop New Themes

  • 3
    Consolidate Items into Epics and Stories, Create Functional Labels


  • 1
    Which project management/engineering task management platform are you using?

About Roger

Roger S.
Product Management Consultant
Product Management Consultant
Rising Talent
Provo, UT - 6:58 am local time
"Helping Organizations Build Agile Customer Feedback Machines for Data-Driven Product Management"

I bill myself as a "Get Stuff Done" product manager with over seven years of professional experience leading cross-functional teams in building and improving software and hardware products. My product experience is diverse, having worked as a product manager, product owner, program manager, and scrum master for start-up, mid-size, and enterprise-level organizations.

I am intensely interested in helping organizations develop customer-driven products and saving money at the same time. That's why my focus is on building customer feedback machines and agile coaching.

I also specialize in culture coaching and product team development. Having been a product mentor to junior product managers and aspiring product managers, I have the skills necessary to build confidence in product discipline.