You will get a Gary V style video snippet in 3 sizes with professional subtitles

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  • Delivery Time 2 days
  • Number of Revisions 2
  • Footage Provided (Minutes) 10
  • Running Time (Minutes) 2
    • Color Grading
    • Sound Design & Mixing
    • Motion Graphics
    • Subtitles
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Have you ever witnessed a car accident?

Me neither. It's super-duper rare!

Almost as rare as a freelancer who adapts and suits your project so perfectly that it makes Cinderella's foot jealous.

I am that car accident, but in a good way.

My passion is creating beautiful short snippets of content for your budding or thriving business.

I strive to over-deliver every chance I get, which is why you will always get above-and-beyond value when you hire me.

You will get a professional video clip with error-free, grammatically correct subtitles. If you don't know what section you want to be cut, I will curate your content for you to find that sweet spot, free of charge.

You can get up to 3 aspect ratios with each clip. Your logo, colors, headlines, and basic intro/outro transitions are all included.

I look forward to working with you!

- Ian
Type Ads & Social Media Videos

Project steps

  • 1

    We will have a quick 15-30 min call to discuss your needs and problems in terms of video content.

  • 2
    File(s) Upload

    You will upload the raw video files and logo to either Dropbox or Google Drive

  • 3
    1st Draft

    I will upload the 1st draft of snippets for your review/feedback/critique

  • 4
    1st Edits

    I will complete the 1st draft edits as per your feedback.

  • 5
    Final Draft or More Revisions

    I will upload the final draft for your review and work on more revisions if you require them.


  • 1
    Where will you upload your files? Please leave a shared link so I can access them.

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About Ian

Victoria, Canada - 7:58 am local time
💬 “Working with Ian is very easy! I always feel like everything is super organized and professional, so I don’t need to worry about anything. Trust is very important online, and Ian has earned mine” – Quin Amorim, Founder of Prolific Zone Agency

💬 “If attention to detail, precision, and artistry is important
to you then I highly recommend that you get on a call with Ian.

With his video editing and content repurposing skills, eye for design, and meticulous attention
to detail, you couldn’t be in better hands for content curation and repurposing.

Ian’s professionalism is outstanding and I would consider him
to be an asset to any team or business.” – Rachel Clancy, Founder of Pod Matters

💬 “Ian was a pleasure to work with and I would gladly do it again.” – Josh Schachnow, CEO of Visto & host of The Solopreneur Grind Podcast

💬 “Ian showed good taste and judgment in putting together a good match between guest and publisher and then worked hard to make it happen for both sides.

Clearly, a man dedicated to quality service.” - Michael Veazey, Amazon consultant and host of the Amazing FBA Podcast