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You will get a flexible online quiz webapp

Nabeel A. Nabeel A.
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Delivery Time 4 days
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Project details

You'll get a quiz webapp that you can use for polls, surveys, quiz games, information collections etc. With experience of several quiz webapps developed, I'll be able to bring a great result for you.  
Programming Languages PHP

Project steps

Gather requirement

I'll require to know the type and purpose of web app.

Gather Data

I'll require data/questions to be used in quiz.


Next, we'll discuss the design of web app

Deliver first draft

First draft will be delivered


Client will review the web app

Final Draft

Final draft will be delivered


Do you have design of web app or do you want me to design?

Frequently asked questions

What is different between packages?

The packages are based on complexity of project. For example Only one single choice answers, multiple answers, questions those are dependent of previous answer etc.

What languages and libraries will be used?

PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Vue, JQuery, Bootstrap

About Nabeel

Nabeel A.
Kot Sultan, Pakistan - 11:37 pm local time
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Top Rated
Kot Sultan, Pakistan - 11:37 pm local time
"Tired of having your programmer not listening to what you want? Hire a freelance programmer(me) who does listen and is willing to work closely with you to give you the program you expect."

Those lines are suggested by a long term client of mine so, you can easily understand they are super valid.

Searching for an Experienced and Fast developer and Problem Solver? According to my clients, I've all these specialties.

I'm a programmer and designer. In addition to essential skill a programmer must-have, "PROBLEM-SOLVING", I've skills in a vast array of platforms, tools, languages, and frameworks - I'm "All Rounder!"

I provide the following service
* Web Development
* Front-end Designing
* Desktop Development
* Android Development

I use a vast array of tools, languages, and frameworks to achieve task including:
* Php, JavaScript, HTML, CSS,MySQL
* C/C++, Java, C#, Kotlin
* NodeJS

* Bootstrap, Vue, jQuery, Materialize CSS, Sass, CodeIgniter, Laravel
* Swing

* Inkscape, GIMP
* Netbeans, Eclipse, MySQL Workbench, Visual Studio, Android Studio

You'll surely get great service!
Thank You!