You will get a really beautiful 3D map from any part of the world

Jose Rafael A.
Jose Rafael A.
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  • Delivery Time 2 days
  • Number of Revisions 1
    • Design Analysis
    • Architectural Walkthrough
    • Native BIM Source Files
    • Model Audit & Verification
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Project details

You will get a beautiful 3D map about any part or region of the world. With over 5 years of experience in freelance and 3 years in 3D modeling, I care deeply about helping clients to find the best result. The work I deliver is 100% original and high quality.  
Field of Expertise Other
BIM Software Other
File Format FBX, Other

Project steps

  • 1
    Find the part of interest in QGIS

  • 2
    Find a real historic map of the region on the internet

  • 3
    edit the layers in Photoshop

  • 4
    Render the project in Blender 3D


  • 1
    All material available from the client is welcome, but if not, we can try to look at the internet.

About Jose

Jose Rafael A.
Dataviz / Data Information / Visual Effect / 3D Animation
Dataviz / Data Information / Visual Effect / 3D Animation
Braganca Paulista, Brazil - 10:28 am local time
I develop all my projects with high level of creativity for easy communication with the audience.

Companies like Forbes and British Council say: Creativity is the skill of the future.

This is basically what I can do to solve your problems:

Data Visualization, Information & Analysis
- Search and gather information (Python, R, QGIS, Excel & Internet);
- Data analysis (Python, R, Tableau, Minitab, QGIS);
- Data Scraping using Python (Beautiful Soup, Selenium and so on);
- Data Visualization & Design - static & animated (Photoshop, Blender 3D, After Effects and Premiere Pro);

VFX & 3D Animation
- Search and gather information (Internet);
- 3D modeling (Blender 3D and C4D);
- Motion Track (Blender 3D, C4D, After Effects and Premiere Pro);

If you want to see examples of my work you can visit my website : jrinfodesign.com

What separates me from most of the freelancers on Upwork?
* Extremely efficient, meticulous and hard worker
* Excellent communication skills
* Driven by success, honest and always on point
* Going beyond client satisfaction
* Quick learner
* Fast project turnaround time
* Can overcome any obstacles

Looking forward to expanding my knowledge and working with you!