You will get a full audit report generator and certificate generator

Hazem S.
Hazem S.
This project $1200
  • Delivery Time 7 days
  • Live Consultation (Minutes) 30
  • Number of Questions Answered 2
    • Model Audit
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Project details

you will get a full audit system , generate audit report with for your employee and save client data , full authorization for the admin and 2 more layers for team leader and team member
client page can be modified and can add as many as needed for audit
when create an audit will grant access to a chosen members to work on the audit fill its data
only team leaders will have access to mark audit as complete ,
you can download the audit as PDF with customized style to deliver it to your client ,
and you can also create a certificate with your own design
the hole project up and running for a previous client of mine , so we will need a simple modification like edit the logo and the name of the agency create the audit which would take no time (less than one week),
also if needed can add a modified functionality customized one upon request (will cost extra fees if critical )
the app web based build with ReactJS and NodeJs with MongoDB data base
can be served on herouku for free if needed or any platform like Gcloud or AWS

Project steps

  • 1
    show case

    will create a full simulation of the existing app and come up with the required modification

  • 2
    deliver beta version

    after make all change will review the hole project to make sure all done

  • 3
    deliver final version

    deploy the app on the chosen platform


  • 1
    this whole project up and running so i promise that it will deliver on time if you had any previous sample of audit you work on please attach it

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About Hazem

Hazem S.
full stack js
full stack js
Alexandria, Egypt - 1:20 am local time
I'm full stack web developer ready to build a responsive web App

so lets get to my story , I've been in love with tech stuff since ever
so I started to Learn computer since :
lead me to learn :
- React JS framework
- android Java Stack
- web Dev UI & UX
- mobile app development cross plat form React native , flutter
- Redux State management system
- Node JS Scripting [ Express Server , Security , REST API , Web Templates , Scraping ]
- Agile Methodology Scrum & Kanban
- Python Computer programing [ flask, Django, Selenium testing + Scraping ]
- Mongo DB , completed a 101 and 202 courses on mongo university
- SQL works with [ My-SQL, Postgresql , sql-lite ,.. ]
-ahh CSS, HTML , Java Script , Glup, Webpack, Socket.io,

and Keep Going ...

strengths ,
- Passion , dedicated , Team Player and honest Never Miss a chance adding a New Skill and mastering the current skills
- Fast Delivery Ready To work as much as the job require daily
- Researcher With Art Background 'Archeology' So you will Get a touch of Cultural perspective