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Oyinkansola S.
Oyinkansola S. Oyinkansola S.

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Do you need an anatomist who can tutor and also develop medical education lesson content as well as providing medical or anatomy questions? Search no further, I am a certified anatomist at your finger tip who graduated from a reputable medical school with a Bachelor degree in Human Anatomy with six years of working experience in the Anatomy, Anatomico-Pathology and Research department. I am also a prospective doctor, who can help to turn complex topics into simple explanations in easy-to-understand reading styles and writing styles with mnemonics. I can proofread and solve past questions if there is a need in both medical and anatomical terms during our lessons period.
I have expert teaching skills in medical and science topics like:
• Anatomy
• Embryology
• Neuro-anatomy
• Physiology
• Biochemistry
• Pharmacology
• Microbiology
• Molecular biology
• Biology
• Psychology
• Neuroscience
• Genetics
• Pharmacy
• Psychology
• Medicine
• Surgery
• And any other science

I am looking forward to hear from you as we turn complex anatomy to fun. Please note I do not take assignment or solve exams. Thanks

Best Regards,

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Frequently asked questions

About Oyinkansola

Oyinkansola S.
Expert Medical Writer | Scientific Writer | Anatomy | Medical Designer
100% Job Success
Top Rated
Lagos, Nigeria - 5:54 pm local time
I am an expert medical writer and scientific writer that graduated as an Anatomy scientist and research writer with six years of working experience in the anatomico-patholog research department. I have eight years of human dissection with excellent writing skill in dissertation/thesis edits, literature searches, textbooks, medical writing, editing, presentation, proofreading, and consulting in medical, science and health fields, technical articles, journal articles, reports, product pages, technical writing and more. I currently engaged in helping start-up to transform health sector with online technology for web pages. As a certified Anatomist with the pathologist, I got a remote job as an online social media manager and content creator for the health sector. I also have twelve years of using presentation and Photoshop software which makes me a presentation designer.
I've developed well-researched articles and writing skills in various fields including:
Molecular biology
Cancer, aging and the cell cycle
Artificial intelligence and information technology

And any other science, health and medical topic not listed

Software tools used by me for Presentation Design and Animation:
- Google Slides, Powerpoint, Keynote, Corel draw, Canva for Presentation design
-Powerpoint, After effects, Canva for Animation
-Illustrator for Illustration

Why I am an ideal medical/scientific writer and a presentation designer?

I am very keen in writing, scientific and popular research areas related to medical and health field.

I can work independently and thrives by achieving set goals, I am confident in what I need to do, and I can run with it and don’t need a lot of direction.

I am an exceptional communicator, and I know how to speak up about my ideas, concerns, and suggestions. I doesn't take offense to constructive feedback and understand not to take things personally. I am smart and smooth in my conversations.

I am creative, driven and action-oriented, ambitious and ready to get things done. I am a do-er and a go-getter. I see potential for things to improve and think outside the box. I am funny and easy going.

My Goal:
-Providing 100% top notch writing service free from plagiarism and errors
-Providing research papers and research reviews with quality assurances
-Give time to time communication and editing till you are satisfied

Testimonials from past client:

"I hired Oyinkansola for my project work. Wow! Her work was extremely reliable. Not is she well responsive in her task work since then, but I have also retained her and have referred her to a lot of friends and other relatives who need her work or skills. She highly recommended!"

"I have worked with oyinkansola on several projects, and she has proven her self times without number to be exceptional at what she does. An absolute breathe of fresh air"

I am very keen on writing scientific and popular research areas. Added to my skills, I am good with the use of medical content editing and creating, act as a medical translator and language translator, a medical illustrator, creation of questions and teaching materials, creating presentations, proofreading, and format word layout, Graphic design. I am a multi-task person, willing to learn new things. I provide top-notch work.

In my free time, I am a beekeeper and write articles on beehive products. Looking forward to working with you.