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Innocent M.
Innocent M.
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  • Delivery Time 7 days
  • Number of Revisions 1
  • Number of Pages 3
    • Design Customization
    • Content Upload
    • Responsive Design
    • Source Code
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Project details

Get a modern web app carefully designed to meet your requirements. App is developed using entirely as a static web app (no backend) or as a backend and a frontend using either flask, django or webapp2.  
Programming Languages JavaScript, Python, TypeScript
Coding Expertise Cross Browser/Device Compatibility, Performance, Design

Project steps

  • 1
    Functional Requirements

    Provision of high level requirement for the entire website in a step by step fashion.

  • 2
    Technical requirements (if applicable)

    Provision of any technical requirements if applicable

  • 3
    Design model

    Provision of design guidelines or a sample work

  • 4
    App Prototype

    Implementation of basic structure/skeleton of all functional requirements

  • 5
    Full implementation

    Step by step implementation of the various sections of the app

  • 6

    Review of implementation against design

  • 7

    Addition of changes and deployment on hosting platform


  • 1
    Functional Requirement
  • 2
    Technical requirements
  • 3
    Design guidelines

About Innocent

Innocent M.
Fullstack Dev [Django, React]
Fullstack Dev [Django, React]
Abuja, Nigeria - 8:45 am local time
Over 4 years programming experience. I work mainly with Django, Flask and React. Also possess extensive experience working with/deploying Frappe/ERPNext.