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You will get a boost in your decisions' quality for better results and position your company for brighter growth. I grew 380+ and turnaround 50+ companies. One of the key values for success is my ability to help these companies to make quality decisions for very tough matters.

The main difference between the winner and others is that the winner can perform better than others, despite the better is just a small better off. Hardworking is essential but will not make you better off, but smart moves increase your chance to be outstanding.

If you are not confident of your decision, indecisive, a loss ... will you give a try to make a quality decision to increase your chance of success and outstanding at only $5?

Three pricing tiers: the “Starter” (FAQ1); the “Standard” (FAQ2); the “Advance” (FAQ3).

What is the #1 thing that is keeping you away from your goals & desires? Do you know what has been causing you to make unsatisfied decisions? This is a profit and loss deal! No matter how hard you work or the hours you put in, a good decision makes that different!

Invest in something that your FUTURE BUSINESS will thank you for. Unlimited gain VS $5
Industry eCommerce, Financial Services, Marketing & Advertising

Project steps

  • 1
    You start asking many questions where appropriate

    1) the purpose, 2) background of your business matter/ decision to make, 3) what you love to achieve for your business, 4) ask as many questions as you like about your business matter/ decision, 5) suggest 3 ideal timing for the live consultation.

  • 2
    I will study your input in step 1 and update the evaluation

    Using my frameworks to evaluate your input information to determine whether your request fits the tier you chose. I will update you on whether the tier selected is appropriate within 24 hours and while set a live consultation session.

  • 3
    Prepare for the live consultation

    Based on your input from step 1 and/ or further clarification from step 2, I will place them into my framework and plan the live consultation to produce the best result.

  • 4
    Actual live consultation

    1) use models to determine the sufficiency & clarity of information, 2) re-scope to realign the situation & your intention. 3) help you to make unbias judgment on the situation, 4) make choice to your solution options, 5) takeaway-decide confidently

  • 5
    Post consultation activities

    "Starter" & "Standard" = a follow up to check the outcome of the decision and comment where appropriate. "Advance" = a diagnostic report with your decision + a follow up like "Starter" & "Standard"


  • 1
    The purpose of this project such as what are you expecting from this project?
  • 2
    Write about the background of your business matter/ decision to make.
  • 3
    Add files (where appropriate) about the background of your business matter/ decision to make
  • 4
    What do you love to achieve for your business? (choose the top 3)
  • 5
    Your company is now working on (choose only 1 that closet to what you are now):
  • 6
    Ask as many questions as you like about your business matter/ decision - questions to improve your coverage of the matter you like to deal with.
  • 7
    Suggest 3 ideal timings for the live consultation => (DAY + DATE + TIME) x 3

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About Quek

Quek J.
Singapore, Singapore - 1:27 pm local time
Singapore, Singapore - 1:27 pm local time
JC has over 20 years experiences of which 14 years in senior management positions (such as CEO, CFO, Regional Head) for small to some largest companies across Asia. Helps more than 30 companies from different industries and mentor numerous CEOs and Top managers. Digital business transformation, world-class management and with multi-disciplines (especially in the field of General Management, Finance/ Taxation, Marketing, Corporate Strategy, Information Technology, and Business Development).

Through unique proprietary business frameworks, JC helps clients to grow their companies where one of the startups is now worth SGD30 millions.

JC devotes times in shaping management models for all aspects of the business. Many models and tools developed are widely used by clients and some had embedded into their business functions for healthy growth.

Specialities: management, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, business clarity, decision making, and value creation