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You will get a single page aplication designed with React.js

Lucas L. Lucas L.

This project $500

Delivery Time 15 days
Number of Revisions 2
Number of Sections 10
Opt-In Form
Autoresponder Integration
Social Media Icons
Responsive Design
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Project details

You will get a React or React-Native front-end only website, i will give life to your page design and i can deploy it on Heroku if you want. I will provide full code of the aplication  
Programming Languages HTML & CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript
Coding Expertise Cross Browser/Device Compatibility, Performance, Design

Project steps

Gather requirements

I will gather your requirements and the sketch of the web site so i can prototype the first draft.

Delivery first draft

I will delivery a first draft so you can make changes

Incorporate changes

I will develop the final version of the aplication

Deliver Final aplication

i will delivery your final aplication with the source code


I will need a sketch of the front-end that will be developed

Frequently asked questions

What kind of revision is included?

You can make changes to the aplication within the scope of the project.

Can i contact you at any time?

Yes, i will answer your messages daily

About Lucas

Lucas L.
Front-End developer
Natal, Brazil - 12:51 am local time
Natal, Brazil - 12:51 am local time
I have experience in React/React-Native and Node.js.
I can use restful apis, and best pratices to give you the piece of code you need.
I'm willig to delivery your project

The tecnologies I can use are listed below:


✔️ React Native


✔️ React.JS
✔️ Typescript
✔️ JavaScript
✔️ HTML5
✔️ CSS3 & SCSS
✔️ Bootstrap


✔️ SQLite
✔️ MongoDB
✔️ Node.JS

I started working remotely doing freelance on Upwork this year & I'm willing to provide satisfying services to Clients. So, I'll take good care of them. I intend to provide great service to my clients

I work 40 hours per week and 8 hours per day. And would be able to work on Client's timezone. Also, I would be able to start work on project Immediately.

With extensive experience supporting all levels of development and take direction well and can complete a heavy workload and complete projects under minimal supervision. As well as fulfill my responsibilities. Thus, I am sure that once you work with me you would like my work and we would carry out a long-term working relationship.

Thanks for reviewing me :)