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Dionne isn't taking new orders for this project right now.
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Buy General Project Services services from Dionne, priced and ready to go.

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Assign all the generic tasks to me and you concentrate on what needs your direct attention. What tasks are waiting for you because ONLY YOU can do them? I will start with the back log of your email and clean that up for you. Then lets review your current weekly calendar. Are there any tasks that can be done by me? Take those off of your calendar and put them onto mine lets look into some time management and see if we cant free up some of your time. Now that we have some large gaps in between some tasks lets move some of them around and tighten up your work day. Now you will need to figure out what to do with all this free time I have created for you. Essentially I am offering to help organize your work schedule, take some tasks off your to do list and manage your email and clean it up.
Most professionals are educated and taught to do all requirements of there positions but they fail to either take the time or make the time to learn how to manage their work time.
Once I show you what's needed then you decide if it is something you can manage on your own or if you need someone to handle them for you.
At this point I hope I am considered for an ongoing permanent position.
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United States, Canada
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Service Tiers Starter
Delivery Time 3 days 10 days 30 days
Number of Projects
General Project Consulting
Define Project Goals
Define Deliverables & KPIs
Establish Schedule & Milestones
Risk Management
Resource Management
Budget Management
Project Reports
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Nick M.
Apr 18, 2023
Quick Hire - Up To $120 for 30 mins (+ You Get GREAT Review Back) I Need PM Software Feedback Dionne was a rock star for us on our project management best practices and software usability review.

Dionne provided invaluable feedback quickly and concisely.

Great attitude and work = happy client.

Thank you Dionne! Will work again - for sure.


Christina C.
Mar 29, 2023
Talk to a Chatbot v.3 Thank you for your work!


Matt G.
Jan 17, 2023
Video testimonials and Application Testing Dionne did a wonderful job with the deliverables! :)


Tarneem T.
Sep 25, 2022
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Karly R.
Jun 7, 2021
Food Service Experts in Canada Needed for Online Skills Test Review Completed project on time and as expected. Thanks for your help!
Dionne F.

About Dionne

Dionne F.
Administrator/Customer Service/Personal Assistant
100% Job Success
4.9  (38 reviews)
Blind Bay, Canada - 6:26 pm local time
I did not really choose the administration career path , it seems to have chosen me. And I am forever grateful.

With more than 25 years of Business Administration experience, within 7 plus industries, I have become a confident , reliable and trustworthy team player. My skill count has increased and my old skills have been renewed and sharpened. I have been able to expand my knowledge base and improve my self esteem. I continue to have opportunities to learn and work in new industries These are industries I never dreamed of being a part of. Technical Support, Finance Assistant, Motivational Coach, Project Manager and a CRM Guru. It took time to achieve these titles. It is an exciting role I am in, Freelancer Administrative Assistant, and I am looking forward to working with in most of these positions again.

Fortunately, I have been able to maintain my genuine interest in the admin position(s) and continue to learn and upgrade my knowledge and skills. This keeps me in the mainstream groove and allows me to compete for contracts against the young tech savvy generation, who form the majority of competitors.
My preferred roles are the more demanding ones: Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant and Project Manager.

YES, I have transferable skills and I have lots of them.
I have had the time and exposure to develop my skills and expand my range of knowledge to meet the requirements of what I consider to be the highest achieved position of Executive Administrative Assistant. Beginning with confidentiality, organization, reliability, communicating on a professional level, multitasking and the skill and knowledge to prioritize the tasks accordingly. I would confidently apply all of these to my self description.
I am very fortunate to be well rounded with my skill levels. I have had many opportunities to advance and upgrade my education and abilities with in so many different roles. I continue to engage with new roles that will benefit my skill level by absorbing and learning the new (sometimes old which is renewed) tasks and start down the path of perfecting them.

I will continue to offer my abilities and improve my skills for as long as it takes for me to get a full understanding of every position with in the administrative sector as my long term goal is to own and operate my own business. I want to take the necessary time to learn each role so I can work along side each of my employees, knowing what needs to be accomplished and how to do it efficiently. If I have performed in the same role as they are in then that puts us in an equally balanced situation. Working among peers and having an approachable personality is key to providing an atmosphere that devoted happy people thrive in. I want to give that to as many people as I possibly can. If I understand each role I believe I will be more of an equal than an authority figure. I want respect from the people I work with, therefore I shall first display my respect for them. This comes from the time I have invested into myself and my administrative skills.
I have had all of the following job titles, some more than others;
Customer Service representative (Chat/phone/email)
Data entry/receptionist
Research and Marketing Administrator
Benefits Administrator
CRM Management Clerk
Interview/Hiring Manager
Motivational Coach
IT Operator
Scheduler (over 300 employees on one schedule)
Executive Administrative Assistant
Project Manager and my most recent Recruiter.

I am certain there will be additions to the above list and I am looking forward to editing it.

With my continuous schooling and upgrading I have been able to accomplish receiving Diploma's/Certification in the following classes/fields:

Business Administration
Travel Agent
Computer Applications
Community Service Worker
Harm Reduction
Suicide Aware/Prevention
Emergency Medical Responder

This list is also going to be edited, many times I hope

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Go through with client to create a list of senders that contain info my client needs to receive.

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